Discover the Magical Core of your Being

“The level of your success is limited only by your imagination.” ~Aesop

b2ap3_thumbnail_2-blog-5.pngIn the beginning of any truly awesome adventure in life, we first need a reason or motivation for going. We need a desire to move us forward no matter what challenges or obstacles may come our way. To find the Awaken to Oneness ‘Manifestor’ within you is like finding a secret palace in the Himalaya mountains, that is entirely made of gold and blue diamonds.

There is every possibility on this journey that you will be stopped, feel blocked, and become deeply distracted by something more appealing along the way. It is a great chance that you will be enticed with seeing something so seductive and exciting, that you may forget that the golden palace existed at all, think it was just some far off fantasy, and call off your entire search to find it.

To gather up motivation, energy and discipline for this 52 kilometres mountainous adventure on foot, you first need to dive deep inside yourself, ask for real guidance.

Start right now with looking within and asking to meet with your unstoppable true nature. If you wish to discover a truly magical life that you love, the first destination is to go deep within you and find that which does not die.

The journey into the core of your being may seem impossible since you are already there in some way, yet it is the discovery that always continues to reveal itself in a new outrageous way. The finding of your deepest inner truth, your authentic self, your real true nature is one that you’ll cherish for lifetimes.

When you find your greatest potentiality every other goal in life seems pale in comparison. This adventure into the core of you, where you’ll reveal your soul’s unlimited energy, is the same place you’ll discover the divine power to reap the harvest of your life’s greatest dreams.


“Everything you see is the result of your thoughts.

There is no exception to this fact.” ~A Course In Miracles

Set the intention right now to dive deeper into your innermost core this week, and that each day you’ll be going deeper than you’ve ever gone before. You’ll need to know and trust that you can truly relax and be quiet enough to find it. It is the energy of trust that is essential for your highest experience of existence.

Totally trusting the process of relaxation and letting go of resistance to it is absolutely necessary. It is that free soul who has unlimited perceptions about reality and no limits on what is actually possible and impossible. This type of brain/mind has to trust existence to survive.

b2ap3_thumbnail_let-it-be-594533__180.jpgTo access the most magical foundation within your being, you’ll simply need to do the easiest thing in the world. Relax and become very still. You’ll need to let go of all your ‘efforting’ and just do nothing.

You may think you need to hold your brain/mind still in such a way that it no longer is moving at all, yet this may only make the brain/mind more jumpy. When you simply practice letting go, letting everything in the Universe be exactly the way it is, you’ll feel a subtle calm sensation in your heart, and something will tell you that everything is perfectly OK. Eventually, the brain/mind will relax and find peace, which will allow you to rest and fall into the innermost core of your being.

The most amazing things manifest in life the very moment you get your brain/mind out of the way, and open yourself up to being fully in this eternal moment of now.

For some people, a Universal understanding of life instantly begins flooding the brain/mind. Your body may feel tight and tense right now, yet when you relax into the inner most centre of your being, you’ll find that all tension instantly melts away.

The key is to learn how to relax deeper into the now and trust that your soul’s true infinite existence will guide you, and show you the way to let go and find a greater trust in life.

When you trust that the Universe never makes mistakes, that it knows no limits to how far it reaches into you, and it’s always creating everything totally perfect in every way, you start to see that life is divinely perfect exactly as it is. When you realize the perfection that life already contains, then you will stop fighting it. It is only through the energy of trusting in the divine perfection that you can relax all internal efforting and dive deep enough inside you to access the innermost core of your being.

This centre of your being is where all your real power is found. It is your real magic wand that can create anything you desire. It is the place where the entire

Universe you are creating in each moment is designed. When you go to where the source of where your thoughts are radiating from, you become the source of life itself. The day you are in touch with the core of what you are, will you be able to grow new roots for stability in your life, and branch out into the skies of your true unlimited potentiality.


“Know that the Self is the rider, and the body the chariot;

the intellect is the charioteer, and the mind the reins.

