Discover The Secret to Making Failure Impossible

So how are you doing with manifesting the life you desire? Are you having fun yet? Perhaps you’ve been on your manifesting journey for a while now and are not finding the results you wanted.

Do not worry, and definitely don’t get down on yourself. Whatever manifests is meant to manifest and will show up in your life at the perfect time and place.

You will be able to manifest whatever you want in life with effortless ease when you trust in the divine process of life and have fun with the mystery along the way.

Okay, kick of your shoes, have a coffee break, this is a bit of a long read, but definitely worth reading as you will discover for yourself as you immerse yourself in the following………

“Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.” ~ Unknown Author

The pendulum of life is always swinging, especially when we don’t think it is. If you have spent your entire life trying to make your experience of life more comfortable, luxurious, and easy there will come some point on your journey, where you’ll need to step completely out of your comfort zone.

Life is always changing, and if we stick to the same routine day after day, we become comfortably numb and are not truly growing. When this occurs you’ll notice feelings of unhappiness begin to rise. If you have a great life and are still unhappy, you’ve just discovered the need to face your fear and take the risk to try something radically new.

The big question I want you to digest is this. What would you do with the rest of your life if you knew you could not fail? If we waved a magic wand over your head right now, and whatever you decided to do could not fail, what would choose to do?

Would you quit your job, move to Hawaii, and write that book that you have always dreamed of writing? Or would you continue doing exactly what you’re already doing now?

The good news is that when you look at life from the perspective that the main goal is to acquire a tremendous variety of life experiences, then it’s truly impossible to fail. Failure simply cannot exist when you can see it through the lens of the spiritual perspective, which is always behind it all.

In reality, every moment of time contains an experience of life. You cannot sit completely still, do nothing, think nothing, feel nothing, and have no experience.
Something is always happening…always. Even if it’s the experience of pure nothingness, it is still an experience (and an amazing one at that!)

Each experience you receive in life also contains a hidden lesson within it, which will show you how to be of higher service to yourself, other people, or this world.

They say that life is the school and love is the ultimate lesson. As each life experience unfolds before you, they each allow you to acquire important information about yourself, your beliefs, attitude, dreams, attachments and desires, just so that you can let them all go and open up to more love.

All you really need to do to master life is remember that you’re here to learn how to live in love as love itself.

That’s it! So start with being conscious about which thoughts and actions you’re having that are not based in love, and which ones are. As you learn how to let go of the mind and live in a constant state of love, you can relax, sit back and watch your world magically unfold. When you have enough awareness, you can experience the feeling of success every time you are conscious, open and present.

Always know that the Universe never makes an error. With every big setback, issue, problem or catastrophe, there is always the opportunity to have greater compassion, forgiveness and trust. No matter even if your life is constantly filled with joy, goodness and abundance, you’re going to be constantly inspired to strengthen your inner connection to Source with new obstacles to transcend.

When you are truly attentive to life, listening with conscious ears and eyes, you can see where your limitations are kept, and how to grow past your boundaries with money, love, relationship, and health, so as to reach higher and deeper states of bliss.

One of the greatest and most simple secrets I’ve found to finding success in life is this. When you maintain an open mind and heart, the feeling or experience of failure is truly impossible to have. An open mind means a willingness to be receptive to new ideas, thoughts and concepts about reality.

An open heart is one that is always willing to give and/or receive love.

Now with this winning combination you could be swimming through a sea of challenges, drowning in the most negative thoughts about yourself, and still joyfully float your way to the shore. The mind and heart are meant to work together as a team.

If the mind starts to shut down, criticize and judge, the heart is there to soften, open wider and have compassion for the contracted mind. The same goes for when the heart closes in fear of getting hurt again.

The mind can think outside the box and imagine a loving situation that will immediately open the heart to trust in giving and receiving love.

Your mind and heart function like a parachute. They are not serving their main purpose unless they are expanded and open. To find the relationship with your mind and heart so that they remain open all the time, you must master meditation.

This is the art of remaining calm, quiet and still, in a state of perfect alertness, which has no agenda, need, demand or desire. The consciousness that meditation brings you allows you to transcend the criticisms of your inner judge.

In the busyness of life, you remain aware when the mind or heart closes, and can adjust your sails accordingly. If you’re addicted to the habit of eating unhealthy foods, drugs, alcohol, or constantly digesting heavy emotions such as fear, worry, angry, guilt, shame or blame, you may easily forget about this secret to maintaining an open mind and heart.

