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So…. What’s your Excuse?

A young man once said, “In the game of life, you should always have a few good excuses ready.  ”He was taking a crack at humour but he also was making a point. Most of us got the idea that excuses are a good idea. We got the idea that we should protect ourselves with…

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Back in the Saddle

My dearest Student My one foot is in the stirrup and I am ready to get back into the saddle (I think :-)) This week and Wednesday I am doing a “once of” free of charge training on the “Gospel of the Cross”, if you ever were curious about this concept, then you must not…

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Mirror, mirror on the wall…….

LOVE is the greatest dissolvent of any negative experiences Remember – Love is always there, it is who we are. My wife woke up one evening with excruciating pain in her left shoulder and the left upper side of her back. She asked me what to do and the obvious answer was to release, let…

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This Is Horrible News!!!!

Discover how to turn bad news into GOOD NEWS! “New York, New York”. Recognize this line? Frank Sinatra. Am I right? Sorry to say J, the following has absolutely nothing to do with New York, New York or Ol’ Blue Eyes… Or does it? Read on if you like. Decide for yourself. I drove by a…

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Intention-Manifestation — Million Dollar Experiment

Intention-Manifestation — Million Dollar Experiment You are cordially invited to an introduction session on the Intention-Manifestation — Million Dollar Experiment I’ve had one of the greatest revelations of my life at the beginning of this year. My “inner coach” revealed to me a “simple” secret so profound that it ‘blew my mind’, excuse the pun.…

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