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How to See Life with an Abundance Vision

Poverty must have many satisfactions; or else there would not be so many poor people.” Read to the end for an exquisite exercise on creating abundance…….now! What kind of glasses are you wearing as you go through life?  Are you wearing poverty consciousness glasses that only reflect back to you thoughts of lack, deprivation and…

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How to practice the Art of Giving

The first thing that you have to learn when you practice the art of giving is to give freely from your heart space with deep feelings of love for others, and with complete detachment from the outcome. You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you…

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You are the Light of this World

We are all Enlightened Beings in disguise. Every being is born with full access to the highest peak of truth, love and consciousness. If you look into a baby’s eyes you will see it. The sparkle of their pure uncluttered untainted awareness is blazing there. You can see that there is no sense of time,…

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Back in the Saddle

My dearest Student My one foot is in the stirrup and I am ready to get back into the saddle (I think :-)) This week and Wednesday I am doing a “once of” free of charge training on the “Gospel of the Cross”, if you ever were curious about this concept, then you must not…

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Discover the Power of “Change”!

Recently, a member of the Oneness Wisdom School shared something incredible. Shortly after she started implementing the “Let go and let God” system blessings flowed into her life – a new city, a new community, all sorts of new opportunities. Full scale transformation. Awesome, right? Yes…except… After the massive expansion, we connected on a coaching…

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