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Dear Phenomenal Manifestor:

Have you been seeking an alternative to the “dollars for hours” way of working?

Seeking an alternative to the “usual” goal-setting, affirmation and visualization techniques that does not really produce the promised results?

Are you tired of buying "another" course or enrolling in “another” program that does not work?

What if I told you that there was a simple, proven, step-by-step path to…

Create anything that you want in life by DESIGN…….instead of default

Live the life of your dreams… without fear, guilt or hesitation

Attract circumstances and people to you that will make you happy and excited to be alive

Have the time, freedom and income for the lifestyle you choose, whether that’s traveling the world, raising a family or hanging with your sweetie at home

Get ready to be excited – because that proven path exists! And it all comes down to ONE key strategy that can change… everything.

So what’s the secret to creating a lifestyle of your DREAMS – fast – while being of highest service to those you CHOOSE to attract into your life?

The secret is to ditch the “Idea that there is a Secret”.

You just have to follow a Road Map, a Proven System that will take you by the hand and walk you through every step until….Viola, you live the life of your DREAMS!

Yes, I know, as “Awakened Manifestors” we are supposed to do a lot of things differently.

And that’s not to mention the “joy” of getting your head around meditation, visualization, mantras, affirmations and all the other aspects of manifesting by design instead of default

Let’s face it.

It can be pretty overwhelming.

Now add to that something which is quite legit. What is manifestation?

The desire to get something in return for all the time you are spending doing it.

To actually generate real world manifestations from your hard work.

Perhaps you start out like most other “manifestors” out there by trying out…

You feel a little bit icky about it but you cross your fingers and hope it works.

Quickly though you find out just how difficult it really is.

According to statistics very few people ever master the art of manifesting by design instead of default.

That sucks!

Obviously there has to be something that most teachers teaching Law of attraction and manifesting principles are missing.

Look, if it wasn’t so, everybody would be living in mansions and driving super cars

Off course the opposite is also true, there are a lot of people out there that’s already doing it – living their dreams.

However, may I remind you that the “Guardian” states that half of world's wealth is now in hands of 1% of the population.

That’s just not cool…No value there!

A word of warning though, I’ve seen them come and go, teachers of the Law of Attraction principles, but I’m still here.

Yes, it is true I’ve experienced the “ups and downs” of manifesting.

But now it’s different, I live life by design, doing what I love to do, traveling and spending time with my wife and family.

I did this by running the “manifesting model” like a business, focusing on taking inspired action and getting the “work” done to experience the exquisiteness of manifesting by design instead of default.

I’ve created many different courses like:

In creating the “Manifesting Model” I’ve done something different……….

In short, I’ve been on a mission to create a full beginning to end solution to building your manifestation muscle from scratch.

You’ll quickly find that creating and manifesting goes hand in hand

You do not have to know everything to get started, as you may have been lead to believe.

The main medium of delivery inside the “manifesting model” is what I call action plans.

The action plans is a step by step process that will guide you towards a specific outcome you want to create.

There are many action plans already in the “manifesting model” and there are more coming every month.

And all of them are born out of all the lessons I’ve learned during my own experience over the last close to thirty years.

But the “Manifestation Model” is not just about courses and action plans…..

Six Minutes and……….. Your Life will NEVER be the SAME!

Please take note that our Members Area will only go live EARLY NEXT YEAR and subscription for the first 100 members will close on 28th February 2017

Because much of it wouldn’t even matter if you weren’t backed up by massive support along the way.

Inside the “manifesting model” you are never alone in your journey……

We have an active manifesting community. It is a true mastermind experience, where you will be interacting with both me and the other manifesting members…..

All helping each other to achieve common goals and celebrating our wins together.

We’ve also got the “Office Hours” calls, when you can hop in and ask me questions about pretty much anything.

We’ve got progress logs, where you’ll be checking and letting me know about your progress in manifesting your goals.,,,,,,

So, it comes down to this……..

The “Manifesting Model” is a kind of “one stop shop” for “Awakened Manifestors” who are seeking, training, community and support to live life by design instead of default by practicing being an “Awakened Manifestor”

It’s for the “Awkaned Manifestor” that’s tired of the “hype and fluff”

It’s for the “Awkaned Manifestor” who want results and are tired of living in lack; overwhelm and confusion on how to get them.

