Everything is conscious, living energy

Everything is conscious, living energy. What you bless, you give mental life to and it grows and flourishes.

You increase its existence. What you curse, you withhold mental life from and it withers and dies. You decrease its existence.

What you focus on you magnify. The more people there are to focus on something, the more it is magnified. That explains why the more popular something is, the more it tends to flourish. This is the secret of marketing and promotion. Fortune normally follows fame. But the more people shun something, the more it fades away as a part of ordinary life.

The Law of Attraction attracts by creating and creates by attracting. It pulls what you focus on to you, or it pulls together the quantum field to manifest it for you. Focus collapses the wave function into particles and crystallizes the sea of infinite possibilities into something tangible and experiential.

The Law teaches the creative power of thought. This Law is one with the Law of cause and effect. It is this Law that establishes you as a Being made in the image and likeness of the Creator, with a Mind that possesses the same creative properties.

You attract into your experience that which you are in vibrational resonance with. Using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you desire is to put yourself in a state where you are in vibrational resonance with the object you intend to attract. You imagine the situation you desire as though it is already a reality and allow yourself to think the thoughts and feel the feelings related to it. The state of vibrational resonance is the mindset and feeling of already having what you want.

Let’s say you want to pick up a new skill such as dancing. You may have started attending classes to learn a particular dance style such as salsa, ballet, or jazz. But you just feel it in your heart and know it in your mind that you are already a great dancer.

You have the talent naturally within you and learning it will be a piece of cake. It all becomes a flow and you are just expressing yourself in freedom. When you watch famous dancers performing, you feel you’re like them, being able to move the way they move and are equally capable of doing their every step and more.

In NLP terms, you can call this modeling or neurological conditioning of your mental and emotional states to follow the patterns of success.

But the psycho-spiritual connection is that, your inner world defines your outer world.

You will find yourself being able to master the skill as if you had it all along within you. It is the Law of Attraction at work bringing what you believe you believe you already have to you, simply because you totally feel as though it has always been yours. The secret is that we have our circumstances because of the way we feel. How we feel is controlled by how we think.

Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.