60 Day “Let go and let God” Challenge

Think about this for a moment…. What if you could let go off all limitations in the next sixty days, the blocks that stops you from living the life of your dreams? If you KNEW that you could let go of ANYTHING that’s currently causing you pain and suffering, what would it be? Relationship problems…

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Because they are so intimately connected with our basic desires for love and security, relationships quickly bring up our innermost feelings and for that reason they are extremely valuable, no matter whether the relationship is classified as good or bad. It is necessary to remind ourselves that feelings are programs; that is, they are learned…

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An open letter to anyone seeking financial freedom!

An open letter to anyone seeing financial freedom! This astonishing – admittedly bizarre – “money attraction” technique to achieve financial freedom you’re about to read about is NOT positive thinking, affirmations, visualization, goal setting or any other self-development “mumbo jumbo” you’ve been suckered into before! You’ve NEVER heard or seen anything like this before! Do…

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This is the reason….

After my former wife died of terminal cancer in 2017 I have not produced one video for my youtube channel, this is the reason why. Be sure to leave a comment Love and Respect Ockert

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How to Create your Financial Freedom

Step Into Your True Wealth Identity Breaking through your Financial Income Ceiling with the One Command This coming Saturday 08:45 for 09h00 – 12h00 –The opportunity of a life time!!! Real change starts with your identity – and in this powerful 2-Part presentation, you will learn how to shift your thinking and step into the…

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