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How to Use the Power of Your Imagination

Are you open for ……Miracles? Where Are You, and Where Do You Want to Be? “I know who I am, where I come from and where I want to go” – Jesus; ‘John 8:14’ What is the main intention of your life? Why are you here? What do you wish to see manifest for yourself, others,…

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Mirror, mirror on the wall…….

LOVE is the greatest dissolvent of any negative experiences Remember – Love is always there, it is who we are. My wife woke up one evening with excruciating pain in her left shoulder and the left upper side of her back. She asked me what to do and the obvious answer was to release, let…

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Discover The Key To Immense Wealth

If you want to dissolve an impossible problem in your life, you only have to “do” one thing. Fill Your Awareness with Love   If you want to mend a broken relationship with someone that would in all likelihood prefer you were dead, you only have to “do” one thing. And if you want to have more…

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This Is Horrible News!!!!

Discover how to turn bad news into GOOD NEWS! “New York, New York”. Recognize this line? Frank Sinatra. Am I right? Sorry to say J, the following has absolutely nothing to do with New York, New York or Ol’ Blue Eyes… Or does it? Read on if you like. Decide for yourself. I drove by a…

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Is Love the Answer to Everything?

Are you open for ……Miracles? How to get ahead What can I do to get ahead? Have you been wrestling the bed covers over that question? First, acknowledge what you’ve tried hasn’t worked, i.e., the rat race. “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.” That method has exhausted you. Frustrated you; disappointed you, hasn’t…

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