Could a Camel Hold the Secret to your Success?

Okay let’s pick up where we left of in our last blog post….. Could Egypt hold the Secret Key to Abundance?

In this article we will discover ancient SECRETS of the Pyramid that will make you extremely wealthy!

Sacred Geometry
Sacred Sound, and
Sacred Sequence

Which has the abillty if correctly understood and applied to make you “extremely” wealthy!

Fasten your safety belts we are of to Egypt…..

If you have missed the previous post you can still read it here

In the last post we saw that the codes in this pyramid show these men could put any modern scientist today, to shame.

But it goes even further than that if you can believe it.

Energy: They knew how to harness and trap energy from the stars; something we know nothing about.

With this energy they appear to have been able to create a current, pretty similar to our current day electricity!

I’ve heard claims that the codes indicate even knowledge of molecular biology.

It really makes you think; what the hell was going on 4,000 years ago? Nobody taught me this stuff in school

But that still ain’t it. When we move from the physical to the spiritual, the rabbit hole goes deeper.

Energies have been discovered in the pyramid that have almost magical powers. The ability to heal, to calm and the ability to preserve food almost indefinitely.

Indeed the main purpose of the pyramid was spiritual; to take the kings and actually turn them into gods.

And it seems basically that’s what they almost were, no wonder everyone worshipped them as such. So the knowledge was off the charts. But where did all that knowledge go?

The answer is… it didn’t disappear. Knowledge rarely ever does. It has just gone underground. To the secret societies. Like… the thirty third degree masons, the skull and bones, the knights of the golden circle and the highest degrees of masonry.

What most people don’t realize is that at these elite organizations, they all study deep Ancient Egyptian knowledge in what they call their mystery schools.

And surprise, surprise! Those organizations, the ones with this wisdom, pretty much run things in the Western World. You won’t find many presidents in America that aren’t masons or part of some other major secret society.

And now look at the back of the American dollar, what do you see?

You’ll see that the Pyramid of Giza is still in control of money today

No question they operate at a higher playing field. A higher field of energy perhaps? Possibly. But one thing’s for sure, we’ve been left in the dark about it and that’s the reason why we are where we are and they are where they are.

What I’ve also learned is that the Pyramid is build according Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sound and Sacred Sequence

I’ve also learned that Washington DC was mostly build using the road map of Sacred Geometry. Without going into too much detail about it here’s a link for your convenience if the subject fascinates you as much as it did me.

The Video’s title is “Secrets In Plain Sight” and it is an awe inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design which skill fully unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, … and secret societies

Okay relax, this is not an article on conspiracy theories. I’m writing this article to prepare you for a journey into Egypt with three of the greatest historical figures that ever lived…

Moses, King Solomon and…..Okay the last one is a secret

Together we are going to explore what these three men learned in Egypt and then I’m going to share these secrets with you so that you can….at last live the life of your dreams….

Patience my dear friend, I will share more about this secret that was found in Egypt in our next post

The SECRET to put the “Moses Code” on STEROIDS!

Okay, enough for today.

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