Discover How To Maximize The Power Of Your Mind

Here’s a good question, “If you had to put your mind on a diet, what would you feed it?”

Let’s see if we can discover what to feed the conscious mind and how to do it.

So what should you feed your conscious mind? 

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t feed your conscious mind, it’s junk food.

Many people feed their minds with junk food in the form of negative thoughts.

You can’t just have one chip right? You’ve got to have one more and one more after that.  It’s the same thing with negative thoughts.  One is not enough and soon you down a whole bag of negative thoughts and all that goes straight into your subconscious mind.

So what can we do to feed our mind nutritious food?


Reading is one of the best ways to feed your mind.  Why read?  Because when you read, it’s like talking to another person.  Imagine having Thomas Jefferson, James Allen, Napoleon Hill, John C. Maxwell by your side as your advisors.

You are in effect, sitting across a table from them and soaking up the wisdom they have to offer by reading their books.

If you can read a book that summarizes 20 years of experience in 2 hours, is that not a worthwhile investment?  It most certainly is.  The return you get is greater than any stock, mutual fund, or commodity you can ever invest in.

So what type of books should you read to feed your conscious mind?

– Autobiographies of successful people
– Inspirational stories
– Self improvement books

Let’s tackle each type of book one at a time.

Autobiographies of successful people

I highly recommend reading these because by doing so, you get a snapshot of the ENTIRE picture, the good times AND the bad times.  You’ll realize that there is no happy go lucky journey where everything works just right.

When you hear on the news of people achieving huge goals seemingly overnight, the news tends to focus only on the WIN, NOT the losses, not the mistakes, not the times where there was self doubt, the times of depression.

Autobiographies highlight the aspects that we want to push under the rug but it’s important that we understand ALL aspects of the journey and how they all worked together to help in the achievement of goals.

Inspirational books

These books are here to drill in you the fact the power of the human spirit, that it CAN be done.  Sometimes, we forget this simple fact so these stories are here to remind you.

Let that hope and knowledge fill you conscious mind and penetrate to your subconscious mind so that you can start developing attitudes and actions that reflect the CAN DO philosophy.

Self Improvement Books

Your body and mind carry within them great potential so it only make sense you learn all you can about them. Reading self improvement books gives you that specialized knowledge you need to maximize your potential.

Build your library with these kinds of books and commit yourself to reading for at least an hour a day and your life will change, guaranteed.

If you think about it, most people, even before they attempt to set a goal, operate under the assumption of failure so they picture failure. They picture it and that goes in the subconscious mind.

What we need to do is start feeding success instead of failure and these books do just that. By constantly reading them and feeding that kind of information in your mind, it will drive the idea of success into your subconscious, which then influences your future thoughts and actions accordingly.

The next best thing to reading is listening. 


Instead of turning on the radio, buy some self improvement CD’s and listen to them in your car. Leverage that time.  The reasons why you should listen are the same as the reasons as reading. If at all possible read, but if you cannot, listening is the next best thing.

– Listen to tapes in your car.
– Listen to tapes while you clean your room.
– Listen to tapes while you exercise.

Listen.  Listen.  Listen. Turn your car into a university 🙂


The next best thing to do after listening is to watch.  Watch inspirational movies.


Now it’s your turn to voluntarily feed your mind.  The mind thinks in pictures, not in words.  We use words to describe pictures.  If you were to describe a park you saw to a friend, you hold a picture of that park in your mind and you translate that picture into words.  Then those words enter the mind of your friend where it’s then reconstructed into pictures again.  The language of the mind is pictures.

It’s universal.  It’s the same in every country. 

Start feeding into your mind the pictures you want, NOT the pictures you don’t want.  Picture the kind of person you want to be.  Picture the kind of job you want to have.  Do this constantly.

Feed your mind with these rich mental images and soon you will be unconsciously taking action to get to it. Even though your current “reality” does not reflect the picture you have in your mind, that doesn’t matter (remember the lemon example?).

The subconscious mind only believes what’s in the conscious mind. 

Picture what you want and the subconscious mind will obey. It will naturally start altering your thoughts and actions to achieve the pictures in your mind.

If you constantly picture the kind of job you want, you’ll find yourself taking action to get it.  You’ll be talking with friends and family about that job since it’s always on your mind, reading on articles on how to get jobs, making network connections, etc. In other words, all your actions will start to become conducive because you’ve fed your mind what you want in a language that it understands.

When you feed your mind what you want, there’s no doubt you desire them.

Why else would you be feeding your mind these things?  When you picture them, really feel the emotion behind the things you want.

Emotion is like adding gas to the fire. Remember how I stressed the importance of emotion when I had you read those two sentences in the previous lesson?

Emotion drills into your subconscious like no other. That’s why people who read affirmations without any emotions can’t get results while people who read them with emotion do. It’s not enough to read something.

You’ve got to feel the emotions behind it. Emotions give it that kick that drives the picture deep into your subconscious mind.  Your thoughts are like jet fuel. Emotions are the match you strike and throw into that fuel.

I quote from Napoleon Hill “Your subconscious mind recognizes and acts only upon thoughts which have been well mixed with emotion or feeling.” 

If people have pictures of what they fear (fear is a powerful emotion), the subconscious mind acts on that to subtly bring that into experience, which triggers more fear so this process starts working against them.

You well know the difference between a speaker who “charges” his words with feelings as opposed to a speaker who is dull, bone dry, and monotonous.

Which speaker has more of an effect on you?  Obviously the one that is more passionate.

How much more will YOU, the speaker to your subconscious mind have more of an effect on it if you “charge” your thoughts with emotions?

Start feeding your mind with nutritious information.  Then picture what you want.

Most people don’t bother picturing what they want because they don’t think they can have it.

That’s why you must FIRST feed your mind with all of those books, tapes, and movies to drill into you that YOU TOO have what it takes.

Now that your mind is being well fed, we want to start using that food as energy to work the mind out and to strengthen it.

Here’s to the inevitable achievement of all your hopes and dreams

Love to hear your feedback on this one

Talk to you again soon, in the meantime……..

Dare to “Awaken to Oneness” and be open for miracles……..TODAY!

Your coach/friend
The miracle man (Mindset Coach)
You are the results of what you were; you will be the results of what you are!
PS. They don’t call me the miracle man for nothing