Emotion has the power to create what you want

Emotion also has the power to create what you want. Find within yourself what it will feel like to be, have, or do the thing you want and you will begin to manifest the thing you want. The energy in the emotion will work to pull you toward the thing you want while also pulling the thing you want toward you.

The Hebrew word for grace is charis which is to give thanks. Grace is gratitude. Gratitude is the channel of receiving God’s grace. Gladness, contentment, joy, happiness and gratitude are the same. Notice that the people who keep winning a lot are those that feel gleeful about and rejoice a lot over their victories.

People who rejoice and express their gladness about things the most often seem to be to most grace filled ones in life. What you give thanks for multiplies.

God is the joy giver, to give thanks is to express joy back to God for the joy he has given to you. The same energy that you give is the same energy that you’ll attract. Express joy to God and in return, you gain more joy. Seeing people express joy and appreciation about what you’ve given to them is all the thanks in the world you need from them, and it attracts more of those things from you.

Being joyful, contented and happy attracts things that give you such emotions in your life. The key is to rejoice, to express your joy and gladness about something whenever you have the opportunity to do so and to express it immensely.

Feel the joy of having what you want, feel it right now and you will begin to pull it to you and you to it.

The whole process of mental, spiritual and material wealth may be summed up in one word, gratitude. For you to have something, you must be in a mental and emotional state of having it. If something is in your life but you feel as if you don’t have it or are lacking it, very soon that thing will slip away and you will lose it.

For example, you have a great friendship with someone who brings joy and comfort to your life. But somehow you start having this negative idea that friendships don’t last for long and whatever good you experience tends to degenerate, then this thinking will generate a negative energy that will influence events to cause things to fall apart between the two of you.

On the contrary if you believe you have a great friendship with someone and that it is something that is a gift from heaven so you can never lose it because it is fated to be that way, then your mindset will cause things to remain that way and even when bad things happen that threaten to break the friendship apart, it will turn around magically as if that just can’t happen.

Think of someone you know whom you’ve “un-befriended” countless of times in your life already and yet are still together with even now, and you know what I mean. That is the result of your beliefs or that person’s beliefs about the friendship.

Your thoughts and beliefs create a force that can break something apart even when all other forces are working to keep it together and can keep something together even when all other forces are trying to pull it apart. You can never lose something on the outside if you never lose it within you.

Even if it’s taken from you, it will come back again or something even better will happen. You can never keep something on the outside if you have already lost it within you.

Even if you try every means to retain it, you will still only have an empty shell.