The “Manifesting Model” is for “Manifestors” like you……

  • Behind these digital doors, you’ll learn a step-by-step formula that’ll help you…
  • Become a genuine magnet for money and abundance
  • Ditch that awful feeling of being overworked and underpaid
  • Upgrade your life in whatever way is most meaningful to you

And (finally) manifest what you know you deserve…

With this program – you’ll follow a proven system for releasing your manifestation blocks forever.

Now, the only question is…….

Do you want to be one of that 99% manifestors that never get it right to manifest by design?....

Or, are you ready to take the steps that are required to truly become an “Awakened Manifestor”?

If you are, join the “Manifesting Model” today and let’s get started.

I’ve made this as affordable as I can, so even if you are bootstrapping you can afford to have the “manifesting model” backing you up!

But, bear in mind that the price will eventually be increasing

As soon as more of the action plans on my agenda are completed and released, I will need to raise the price of membership to reflect the growing value.

But if you join today, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current rate….for life.

So, go ahead. Join the “I AM Oneness Wisdom School”. I can’t wait to hear about YOUR wins!

Bottom line: The Manifestation Model will Transform your LIFESTYLE and how you FEEL about yourself.

The Manifestation Model will invite you to step into a new way of BEING that truly pulls you forward.

I’ve used the principles of the Manifestation Model to create consistent big paydays, build a 7-figure business and create a lifestyle I love. But it wasn’t always this way…

I have “grown up” in the trenches of manifestation

Today my company “I AM” Oneness Wisdom School ® empowers thousands of conscious “manifestors” around the globe to create the life they deserve and to BE the new models of success in all areas of their lives!.

First Lesson:

You can create from either one of the following consciousness. Lack Consciousness or Abundance Consciousness. I was not aware of the fact that you can create from a lack consciousness.

But, yes, my “inner coach” said. “you can create from a lack consciousness, the problem however in doing that is that that which you manifest will seemingly disappear as fast as it appeared”. I decided to test that with my students, “have any of you had a financial windfall this past few months”, I asked. 90% of them said “Yes”.

I then asked, “Where’s that money now?” And guess what, for most of them it was…gone. This proved to me that many, if not most people create from a “Lack Consciousness”.

Maybe you can associate with that?

Second Lesson:

The second lesson that my “inner coach” shared with me was that just as we have seasons in the natural world, we have seasons in our “manifestation world”.

Just like high tide and low tide is a natural occurrence in the sea, it is a natural occurrence in “manifestation world”.

I’ll share everything about how to identify your seasons and how to use that to manifest like a pro once we are inside the program.

I started teaching these principles in “live classes” and every one of my students excelled exponentially by just grasping and implementing these two principle.

Of course there’s more to it than that, but you will learn everything you need to make you a “master manifestor” once we are inside the program.

Third Lesson:

The third lesson I learned that faithful morning was that Mind and Body are part of the same system and operate through our nervous systems.

There are primarily two different nervous systems that “run” your life.

The sympathetic nervous system is directly responsible for scarcity consciousness.

It is the part of your nervous system that tells you that you don't have enough.

This natural response to stress is intended to drive you toward accumulating more food and resources to protect yourself against a perceived threat.

When this part of the nervous system are triggered, it can take hours for your physiology to recover - for your digestion to switch back on, you adrenals start regulating and your hoarding instinct to turn off.

During these hours you will not be able to perceive abundance. Every nerve in your body is going to be hyper attuned to scarcity consciousness. This is the way we are built.

The sympathetic nervous system triggers your fight, flight and freeze responses. Definitely not the ideal system to use for manifesting by design.

The parasympathetic nervous system on the other hand regulates serotonin uptake in the brain, which directly affects our mood and can help with overcoming depression.

The parasympathetic nervous system also activates those parts of the brain that help us think creatively, perceive new solutions to problems and conceive of new inventions, approaches and possibilities. It also stimulates psychic ability and one’s sense of spiritual connection, bliss and rapture

The parasympathetic nervous system is the abundance perception system.

And at last I understood what Einstein meant by, “You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it”.