The senses, say the wise, are the horses; the roads they

travel are the mazes of desire. The wise call the Self the

enjoyer when it is united with the body, the senses and the mind.”

~ The Bhagavad Gita

b2ap3_thumbnail_woman-570883__180.jpgYour magical core is buried deep and is hidden beneath layers of beliefs, memories and ideas about who you are. It is not necessarily at the core of your physical body, yet is at the core of your being. To find this place your body must be totally relaxed and at ease. When this occurs, your brain/mind and all of its layers of thoughts fall away.

You must totally be willing to surrender to this experience of your life in this NOW moment for total relaxation to take place. When the brain/mind simply lets go of all its planning, scheming and ‘efforting’, your body naturally becomes completely at ease and your core presents itself to you. It’s good to know that your brain/mind is your ticket to prison or freedom.

By understanding that you don’t know everything there is to know just yet, you open your brain/mind to an entirely new world of possibility. One of them is that you are living in a super powerful manifesting vehicle, in a multi-dimensional infinite Universe, which has unlimited potentiality and energy to create anything! Let this idea open your brain/mind right now.

Drop all limited perceptions you used to have about what is possible and what is not.

This is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime, to be open to that anything is possible!

Allow this moment to sink down into your body, follow it into your deepest innermost essence where you can relax and connect with the most fertile soil your soul.

Your core essence is the only place you can experience the truth of who you are.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Oneness--1-.jpgIt is where you will know yourself as Divine. It’s not through a new idea presented by the mind that you’ll uncover this awesome discovery. It is only through the heart of your presence, the Spiritual Source of YOU, where you can reveal the only thing that is truly real.

This is not hard to do. It’s a simple exploration that only a childlike curiosity can handle. So look deeply inside, you are this true essence already. It is what you’ve been searching for your entire life! It is so close to you that if you’re using the brain/mind at all you’ll miss it.

Now this profound inner experience doesn’t happen by thinking about it or trying to make it happen. In fact, it’s just the opposite. You drop into it when you have let go of all ‘efforting’, completely stopped thinking and simply resting and relaxing into your innermost being. It’s not through your head that the real answers in life are found, but your heart that you can experience enlightenment. A cosmic creative energy rushes in the instant you let go of using your brain to try to attain it, and relax your body into whatever you are right now.

You may not understand this completely, yet the greatest opportunity of a lifetime is simply to be here now. When you allow this moment to sink into your body, you become complete with life and life becomes complete with you. You instantly fall into yourself, again and again and again!

b2ap3_thumbnail_download.jpgYou discover that your deepest innermost essence was always here, and to connect with it is as simple as passing a rake over the fertile soil your soul. Yes, simply reach down and touch the dirt and you’ll discover the magical core of your being instantly!

You can instantly realize that you are (and always were) intimately connected with an all-powerful intelligent energy that is already helping you manifest everything you desire. Yes, you are already magical.

You are already a manifesting being who was simply conditioned and programmed by parents, siblings, schools, teachers, T.V. and media, to think you were not. Once you know that you are very powerful, you don’t have to exercise this power. You can simply manifest anything you want, at any moment.

Since most people around you are most likely still asleep to this knowledge, it will take every bone in your body to create the strength needed to wake yourself up completely to it. Almost every human being on Earth becomes lost in the illusions and beliefs of others. We came into this incarnation with blinding past karma to clear away, and are thus deeply unaware that there is a great Divine Source emanating already within our very being.

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”


When the brain/mind is habitually distracted by thoughts, constantly getting lost in a vast sea of things, ideas, future concepts and memories, it forgets the real reason you are here! To find that golden castle hidden in deep in the hills! Yet sometimes even though you may think you are side-tracked, if you have not totally forgotten the possibility that there is a greater power inside you in this now moment, you are almost all the way home. You just need to make it your #1 priority, if you wish to access it 24 hours a day.

The only way you could possibly miss finding the magical core of your being is by being distracted by some thought inside the brain. There are many things that the brain/mind believes is more amazing, and will do anything to get you there. It will want to work harder to get you there, and yet once it arrives it will doubt that you have arrived. When you are living up in your head, always following the brain/mind imagining this and that, you will feel lost. This is normal and the right experience for those who live in between their ears.

