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Your Brain Hates New Year’s Resolutions

Wanting to change yourself and better yourself is a beautiful and inspiring thing, I believe. And it turns out that’s also how most other people think: 80% of all people for example set themselves a New Year’s resolution. That’s pretty amazing! What’s not so great is that according to the researcher Richard Wiseman, 88% of…

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Using Water to Create the Life of your Dreams

A little of the beaten track today, not that much though….and what the heck, it’s full moon, so maybe my mother was right when she said, “jy’s met die maan gepla” (You are bothered by the moon) But seriously….. Think of what you need to survive, really just survive. I’m not talking money…… Food? Water?…

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Learn How to Let Go of Overwhelm and Relax Deeply

Do you ever feel a bit over-stimulated and overwhelmed by the complicated fast paced systems we are all operating within?   As you may realize, we are living in very exciting times that can be a bit too much to digest. The world and its consciousness are changing faster than ever before and sometimes our…

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Discover the Control Tower to Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Squint your eyes a little, and check out this raisin-sized gland inside your brain: Would you believe me if I told you that this tiny, unassuming organ… May be the gateway to your highest potential as a being of infinite power? As you may have already deduced, it’s not a misplaced honey roasted peanut: it’s…

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Discover the Secret to “Rule your Reality”

When I sat down to write this week’s blog article I thought of the old song by Calvin Richardson, “Looks like you’ve been crying‘ again. Seems like it won’t end …..” And I was again reminded how easy it is to surrender your authentic power to a feeling of helplessness, feeling like a victim And then the…

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