Yes, I know this is a whole mouthful. But stay with me, once inside the program I will show you exactly how to implement this to create the life of your dreams. The “Core Abundance Meditation Practice” is solely build on this principle!

I have to admit, I was more than a little sceptical at the thought of offering the “Manifesting Model” as a digital program. But I’m so passionate about the life-changing power of the Manifesting Model” that I just HAD to do it.

Now I’m ready to share it with you!

We are limiting this program to just 100 students so that I can give you all the personal attention that you deserve........If you snooze, you loose!

Henda Ohlsen Henda Ohlsen, Pictures and Frames

Ockert Thank you Thank you!  For the first time in my life someone open a new world to me. The way we have grown up in a world of limiting beliefs, up until I met you, was fine for me.

But now I am walking with the right believe system in me to attract what i want. If I didn’t meet Ockert to change my life I would still be on the road of struggle. I am experiencing overwhelming results in my business and it is only a month from our first session.

For the first time in my life I discovered how easy it is to get rid of stress through affirmations. Ockert I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coaching me.

If you believe it you will receive it – YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Wynand Burger Wynand Burger, Science & math

"Finding and working with Ockert as my coach has proven to be an extraordinary experience.

Now, I am on the fast-track with my career (which was previously stagnant, mundane and completely unfulfilling)and for the first time since discovering the law of attraction principles, I actually see verifiable results as direct and tangible proof that I have the power to manifest my dreams.

Great things happen all the time for me now and I owe this shift in my life experience to working with my awesome coach.

Johan du Preez Johan du Preez, Entrepreneur

“Thanks to the superb, intelligent and irreplaceable coaching from Ockert Moller I have learned the following in the last 5 years: Be continuously aware of your actions  at all times and in all aspects, that are unquestionably forthcoming from either conscious or unconscious beliefs, and use the feedback received as the tiller to (re) direct you to your desired future experience.

An approach that works is: Find your quiet place, have an affirmation (or several), have a coach and make notes.

For me specifically I HAVE FOUND A COACH!!! Sorry, let me re-phrase this: I HAVE FOUND THE COACH!!! Thank you Ockert.”

Stella Mokwena Stella Mokwena, Staza Cleaning SErvices

“For so long I have walked the journey of Christianity, reading the Bible daily, praying daily, confessing the word continually, and all that goes with it. My question has always been why are answers to prayers not always guaranteed, like the bible seems to be saying? What are we doing wrong? What is it that we do not know, that we should be knowing to have our prayers answered all the time? How should we be praying? With these questions rigging my mind, low and behold I met Ockert Moller with the “Manifesting Model”. I now have the answers to all the above questions and I receive answers to my prayers quite easily. I thank God for time such as this. No more do I cry to God, I pray knowing my position as a child of God and knowing that he is willing to answer my prayers… like Jesus said He always hears me.” Thank you Ockert, thank you

Now, I know the testimonials that my clients and I are sharing are incredible – maybe they even seem a little unreal. And you may be saying, “That’s great, Ockert, BUT… I really don’t see how it’s possible for ME.”

I feel you! I was sceptical too, at first.

After mentoring so many people to become “ I AM awakened master manifestors” I know what’s possible for you. And I DON’T want you to miss out because of a few misconceptions that are easily answered.

  • q-iconIs this membership right for me if I'm brand new to the “Manifesting World” and just getting started?

    Yep. In fact, I’d say it is IDEAL for you if that’s the case. I’ve been doing this long enough (nearly three decades now) and seen so much that… trust me, I WISH I had known and applied this stuff in my own “Manifestation Career” from Day 1. I’d be a hell of a lot better off if I had, The material inside the Manifesting Model Lab – if you honestly apply it – will shave so much unnecessary hassle and wasted time off your manifestation “efforts”.

    We’re not going to mess around with cutesy little stuff often taught by other “Law of Attraction Manifestation gurus”. We’re going to get right to the point and dive straight into the things that truly matter in starting and start manifesting your life by design instead of default.

    Seriously, if you’re just starting out… I can’t wait to work with you.

  • q-iconHow long will it take to go through things and start manifesting like a pro?

    That’s up to you. Look, I have no problem in saying that I’m good at what I do and I know the training I create is effective. But, as good as I am, NONE of it matters if you don’t back it up with action.

