Discover How to Let The Power of E-motion Work For You !

In the world of manifesting, e-motion stands for energy in motion. Your feelings are the energetic super fuel from which every physical manifestation in your life was created.

Every person, situation and thing that you wanted (or didn’t want) to manifest into your life, happened because there was a strong positive or negative feeling behind some thought that you had. Nothing is coincidence or by chance in this world.

We are vibrational beings molding our world based on the ideas and emotions we unconsciously entertain. By being more open and sensitive to your feelings, you’ll naturally discover the very source of all feelings where you can truly master your emotions and effortlessly attract your greatest dream.

“Our entire lives are created from our emotional state. This is the powerful energy that creates our reality. Everything that shows up in our outer world is a direct match with our Emotional Belief Systems.” ~ Melanie Tonia Evans
We need feelings to manifest our dreams. What would be the point of winning the lotto jackpot if you didn’t feel elated? Emotions are what make life a rich and juicy ride. Without them you might as well be a sand bug buried in the Sahara Desert. Your feelings are what allow you to tap into the divine experiences within your soul, as well as the small limited humble sensations that make you human.
Without tapping into your emotional nature you cannot connect with, love, be loved by and have compassion for people around you. So if you want to live a rich full life, it is time for you to remove all your judgments and fears about your FEELINGS and let go of whatever beliefs that have been restricting you from being wildly alive!
People who are deeply in touch with their feelings hold a special gift for creating amazing relationships, as well as the greatest secret to remaining aligned with their highest manifesting vibration. These beings have the ability to truly dive into any feeling, welcome it completely, and then let that feeling grow and surge within their body.

By dwelling on the feeling of what it’s like to have already manifested your desired outcome, you are communicating a request to the Universe, stating that you actually want this experience to manifest. (Don’t be confused, it’s always God through the Universe)

Sure, you can visualize your dream car is going to magically materialize until you are blue in the face. Yet, you have little chance in manifesting it with effortless ease until you can FEEL yourself sitting in that car with your hands gripping the wheel, cruising down the road while blasting your favorite song with the breeze blowing through your hair!

Let’s take this emotional journey to a more personal level. Imagine that your physical body is the car you’ll be driving throughout your life. One of its jobs is to deliver you safely and joyously to each destination that you desire. The feelings that you create about where you are headed in your life are fueling this manifesting vehicle, giving it the juice to move you forward.

Without your feelings all you’d have is a parked car stuck in the garage gathering dust. If you’d want to drive your car to the land of Nirvana in the highest possible gear and speed, you simply do one thing. Open yourself up to being a more alive, sensitive emotional being. From this space you can access the most powerful experiences in the Universe of feeling loved, grateful, excited, centered, peaceful and confident about who you truly are.

So you may be wondering, how can a person be in tune with ALL their feelings that arise throughout the day, while still remaining focused on the joy, gratitude and excitement of manifesting their dream? The secret here is to allow yourself to feel EACH feeling you have in the moment soooo fully, deeply and completely, that you can truly digest it and let it go.

The more intimate you can become with your emotional body, the easier it is to process through any challenging experience and that bubbles up. If you cannot let go of a certain feeling, you’ll notice that it tends to attract similar situations and people. The key is in the art of allowing, and knowing that everything is transient in this life. Yes, this feeling too shall soon pass so why not explore it fully.

The main reason why emotions have become such a challenge for people is that they were trained not to deal with them. As a member of this modern society, you were mostly likely conditioned to remain up in the control tower of the head, and suppress your feelings below.

You may feel uncomfortable with any public display of emotion, and think you should always remain poised and in control.

From the time you were young, you may have internalized messages from your parents such as, “Stop crying” or “Stop being angry.” Over time, you may have learned to automatically stifle your feelings, and become like a robot that does the “right thing” and is impervious to any wild feeling that comes your way.

As a child, you were like a great genie who could manifest any experience you wanted.

With the awesome power of imagination you were totally free to invent whatever experience you desired. If you decided to imagine having a tea party with the King and Queen of England, you were truly there in your mind and perhaps had personal conversations with them. Your imagination was your entire world for many years. Then, as you grew larger and tested your boundaries, your behavior may not have been agreeable with society’s standards so you were shoved into an emotional bottle.

After years of being contained by parents limiting beliefs and tight social standards, your true magical powers were bound under double-plated glass. This way you would be accepted by the crowd, become like the rest of the flock and never engage in the experience of being wild, free and the complete master of your world.

The secret to freeing yourself from any childhood prison you still might be trapped in today, is in befriending your emotions. This means you are giving yourself total permission to feel anything and everything that shows up, especially from your childhood.

The greatest paradox about this secret is that if you can allow yourself to feel an outrageous sense of failure, then you can also access the feelings of unstoppable success. Once you feel one side of the spectrum and relax into it, the emotional pendulum will naturally swing to the other end on its own accord.

It may feel scary to let yourself feel things that are dark, depressing, angry or sad inside you, yet when you’re free to experience these heavier emotions, you also liberate yourself to engage in the lighter feelings such as total joy, outrageous bliss, and absolute freedom!

The greatest truth of all is that you cannot completely control your feelings nor would you want to. If you try to keep certain emotions buried underground, they will eventually find their way out to be expressed. That’s why people who stuff years of guilt, self-blame and anger end up contracted diseases like cancer. The body has to release these energies in some way if they are not going to be expressed emotionally.
Make the commitment now to letting yourself be an emotional human being. Give your body permission to feel whatever its feeling and you’ll soon discover there’s a whole new world exists inside you.

Your Assignment:

Your homework assignment this week as you might have guessed is quiet emotional. Let’s get things flowing by first writing down in your own words your commitment to being a more emotional human being.
Paste these words on your bathroom mirror so that you can see them and be proud of them. If you’re embarrassed to have them up, this simply becomes your opportunity to honor this feeling and dive deeper into it and through it! This emotional affirmation will help you fully accept yourself as you are and embrace every feeling that you have.

The second aspect to your assignment is to do whatever you can to make yourself start feeling your feelings more. Listen to music that moves you, watch a romantic tear jerking movie, or just talk to a friend about where you’re truly at in your love life.
The goal here is to open up and feel ALL of life! Feel your feelings as much and as often as possible and continually open up to whatever feeling is there in every situation without judging yourself in the process. If perhaps you feel that you are already TOO emotional and that your emotions run your life, then great! You’ve opened the emotional floodgates and have graduated past the first level.

Your job now is to feel the deeper peaceful feelings buried beneath your typical overly dramatic emotional feelings. You’ll only find these by feeling your feelings all the way down to the very core of your being. The feeling of peace is always here.

When you have discovered how to access this feeling within whatever situation that arises, then you will have truly mastered your emotions and your life.

Love to hear your feedback on this one