Discover the 3 Secrets to a Stress-Free Life

“Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.” ~Henry Ward Beecher


Stress-free beings are ordinary people like you, yet they have adopted a variety of different ways of seeing, interpreting and understanding this world, that allows them to fully live in this world, yet not get caught in its drama. The beings who are always relaxed inside, free from any kind of stress have a constant expanding perception of themselves. They know no limits to what is possible.

They also know no destination other than Now. They experience no hesitation, procrastination or postponement of their life, because life is too juicy being here now.

A stress free being loves life too much to be stressed out about it. Their mind does not get stuck on judgments of themselves or others, and releases them the instant they arise. They have no resistance to life’s multidimensional barrage of experiences. Thus, they hold no tension in their body’s nervous system.

Any stressful constrictions of blood vessels caused by adrenaline rushes, doubt, fear or anger are instantly released so they can dive deeper into more experiences of joy, love and freedom. They simply have their priorities straight.

A stress free being isn’t trying to avoid an early death because they are too consumed with loving life, enjoying the illusion of it all and having a great time all the way to the grave. They know that everything is always going to change, and they trust they are always guided in this constant changing flow of life.

When they connect with other people, they know it may be their last moments together, and yet are relaxed because they understand that everyone is an infinite being who will never ever die. Because this wisdom circulates in their thoughts, emotions and physical body, they are constantly tapped in to a perpetual flow of bliss within themselves.


Stress free people have learned one key technique. That stress is the number one signal from the body to STOP whatever they are doing and LET IT ALL GO!

– They know avoidance strategies don’t work, and to ignore this signal and keep going will only cause future pain. They only want to transcend the mental prison of their ego’s agenda. Even though they’ve practiced the art of letting go and releasing for years, they always consider themselves to be a student.

– They are always learning. They’ve truly come around to embracing their own innocence.

– They can see and feel that within the innermost core is this pure “being”.

– They know this is the simple ecstasy everyone is seeking.

People who embrace a stress free way of life have very PLAYFUL energy.

The entire Universe is their playground. They play with all kinds of people from all walks and worlds. They also welcome any experience they come in contact with.

– They know how to easily handle any negative thoughts that arise in the mind.

– They never take these negative things too seriously and choose instead a playful approach on the inner world as well as the outer.


A stress free being resists NOTHING. When negative feelings and a grumpy state enters the mind they invite it in openly and experience the pattern it’s holding fully. Everything that occurs in their mind, emotions and body are welcomed as a guest that is here to visit for a short time.

They know the bigger picture of life so they can welcome each thought and feeling, and not get stuck in them. They see every negative thought as a small water rapid down the infinite river of Life, and so they kick back and relish the ride over them.

Someone who constantly lives in the stress free zone has tapped into the truth of their being.

– They live each moment connected to the truth that they are an infinite being that knows no death.

– They know the body will come and go, yet who they are cannot be harmed or impacted by the outer world. When you fully embrace this knowing, it is impossible for stress to exist in your world for you realize that all outer world situations are temporary experiences that cannot touch the beauty and lightness of your being.

Realize the truth and you will be truly free. You are not this mind, nor this body.

You are this radiant eternal light that cannot be dimmed in any way shape or form. Your true self continues to shine brightly through all of the adventures of being a human being that the mind may label as “stressful”. Whatever may cause your mind to feel stressed out, is simply the mind being overly-attached to a certain limited thought or form.

When you realize the truth of who you are, the mind has to let go automatically, and you are free! Below are three powerful practices that can support you in living a completely stress-free life where you know and remember your timeless infinite nature…enjoy!


Secret #1: Quiet Your Mind:


The meditative mind is divine mind. It is simply being here in the now. It has become so relaxed that it is actually laser focused, pointing towards mindfulness in the now. Every stress free being will tell you there is no better moment in your life than this one that is happening right now!

Meditation is a way to quiet the mind so you can see that all experiences (negative and positive) are paths for the soul to discover this higher Universal Source. A quiet mind can hear their intuition clearly so they can establish deeper connections with everyone in the world, and manifest a much more peaceful experience of life. A quiet mind is much easier to live with than a busy mind.

Secret #2: Celebrate What is Now:


Attachment to your past and future is what creates the GREATEST amount of stress in your life. Since this moment is the only thing that is real, choose to be constantly celebrating what is happening now. If you are experiencing a problem, celebrate it! That problem will soon be a blessing in disguise.

Life is actually not about overcoming your problems and karma. It is a celebration of all opposites until there is equanimity in the mind, and complete balance of emotions which leads you into total freedom of consciousness. How could the mind know light without shadow, or depth without shallow-ness? The mind exists in a state of perpetual ebb and flow of the tides.

Celebration of this play is what makes you a master of your life! Whatever it is that’s happening in your life right now, there is some way you can celebrate it.

There is always another door opening where one has closed. Now is that moment that is filled with amazing qualities life consists of. Just realizing this little secret will assist you greatly in choosing to see the miraculous instead of the mundane wherever you are.


Secret #3: Remember Your Infinite Nature:

As you go through your days, pause regularly to remember this simply truth: we are all eternal beings who will never die. We are souls in a body who will only change form. We will be reborn again if we want to or not.

If we have enough awareness we can choose to master this existence and then experience anything we want to! The infinite quality of your own being is obvious and very real. It is just like the Sun, always shining, always bright and super warm. And yet the sun is a grand understatement to describe the brilliance of who we really are. When you discover the true enormity inside yourself, everything will change, and the outer world will no longer impact you in a negative fearful way.

The Universe will welcome you to explore this limitless divine self everywhere you go on its playground.


Your Awaken to Oneness Assignment:


For the next 7 days, anytime you start getting stressed out about something, practice celebrating what is. Simply say to yourself, “I choose to celebrate existence right now!” Life is just too good to not make this choice even if you don’t understand why.

Look for the blessing that is hidden behind this so called problem and celebrate it as an opportunity for growth. It is your chance to quiet your mind and realize your infinite nature.

Remind yourself when you notice stress arising inside that you are an infinite being that will not die.

Notice what happens! Play with this assignment and welcome all that life challenges you. Your job is to intimately know yourself as that which is permanent, and can never be harmed, hurt or changed.


Okay, enough for today.

Love to hear your feedback on this one


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