    For that reason, anybody who will sit there and promise that you can become a Law of Attraction Manifesting Master within a certain timeframe by doing this “seven things” is lying to you and simply telling you what you want to hear.

    And that’s not the way I roll. The “Manifesting Model” cannot do the work for you and it cannot remove all thinking. What the Manifesting Model Lab is, is a massive shortcut.

    I’m pointing out the road and even painting the lines on the side of the road so you don’t get off track… but it is still up to you to walk that road.

    Likewise, it is up to you how fast you travel it.

  • q-iconHow much time will this take?

    Everybody is different. If you focus 24/7 on developing your “manifesting muscle” and you don’t screw around, you’re going to get results pretty fast.

    It is also important to note that how long this takes should NOT be about how long it will take you to go through the content.

    You could speed through everything rapid-fire if you wanted to. It would still take you awhile, but you could do it.

    But, you know what? You’d be absolutely nowhere. The LAST thing you need is just to consume a bunch more info. There are literally thousands of blogs out there who could layer on more crap onto your plate – all for free. Information isn’t the key here.

    Information without understanding is useless.

    Information coupled with understanding, strategy and ACTION… is extremely profitable.

    And I consider it my job to empower you with that understanding and insist you take action on it. And if you “show up” and are willing to make things happen, this doesn’t have to take long.

    I always marvel at this question, be kind to yourself, How long does it take to become a doctor? Seven years with an internship, at least give yourself a few months to master these techniques. Of course you will be able to start manifesting “things”, but the bigger the “thing” is that you want to manifest the more “skills” you’ll need. And that my dear friend is not a limiting believe, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  • q-icon“I’m not ready!”

    Manifestor, I’m flat-out calling BOO on that one because we know it’s just not true!

    Truth is, if you’re ready to breathe, you’re ready to manifest your life by design instead of default.

    There is no perfect time. There never will be.

     Oh sure, there might be some magic moment in your life journey where the universe comes together… and you’re wearing your favorite t-shirt… plus your extra-comfy sneakers… and that song you love comes on… and your body is full of exuberant, bubbling energy… and your favorite angels are doing all the work for you.

    What have you been smoking?

    You have to take your moments. Make your moments.

     Hunt them. Chase them. Make them happen.

    Scratch and gouge moments out of other times. Chip off tiny flakes of moments from the monolith of your day.

    Use your teeth if you must—bite off mouthfuls of those moments. You are holding the chisel and the pickaxe. You are the miner of your moments.

    You and I both know that there’s no “perfect time” to accelerate your growth, and that you’re more than ready right NOW to create the life of your dreams, and make a heck of a lot more money, in less time, and with more freedom in your life.

You and I both know that there’s no “perfect time” to accelerate your growth, and that you’re more than ready right NOW to make a heck of a lot more money, in less time, and with more freedom in your life.

So let me ask you…

If you could really master the process of MANIFESTING your IDEAL LIFE by DESIGN… how would that change the game for you?

Take a minute now and really think about it. Would you…

Move to a new city or a new home – or both!

Hire an amazing team to take the busywork off your plate

Take regular yoga or dance classes

Hire a trainer

Invest in high-end mentoring, trainings, seminars!

Pay down debt

Fill your home and office with pretty things that make you feel special

Travel across the country and stay in 5-star locations

Take high end vacations, visit with friends and family you love…

Buy organic food

Get massages, invest in extreme self-care

Hire a stylist and shop for a whole new wardrobe

Buy a new car!

Give to your favorite charities and the people you love

Relish the security of a full bank account

Take time off for creative projects that nourish you, stir your soul and have nothing to do with your business…

Maybe your desire is… “All of the above, and more!”

Thanks to the “Manifesting Model”, many of my students manifested everything on that list above… and more.

As you can imagine, you DO need to know how to Use the Manifesting Model.

You also need to know when to do what to Create your Ultimate Lifestyle by DESIGN!

That’s EXACTLY what I’m going to show you!

In the Manifesting Model Insights, I’m sharing everything I know to create, manifest and live by design instead of default, if you snooze you lose!

What makes this program different?

