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Discover How To Maximize The Power Of Your Mind

Here’s a good question, “If you had to put your mind on a diet, what would you feed it?” Let’s see if we can discover what to feed the conscious mind and how to do it. So what should you feed your conscious mind?  If there’s one thing you shouldn’t feed your conscious mind, it’s…

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Learn How to Understand the Perfection of What Is

“If you cannot be with what is, life cannot manifest as it should”. You cannot change anything unless you first accept it in your life, but please be aware that acceptance is not tolerance. However if you resist what is it will stick around because resistance brings persistence The greatest beauty of life is that…

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So, you want to change your circumstances? It can’t be easier than this!

There’s no other way, you can stay as you are, or you can change to…… Read on to learn more…… If you wanted to get into shape, you’d exercise. But what if you wanted to get your brain into better shape? When you attend our Introduction to “Awaken to Oneness – Rewire your Brain”, you…

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Discover the Magical Core of your Being

“The level of your success is limited only by your imagination.” ~Aesop In the beginning of any truly awesome adventure in life, we first need a reason or motivation for going. We need a desire to move us forward no matter what challenges or obstacles may come our way. To find the Awaken to Oneness…

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How to learn if you have a victim mentality

A victim is someone who feels powerless, and is therefore unable to take appropriate action to resolve situations adversely affecting their well-being. Being powerless is learned behaviour originating from repeated childhood experiences where core needs were not met adequately.   From birth and through early childhood children are unable to provide for themselves basic physiological…

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