All unhealthy substances force you to become more unconscious you’re your body must direct more energy towards dealing with the heavy and toxic energy coursing through your brain and bloodstream. In time and with repetition, you might start to label yourself or your life as a failure.

Anytime your inner critic gets the best of you, its time for a cleanse. Once you improve the substances that you put into your mouth, it becomes 1000 times easier to change what emotions and thoughts digest in your mind.

When your body becomes clean enough, you can easily decide to buy into certain thoughts or ignore them. The thoughts that tell you that you’re not enough of “this or that” aren’t so strong. You can step back and say, “Thank you for your opinion” and be on your merry way. Our thoughts are really what our lives are made of, and when you are truly conscious, living in this moment, you become the master of them.

You stop being attached to future expectations, and thus future disappointments cannot develop. From this spiritual perspective you can see that “failure” is just an idea that you have about reality.

It’s the mind creating a concept that your belief systems have labeled negative due to your past programming and conditioning.

You simply cannot experience the feeling of failure when you are conscious enough to not buy into your thoughts. As you learn how to create just a little distance from your mind, you will always have a sense of peace, timelessness, and spaciousness all throughout your day.

The great goals your ego intended to achieve may or may not manifest, and that doesn’t matter, when you know the real success in life comes from the ever expanding levels of love and freedom that are only found from within. It is this deeper realization that you attain true liberation in life, and discover how life is a marvellous game perfectly designed to help you discover the divine being you really are.

Perhaps the greatest news in all of this is that anything and everything can happen to you in your lifetime, and it’s totally OK. No matter what occurs, as long as you’re abiding in your spiritual inner journey, you will continuously discover higher levels of growth in love, freedom and true inner peace.

This is what real success in life is truly about. It is finding that real gold which cannot be taken away from you. All your money, possessions, health, relationships and things can and will be taken away from you at some point along your journey.

When you live your life devoted to attaining the unattainable, abiding in that which cannot be destroyed, you discover the most amazing gift of all…that you are simply pure eternal consciousness itself.

After you realize this truth about what yields true success in life, you are ready to step onto the playing field and let the real games begin. As spiritual beings we want to experience it all, and one aspect is being able to manifest anything we desire into our physical world.

Now from the understanding that the material world is just a game of conscious energy, and is not the real reward, you can have fun on this playground and use the world as a blackboard to draw forth your true spiritual treasure.

One of the most powerful spiritual lessons to learn in life is that you are already, and permanently a super powerful manifestor. This means that your thoughts are always manifesting into your physical reality.
Whatever you focus on is what manifests.

When you shift your awareness towards what you want, you’ll start attracting more of what you want. It’s that simple and easy. As your thoughts become 100% positive and completely aligned with your inspired actions, you’ll manifest only desired results down the road.

You are always creating and manifesting some result in life. Whether you get what you want or don’t want is truly up to you. The gift that you take away from each life experience is also up to how attentive you are.

Whether you learn life’s ultimate lesson from this next experience or the next one is not imperative and crucial, for this next moment will give rise to another experience, and then another one forever.

However, it is the deeply conscious being who is absorbing every divine experience in life that constantly moves into the enlightened state.

When you’re vigilant and aware, you learn faster and achieve all your goals with joy and effortless ease. Yes, you have the power to materialize any level of material success that you can imagine, yet you must know exactly what you want, and feel that you truly deserve to have it manifest.

All of this is much easier and more fun to do when you are deeply aligned with the divine truth of who you are, and know what the real gold in life is.

Your “I AM” Awakened Manifestors Assignment:

Each night before you go to bed, take 5 minutes to reflect back on your day and take account for all the experiences you were given. Notice what you learned from each life experience that sticks out for you and see if you were digging for the real gold, or still chasing fools gold.

Look at the patterns and habits you tend to keep. Are you learning what you most need to learn in life? See if you can siphon out the feeling of “success” from each life experience that arises for you.

Take each challenge you encounter as your next highway to freedom.

After you feel clear about your day, then visualize for a few minutes what you want to feel and manifest for yourself tomorrow. Be careful not to judge your desires, blocks or life experience.

This simple practice will help you transcend any feelings of failure so you know yourself as a success in every moment of your life.

Doing this exercise it’s always good to relax your body, hold one finger on the steering wheel, put your feet up on the dash, and really enjoy the ride!

Okay, that’s it for now

As always, love and respect


PS. Love to hear your feedback on this one