Time tested and proven. Everything in the Manifesting Model comes straight from my own experience and has been used by hundreds of our students to create exquisite lifestyles

Longevity. I was one of the first mentors to publicly teach Law of Attraction Manifesting strategies and I’ve spent the past 6+ years immersed in refining the process into an easy understandable and doable model.

Comprehensive. While most programs leave out critical pieces (leaving you to puzzle it out on your own), we get RAVES from students on our trainings and the quality of our done-for-you materials.

Our Action Plans makes it easy! We lay out for you exactly what to do, step-by-step, to create the life of your dreams!

Growing Spiritually: This is the only program that will not only give you the “things” but will help you grow into an “awakened state” and therefore a closer relationship with the Creator of all that is!

No going it alone! We’ll be walking through the manifesting model together.

You’ll be surrounded and supported by our team and your “Awakened Manifestor” fellow students for as long as you are a member of the “I AM Oneness Wisdom School”. You take part, both in LIVE Q+A calls with me and in our private Facebook community

We’ve mentored hundreds of students over the years to successfully manifest their first – and following – experiences of exquisiteness. This system will work for you too – even if you’re a newbie to the world of manifestation!

12 Manifesting Modules that Guarantees’ to Build your Manifesting Muscle

Module 1: How To Channel Your Deep Transformation Into A Compelling Core Belief That Will Drive All Your Manifestations

In this module we are going to turn you into a manifesting scientist, you’ll get crystal clear on WHAT your authentic dream/s are and learn a “super easy way to tap into your higher consciousness.

You’ll discover…

Precision Model: The exact way in how to implement the “Manifesting Model”

The power of the spoken word: By doing our first scientific experiment you will prove to yourself beyond a shadow of doubt that you create through the spoken word.

The Core Manifestation Meditation Practice: Without understanding and implementing this principle all manifestation efforts will be in vain.

Release techniques, an introduction to some of the most powerful releasing techniques (letting go of limiting beliefs and the trauma they created) in the known universe

I AM Fundamentals: The basic fundamental principles of the “I AM” consciousness and the power that comes with it if you implement it as it was meant to be. Your “I AM” will free you if you know what it is and how to use it

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 2: The difference between Lack and Abundance Consciousness.

In this module, I’ll show you how to go from manifesting from a lack consciousness to manifesting from an abundance consciousness AND how to truly leverage this power so you get the time and income freedom you crave.

You’ll discover…

How to avoid the #1 biggest mistake you can make in manifesting the life of your dreams, not understanding this will keep on sabotaging your manifesting by design efforts (this one is huge, and nobody else is talking about it.)

Theta Inner Room Healing, with this phenomenal technique we will start “releasing your inner millionaire” by letting go of blocks (limiting beliefs) that stops you from experiencing financial freedom. Over the next few weeks we will release more than 400 limiting beliefs most people have about money

The one thing you MUST understand, the three miss-concepts and the three         miss-behaviours they create. These are a very important aspect and were taught to you by your first “God’s” – parents.

What true Abundance is: We begin our journey towards abundance with a fundamental idea: In order to understand why you feel a lack of abundance you must first define abundance.

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 3: The Mechanics of Manifestation

Once you are in the flow of infinite abundance, you will put less importance on manifesting “things” that you did when you perceived reality from the perspective of your scarcity consciousness. Your scarcity consciousness believes that to be abundant you need to create certain forms or experience certain events. Your abundance consciousness, however, doesn't require the creation of anything in order to experience abundance.

You’ll discover…

Form and Content. Often when we try to manifest we focus only on the form of the creation and not the content. This is why our creations often do not make us feel abundant or bring us joy. The key to manifesting from abundance lies in understanding the difference between the form of a creation and its content.

Creation as the Process of Limiting Energy, to get from infinite possibility to the real form, you need to go through a process of placing limitations on that energy until it manifests in a form your want. Think about making an ice cube, how does a ice cube “happen”? Manifesting works be the same principle.

Resource Creations versus True Creations: A resource creation is something that only has value when it is turned into something else. Money is such an important resource creation in our world today that I'll devote an entire lesson to it, but just consider that money has no real value unless you trade it in.

