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Could this be Your Lucky Number?

How about discovering a SPECIAL MESSAGE just for you today? BEFORE you read below the dotted line below at this page, pick a number between 1 and 10 (or more than one number if you wish). You might want to take a moment to just relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes perhaps, and…

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Discover the One Specific Key to Genius

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes a genius unique? As you read on you will discover four simple ways to unleash your creativity by practicing the following: The Daydreamer The Overnighter The Movers and Shakers The Dealers What makes him or her stand out from the crowd? Is it the size of…

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What have Changed Over the Last Forty Years?

As I began preparing to write this post I remembered a statement made by Earl Nightingale, a pioneer in the field of self-development that the vast majority of people have no idea of the mind power they possess from birth and it is given for free! Of course he is right; the Bible says that…

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Could this be the missing KEY to Health, Wealth and Happiness?

It’s odd… Very odd I admit… But when you are free of concepts and simply BE your Beingness the “object” or “thing” you would like in your life just somehow shows up. You don’t have to spend lots of time visualizing what you want. (Although it is part of the package of manifesting your life…

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Discover How To Live Life On Your Terms!

Well….. Are You? I want you to think very carefully before you answer the following question…… Are you living life on your terms? If not then I have some very good news for you. You can actually become free in an un-free world. Now I’m using the word “world” very ”loosely”, because there is nothing…

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