Discover an Entrepreneurs Game Plan for Wealth, Fulfilment & Mass Scale Impact

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“Your Opportunity to Create an Entrepreneurs Game Plan for Wealth, Fulfilment & Mass Scale Impact in Today’s New Tribal Economy.”

Discover the “Secret Formula” that will put you on the Same Path as Entrepreneurs like:

•Tim Ferris and his tribe of 300,000 + lifestyle designers who are “hacking” the human experience…….
•Deepak Chopra and his millions of meditation and enlightened life students….
•Oprah Winfrey and her 5.7 million female viewers (That’s 4% of America’s entire female population!)……..
•Mario Forleo and her tribe of 250,000 of business and life-loving female entrepreneurs…….
•Vishen Lakhiani and his over 1 million tribe of personal growth fans
•And many more……

Every single one of these people started from scratch ……

And build their Business/Tribes using a Predictable and Transferable Process, similar to the one you are about to discover if………

You decide to join us at Doppio Zero Restaurant 4th September 08h15 for 08h30 – 11h00

When you Apply this “Secret Formula” that’s when a crucial switch flips in your business:

•Your customers start WANTING you to sell to them (in fact you may struggle to produce enough products/services to satisfy them)…
•They start seeing your business as their personal MISSION, and not just a company they buy from…
•They become passionate ADVOCATES for your brand, happily helping you build your customer base on their own initiative…
•Many of your crippling overheads, like advertising and marketing, reduce drastically or disappear completely…
•And YOU get to be your authentic self… work however and from wherever you want… and savour the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a genuine IMPACT in people’s lives.

How would your life change…if you could enjoy this dynamic in your business?

Join us and find out??!

PS. Of course there will be opportunity to network, don’t forget your business cards and flyers!

Venue: Doppio Restaurant Hazel Dean Shopping Mall corner Lynwood Road
and Silver Lakes Road Pretoria East

Date & Time: Friday 4th September 08h15 for 0830 – 11h00

Investment: R 250.00 Inclusive coffee/tea on arrival & Buffet Breakfast!
Breakfast will be served at ± 10h00.

Presenter: Ockert Möller is what you get when you cross-breed Richard Branson, Indiana Jones and Moses, a man on a mission to help transform humanity..…….one person and one business at a time. As a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Believe Management Coach he has helped numerous business owners and individuals to excel way beyond normal expectations. Based in Centurion but working with clients local, national and international. You can read more about Ockert at
RSVP: Before or on Tuesday 1st September 12h00

Limited seating, book your seat NOW! or 012-654-2258 03 082-709-3096 and we’ll invoice you

See you Friday 4th September!

Bank Details: (Please use your name & surname as reference)
Account Name                 O J Moller
Account no                      120-752-8534
Branch Code                    470-010
Bank                                 CAPITEC
Branch                              CENTURION

What are you waiting for grab your seat/s now!