Possibility and Probability: While anything is possible not everything is probable. Creations that are less probable will usually take more time and energy to manifest than creations that are highly probable. You can make a creation more probable and therefore manifest faster, if you increase the energy you put into the creation by using the core manifestation meditation practice

Theta Inner Room Healing, with this phenomenal technique we will keep on “releasing your inner millionaire” by letting go of blocks (limiting beliefs) that stops you from experiencing financial freedom

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 4: The Laws of Money

Money is a tool for scarcity consciousness to measure worth, and therefore it operates by the laws of scarcity – not abundance. This sets up an immediate paradox. How can you live in the flow of infinite abundance, yet be dependent on a tool of scarcity for your basic needs?

Stick around and you’ll discover exactly how to do that in this module.

You’ll discover…

History of Money: The laws of money as they currently stand depend entirely on the belief that it is valuable. If you withdraw your belief in money, it ceases to have any meaning and become useless. How do we “make” this principle work for us in manifesting abundance?

Different Scarcity and Abundance Laws: Understanding these laws and using them to heal your abundance consciousness will bring you to a place of mastery, and it will be much easier to manifest money.

How to be a Money Rebel: Laws can be, and frequently are broken. The old scarcity laws of money are no different; they can be bent, broken or ignored. In fact, they will need to if you are going to use money as a tool of abundance.

Money is a Symbol for Energy: When you fill the symbol of money with lack, you will get more lack when you manifest more money. Have you ever experienced getting a small windfall and then having an expense coming along that swallows it? This is an example of how you can manifest money from scarcity – only to get more scarcity. We’ll show you how to turn that around so that money become symbol of abundance

Theta Inner Room Healing, with this phenomenal technique we will keep on “releasing your inner millionaire” by letting go of blocks (limiting beliefs) that stops you from experiencing financial freedom

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

  • q-iconWill I have Access to Ockert?

    Of course! While I cannot always guarantee an instant reply, I always prioritize my Manifestation Lab members to get my responses before I answer anybody else. I WANT you to contact me and ask questions. It is a core benefit of the program.

    You’ll be able to email me personally. You can also “tag” me from inside the Manifestation Lab Community and I’ll get notified on my phone immediately.

    Even when I’m not in my office, I often will answer Manifestation Lab member questions in the Community from my iPhone.

  • q-iconWill my membership renew automatically?

    The Manifestation Lab is a subscription, so yes, it will auto-renew. You are, however, in full control the entire time. You can log into your account and cancel at any time without ever even needing to contact us. If you are on an annual plan, you will also be reminded by email before the scheduled renewal so you can act accordingly.

    The benefits of the Manifestation Lab are ongoing – and they get better over time.

Module 5: Abundance is Infinite

It's good to know that the miracles you will begin to experience in your life are just the tip of the iceberg with regards to what is possible by discovering “Your Forces and How to Use them” and then mastering the science and art of manifesting.

You’ll discover…

How to “sense” the Infinite: We will show you how to expand your mind so that you can have a sense of the vastness of the bonds that is available

Experience yourself as a creation of the Divine. Your craving for abundance is nothing more than a craving for a reunion with this flow of energy from the Divine. However, remember that you are not separate from it and that no reunion is necessary. By simply remembering this fact you will heal your abundance consciousness and take your place as a creation of the Divine and a co-creator with the Divine.

Your creations are opportunities to Know Yourself : Human beings have an Incredible opportunity to be conscious “fingers of God”, exploring the realm of manifest energy and mastering it. You were created to be a co-creator with the Divine. You can't help but create and manifest, as you were created from the energy of abundance.

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 6: Choosing to Manifest Abundance

Manifesting from abundance is a proactive process. It draws on the infinite energy of abundance to create the things and experiences you choose. Every creation your manifest from abundance will have within it the purpose of sharing love and abundance.  We will show you how to that in this module.

You’ll discover…

The power of Choice:  When you choose what you wish to create; you know it will bring joy even before it manifests. Even unpleasant manifestations are “corrected” by filling them with the energy of abundance, turning them into opportunities for sharing love.

Choosing happiness:  Only a reality created from Abundance can make you happy. Your scarcity consciousness truly believes that it will be happy when it manifests the creation it obsesses about. Its mantra is, “when I have that, then I will be happy!” It will persist in manifesting the thing until it has begged, borrowed or stolen enough energy to create it. And when it manifests…….. there may be some excitement, but a sense of abundance and joy rarely arrive. And, as a result, it's on to the next “magical” creation that it believes will bring joy. We’ll show you how to turn that around.