When you are connecting with your innermost magical being, the brain/mind seems like a dry thirsty desert, and you are already swimming in the vast ocean. When you’ve arrived at your magical core, you’ll notice that the images in your brain/mind will change, yet you always feel connected at your core to the source of life. You’ll feel free from the brain/mind, and yet able to use the brain/mind to redirect you back into this magical core essence of who/what you are.

Accessing your magical core is not about creating a new experience of you, or a bigger understanding of who you are. It’s more simple than that. It’s all about diving into what your experience of life is, as it is right now. You don’t realize how much you are trapped up in your head. Thoughts are always flying by, and you’re still attempting to deal with them. Don’t touch the thoughts, just watch them like they were clouds far, far away.

b2ap3_thumbnail_abfm-nl-462.pngWhen life gives you a great challenge such as how to master your brain/mind, the best way you can meet this divine opportunity is to just feel calm, relaxed and at ease inside. Know that practicing this in itself, will master the brain/mind.

The day you can remain truly relaxed, all the way to your core, all day long, then you’ll know you have arrived. The magical core of your innermost being is found through this infinite dive deeper and deeper inside you. It is the most sacred and awesome thing you can explore with your life in this Universe.

Reality comes shining through when you return to what is real. The innermost core of your being is actually the only thing that is real. Everything else is transitory. The brain/mind and its excessive worry-filled imagination was your everyday reality, yet could change as swiftly into a cosmic consciousness with your next breath of air. All it needs is a tiny opening in the door of your being.

The very moment your brain/mind has found the source of stillness inside you will know this truth. This innermost core of your being is the final frontier we are here to explore!

At the core of you, is the Spiritual Source of existence. It is what gives you life, breathes life through you, and is the reason for all enjoyment, pleasure, and freedom from suffering! It is what you really are when the continuous brain/mind chatter gets quiet.

When you truly explore the Source from where EVERY little thought arises, you simply experience a unique yet eternal expression of yourself we’ll call your “beingness”. The result is absolute freedom and the realization that you always had the option to be free from suffering, and will have that option forever more.

When you do arrive at the core of your being, you authentically feel in touch with everything in life. There is this 100% honest relationship that naturally happens with others, and you cannot lie to anyone or anything. You are with yourself in a

way that you can only speak your greatest possible truth.

If you would lie about something you’d instantly feel a great disconnect and subtle “pain” with your core. A small fib makes you feel a million miles away from home and living on some imaginary cloud made of unstable thoughts. It is only when we speak our truth, dive into feeling the truth of who we are, and live from this radical honesty that the magical core is naturally revealed.


“Receptivity is your personal effort. You must not try to do anything else,

for in fact, you can’t do anything else. If we are standing in darkness, and do our

part by opening the door, the Light rushes in to meet us.” ~Vernon Howard

We are living in a world filled with energy and information that is extremely impermanent and constantly changing. Yes, your body, your house, your kids won’t look the same in 10 years. Not to mention the next 40 years, unless you establish a deep connection with the Spiritual Source of infinite energy inside.

b2ap3_thumbnail_seriously_mug.jpgOnce you do, your body will exist in a state of absolute health and vitality forever…yes forever. Our great ancestors did this, and lived to be over 900 years old. If you don’t believe me, check it out! The unlimited potential energy is always inside us at the core, and is ready for you to reveal yourself to it right now.

Massive positive change begins with one simple choice. The decisions to relax deeply into the experience you’re having right now.

Once you consciously and continuously choose this, you can release your “rushing habit” and lifestyle that believes “there’s somewhere better than here-now”. Only then can you access the ability to give yourself permission to relax. When you have no concept of time and are truly honouring the timeless eternal being that you are, you can actually relax into the core of your innermost being.

Notice how you push and pull against time in your life. How do you force life to be something other than what you are? How are you relationships with people, situations, money, job, and yourself? Is it stressful? How often do you “go with the flow” or struggle to move upstream?

