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Scarcity and lack is our default setting, here’s how you can change it!

Have you ever thought if it’s really possible to create the life of your dreams starting with nothing: Would it help if I teach you about the the Fish and Loaves principle described in the Bible. It really works, if you know how to aply it! A Truer, Grander Vision THE FISH AND LOAVES PRINCIPLE…

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Discover 5 Keys to Raise your Abundance Manifestation Vibration

Learn how to go from poverty consciousness to abundance consciousness! “To spend your life living in fear, never exploring your dreams is cruel. To work hard for money, thinking that it will buy you things that will make you happy is also cruel. To wake up in the middle of the night terrified about paying…

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I’m willing to bribe you

I’m willing to bribe you I would really appreciate if you could help me by doing this short survey by clicking the link, so that we could keep our newsletters, blog posts and services to you relevant and up to date. It will take you less than 30 seconds……promise! Of course I’m willing to bribe…

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So you really want to get out of debt?

Einstein said you cannot solve a problem with same consciousness that created it, and herein lays the answer to all of life’s problems Let’s use money as an example, to be more exact, getting out of debt. What do you actually need to get out of debt? Yes, of course most people will react be…

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How to use your Brain to Become a Millionaire

Here’s the inside story of the mental mastery tricks I used to go from broke idealist to millionaire realist in less than 365 days. I had studied success literature since I was 18. Twenty three years later, I still had the average lifestyle. I had a library of hundreds of books and tapes. I had…

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