Choosing a true creation: Many people I have worked with become paralyzed when choosing something to manifest. As they are afraid to manifest the “wrong” thing, they end up making no decision at all. The Divine doesn't care what you create. It is no more pleasing to the Creator that you create forms of poverty rather than forms of wealth. Manifesting a rusty old car is no more or less admirable than manifesting a Ferrari. It is not the form of the creation that is important. What is important to the Creator is whether your creation takes the form most suited to helping you share love. And of course….we will show you how to that.

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 7: Intuition

In this module we will look at intuition, what it is and what it is not. Intuition is the space between your thoughts, when the mind lets go and surrenders to the present moment.  Pretending and being able to make things up are very important skills to work on in gaining control of your intuition. Intuition is really just information gathering. Don't try to figure everything out.

You’ll discover…

Your intellect and its impact on intuition: We’ll show you that thoughts are the starting point as everything begins with thought. Pay attention and listen to what you are saying and thinking. Are you thinking or are you being thought? Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer

The power of your Imagination: Imagination plays a key role in nearly everything we do. It is the ability to picture things in our head, things that are not visible around us. Visual symbols and shapes are vital to stimulating inner growth. Imagination is the gateway to awareness. Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.

Awareness is the key to developing your intuition: Awareness simply means living your life consciously. When we do this and give full attention to each and every moment in our life, we begin to glow in our own light and truth.

Understanding the power of and interpreting your Dreams: They are your greatest source of self help. They can express and teach creativity, reinforce learning, work on problems, and open the door to deeper spirituality.

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 8: Intuition – and the 12 Layers of Human DNA

Your intuition is arguably the single most important and most powerful tool you can use to achieve health, success, love, happiness, and anything else you can imagine, for both yourself and others. The DNA Activation process is the “first step” to developing your intuitive abilities. So if you haven’t had your DNA activated yet, that’s a crucial and essential first step!

You’ll discover…

What does DNA activation have to do with intuitive ability? The short answer is EVERYTHING!  In terms of your energetic and physical body, the intuitive senses are coded into the 11 layers of energetic DNA, in the same way that instructions for building proteins are coded into the first (physical) layer of human DNA.

The six intuitive senses are: Clairvoyance (intuitive seeing) ; Clairaudience (intuitive hearing); Clairsentience/Empathy (intuitive feeling); Clairgustance (intuitive tasting); Clairolfactance (intuitive smelling); Claircognizance (intuitive knowing). You will learn which is your strongest and how to use it.

DNA activation: The DNA Activation allows us to survive the environmental poisons created by man, as well as accelerates our psychic senses. As a species we are now evolving and are waking up dormant parts of our spiritual DNA. We’ll do this through a process  of Theta Healing, which at this stage you will be very comfortable with. This is going to be HUGE fun!

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

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Module 9: Follow your heart to find your Path of Service

So many people go through their lives wondering,” what is my purpose? What am I on Earth for? What is my spiritual mission?” Many feel as though their day-to-day lives and jobs are too mundane to be spiritual, that they must do something “more spiritual” to fulfil their purpose. With your DNA activated, this is a no brainer. In this module we’ll show you how to define your “life purpose”.

You’ll discover…

Your Gifts and your Purpose: Every single soul on Earth has a special purpose. The clue to what this purpose may be is buried within your own life and character. It may be a gift of making others laugh, like Dr “Patch” Adams. It may be the ability to inspire people to make a difference in their lives and the life of others, like Anthony Robbins has done. We’ll show you how to discover yours just as they did.

How to Choose your limitations: If abundance is Infinite, then it is all-pervasive and all-encompassing. It contains all possibilities and potentials. It is everything. To have it manifest in a form you choose, then most of these potential and possibilities must be eliminated until a small part of that energy can be focused into a form you desire. What limits this energy? Choice does. And of course we will show you how to make the correct choice to experience that.

