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What Exactly Is A Feel It Real Session

Let’s dive into this Neville Goddard quote……where he gives a very quick summary of how simple a Feel It Real session can be for you. “With your eyes closed and your physical body immobilized induce a state akin to sleep and enter into the action as though you were an actor playing the part.” “Experience…

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How to Double your Money

Why is it far “funner” – and often EASIER – to DOUBLE your INCOME NOW than manifest a million dollars “someday”? “Today, know what you want and go right in and occupy it….” “Don’t ask anyone’s permission; just put yourself into the state you desire to experience by asking yourself this question: “How would I…

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What to do when Tragedy Strikes

“Tragedy striked again. I feel like I was sucker punched. How do you keep the faith when bad things happen?” – John Let’s see how we can make it much, much easier to not NOT get knocked out of your state, when challenges show up in your life. From the book “Manifesting Bible” This is…

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Good Luck Prayer

Good Luck Prayer – Please like this post if you enjoyed it, and do practice this for the next 30 day’s… and be on the lookout for miracles!!!! The Good Luck Prayer is the only prayer you need to create the unbelievable luck you desire. In fact, this prayer goes to work immediately to help…

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Experts from “The Manifesting Bible”

Preface This book is about my new approach to manifesting.  To assume my desires as fulfilled immediately…… and then let them show up for me. I have an easy, no BS approach towards manifesting. My mantra is: if you struggle – you’re doing it wrong. I say no to time-consuming, complicated techniques. I teach the law…

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