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The Best Investment-You

Do you invest 5000 Rand a month in the stock market? Do you put away 2000 Rand a month toward your dream car? Do you work overtime to earn 5000 Rand extra for that Mauritius holiday? Do you do all of these things and really never invest anything in your most important asset… yourself? We…

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Are you available?

In the Awakened Imagination Challenge we learn that the most exquisite and enlightening experience of your life instantly shows up when you are fully open, receptive and available to the Universe. By being completely open, receptive and available to whatever the divine existence is offering you in this moment, the greatest experience of life simply…

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How to get Rid of Emotional Baggage!

It all starts with a simple choice to reach out to/into a higher power that’s already inside you. “Be ye transformed in your mind so that you can experience the good, acceptable and perfect will of God” Romans 12:2 A miraculous transformation occurs when you realize that every experience is a doorway to the Divine.…

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Discover the “HOW” of, “If you believe anything is possible”

We really are in for an exiting journey over the next few weeks, I’ve started a training series on the “Master’s Way”, we are already in the third session but this is the first time I’ve decided to “blog” about it. So fasten your seatbelt, hold on to your hat, the train is about to…

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Scientifically Prove to Yourself the Power of the Spoken Word

Before we jump in and prove to you once and for all the power of the spoken word let me share with you a story I have read that will lay the groundwork for our experiment later on in this post. When Terry McBride was 22, he ruptured a disk in his back while working…

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