The reality of Sacred limitations vs Abundance limitations: Scarcity limitations are made in fear and are driven by thoughts off “I can't”. One of the first questions your scarcity consciousness asks is whether your intended creation is going to support its perceptions of scarcity, or challenge them. Any challenge to your scarcity consciousness comes forth as an “I can’t” belief. These “I can’t” beliefs show you how your scarcity consciousness is trying to limit you in order to preserve its reality. So let’s show you how that works….

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 10: Manifesting your Creation. True creations vs Resource Creations – the “Litmus (Quality) Test”

With this module we are really getting into it. A true creation will always carry the energy of abundance, perfectly fulfill your need and come to you in the easiest and best way as possible for the greater good of all involved in your life. It is the direct use of energy. A resource creation is not the most direct use of energy because it requires an energy exchange – you must use energy to turn the resource into something else – before it can fulfil the need.

You’ll discover…

The “Litmus (Quality) Test”: Once you have decided on a form, you need to determine if it’s a true creation or a resource creation. We’ll explore all of these options in this module. A true creation is aligned with all the principle energies of abundance. A true creation is……enter the program and we’ll show you.

The Three Parts of Co-creation: – Intention, Choice and Action: There are three parts to the creative process that allow you to bring your dreams into reality – intention, choice and action. These aspects need to be attended to in order to ensure successful manifestation as they bring something from energy into physicality. Once inside the program we’ll show you how to apply these three parts to create the life of your dreams.

How to Receive and Share – Practicing Joy and Gratitude: You can’t trick the universe into sending you abundance by generating an unnatural sense of thankfulness. This is an attempt to manipulated the Divine into giving you what you want, just as you tried to manipulate your parents by pretending different emotions as a child. My students have often said to me, “just learning about and applying this one concept was worth all the money we paid for the course”.

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 11: Making Room for Infinite Abundance

In abundance practice you are the master of the forms you create. In scarcity practice you become the slave to the things you think you need in order to manifest abundance. It is therefore much easier in abundance to have very little and be happy. Don’t fall into the trap of becoming addicted to manifesting things, even though you will be able to manifest them more easily now. Instead, make some empty space by giving away stuff and enjoy the energy of abundance that fills it! In this module we will learn how to let go of attachments to “things” to make room for infinite abundance.

You’ll discover…

How to create a Living Abundance space: The practice of living abundance is more than just the manifesting of things. Abundance is not only about the money or the stuff you can manifest using its energy. It is about sharing love with the world. Abundance as a life style requires living life spherically; expanding abundance in all directions simultaneously. When you are living spherically you express and share abundance equally in every part of your life, and it allows you to find balance.

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 12: Your Abundance Mission Statement.

Practicing Abundance is a mission. It is a way of sharing the best of what is good in creation in a way that empowers others to improve their lives at the same time. It is a life rich in meaning and joy. It is a life that matters. In this last module we’ll help you to complete your abundance mission statement. This is a clear and succinct statement of your mission of sharing Abundance. If you like you can think of yourself as an abundance missionary dedicated to sharing abundance wherever you go, maybe even changing the world as you share your dreams and creations.

You’ll discover…

A roadmap: This roadmap will tell you where to create what next in the sphere that is your life. It is a promise to yourself that you will make a difference in the best and highest way you can. In this course you have completed a comprehensive inventory of what you wish to create. Today you’ll put it together and see the whole picture of what your life will look like as you live your abundance. Your mission statement will help you to state with clarity what you choose to create, how you prefer to share abundance, and where you can improve yourself and your life.

How to fill your Money with Energy of Abundance: Money is seen as a way to get abundance, rather than a way to share it. It can carry the energy of some of the most destructive aspects of our culture. However, it can also be used to create beauty, help others, or change the world into a more positive place. Money can be used to create ecological parks and lobby governments to adopt clean energy. So let us show you how to fill your money with the energy of abundance.

How to heal the Planet with the Energy of Abundance: Throughout history scarcity consciousness has not only caused wars, it has also driven other behaviours that are destroying our planet. Greed causes people to factory farm the land, which depletes it. They seek huge profits with no consideration for future generations. Greed is the root cause of strip mining, deforestation and toxic pollutants being irresponsibly disposed of. Through this program we have the ability to heal our planet.

DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists and progress logs. No more guesswork – you will know if you understand the material in this module and if you are ready to go to the next module. (My students have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

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