Just notice what your relationship is like with time and what type of relationship with time that you can have that will truly satisfy you. If you are used to thinking, “how can I get more of xyz….and get away from abc” then you’ll never find that golden palace with its diamond floors\ and walls. Even when your desires get manifested, the ego is pleased just momentarily.

What does it feel like to release the idea that your desires need to be achieved at a certain time, and move into the present moment of feeling what is my experience of life in this now moment? When we are simply here now, the blissful peace and a magical stillness arises within our very being. When the brain/mind is silent, not asking but receiving life, the Shakti energy has no-where else to go but into you, because you are now-here in stillness.

You can “maintain” the deep stillness inside for several weeks, months or even years, depending on how much internal mental and emotional negative thinking habits you’ve stopped analysing and repressing on the inside, and started letting them fully go as they arise.

By abiding in this space of stillness inside, something magical occurs along the way. You start seeing your dreams and desires become manifested before your very eyes. By staying present to the now, paying\ close attention to the innermost core of your being, watching the brain/mind play out its drama, and not being attached to the scenes you become an exotic master of your life.

The twisted truth of all of this is that if you can just relax, you simply cannot miss the magical core of your inner most being. There may be lifetimes of issues in your way, yet you don’t have to figure them all out to drop into a state of relaxation inside.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Oneness--4-.jpgOnce you realize that your brain/mind has been working so hard, trying to achieve so much in the outer world by strategizing, analysing and constantly ’efforting’, you simply let it go! Then you just relax into your core and see the powerful manifestor you already are.

Sometimes, your innermost magical core may be buried underneath layers of resistance that cannot be easily moved. Yet, you can start to uncover the surface by asking yourself those things that you most need to know.

Try on these questions and see how they hit you:

  • How can you best contribute to others on this planet?
  • What can you do to make life purely enjoyable all the time?
  • What changes can you make in you so that your love life really shines?

 b2ap3_thumbnail_why.jpgWhen you start to dig inside you, and find out why you are here, what your contribution is to this world, you’ll have to pass by that which is already at the innermost core of your being.

The bigger truth is that every obstacle in your life is a ticket home to yourself.

Whether you like your life or not, is always a choice of perception and attitude towards it. When you set aside those negative fear based thoughts that have been sending your brain/mind into doubt, worry and scepticism and consciously move closer to this place of a quiet brain/mind within yourself, you will relax.

Once you relax into the softest, most gentle and quietest place, you’ll soon find the innermost core of your being. When you are able to clearly be quiet, speak your Truth, and not be afraid of your greatest energy, you’ll wake up in the golden castle and realize that you were living here all along.


“Knowledge of the self is the mother of all knowledge. So it is incumbent on me

to know my-self, to know it completely, to know its minutiae, its characteristics, its

subtleties, and it’s very atoms.” ~Kahlil Gibran

b2ap3_thumbnail_pot1.jpgYour Awakening to Oneness Assignment:
In this moment in your body right here and now, look inside towards the source of your thoughts. Where is THIS thought coming from? Keep looking within…do not give up. Eventually you’ll connect with your Spiritual Source.

Does this place feel more connected to the core of your innermost being? It’s where you get to shape and redirect the experiences you want to create. What would your week look like if you started every day from this space inside your being that is all-powerful and conscious all the time?


Awakening to Oneness Extra Credit: This is a guided meditation for revealing your innermost core. Sit very still and breathe consciously. Say the word “Ahhhhhh” for 10-15 minutes. Let the sound come out each time as if it were a long sigh of great relief.

Relax inside your body let your brain/mind gently quiet. Release any need to do this exercise right, or in a certain amount of time or whatever the brain/mind may tend to dwell on. Meditate on these four words when your brain/mind wanders, “Unfocused Brain/Mind Experiencing Presence”. Practice this twice a day for the next 3 weeks.

Let go of your other agenda and know this is the most magical transformational thing you can do to awaken your life.b2ap3_thumbnail_act-now.jpg


Love to hear your feedback on this one