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How to turn the World into an Extraordinary Experience

There are three basic responses to life. The first is resisting what is; where our body contracts, tightens, and constricts. This occurs whenever we feel threatened, out of control, upset, or hurt in some way. The second response is allowing what is. This is an experience of trust, release and expansion. We interpret life as…

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Discover How to Let The Power of E-motion Work For You !

In the world of manifesting, e-motion stands for energy in motion. Your feelings are the energetic super fuel from which every physical manifestation in your life was created. Every person, situation and thing that you wanted (or didn’t want) to manifest into your life, happened because there was a strong positive or negative feeling behind…

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Challenges Give Birth to Great Opportunity

When we’re in the midst of challenges it can be hard to remember that they are temporary. We get stuck in feelings of fear and powerlessness and struggle – and we forget that our reaction to these hardships can either make them better or worse. If we react with anger, resistance, denial or anxiety, we…

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Loving Yourself, Changing the World

You may have heard it said that you can’t love others until you truly love yourself first. The problem is that many of us are taught that loving ourselves means being vain or conceited, so we learn to downplay our brilliance. Not only do we downplay it, we eventually stop recognizing it altogether. At its…

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Living With Passion

Being, doing, having Have you ever noticed that many people tend to get stuck in focusing on the problems of the world? They obsess about the excessive use of resources; they wallow in feelings of sadness and helplessness for those who are suffering; and they allow outer expressions of misery and hardship to paralyze them…

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