How to Open Your Heart and Master Your Mind

“Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be.”~Daniel J. Boorstin


Relax. Take this moment of your precious life to relax your body right now.

Breathe deeply into your heart. Let everything be OK as it is. Be fully relaxed and at ease in this moment. Notice how different you feel. The instant you relax, your heart opens, and the mind automatically stops grasping to overcome its problems. By relaxing, you learn that you can surrender to life and actually become the solution you were seeking.

Every problem in your life is instantly solved through this divine all-loving expansive heart energy within you. It is always available and found through relaxation and surrender. By learning to relax, you learn how to trust life.

This practice of a deeper relaxation is how this “divine solution” will constantly manifest into your life.

It’s good to know that at the very core of your heart there is ALWAYS a current of peace and an abundant river of bliss. If you aren’t feeling this now, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. It just means that you haven’t yet opened your heart FULLY to this moment and tamed the wild chattering relentless “monkey” mind completely.

The mind, with its Ego driven tendencies, does not want to ride this gentle river of heart centred bliss. If the ego fell into the river of bliss, it would die.


The ego knows this, and feels afraid to totally let go, trust, and completely dissolve and merge with bliss. Yes, it most certainly will die, yet with every death is also a wondrous rebirth.

When the mind thinks too much, the ego believes that it’s in charge of everything. The ego gets stirred up and thinks it’s in control of the Universe no matter what happens or doesn’t happen in life. It starts demanding for things to be different than they are, forgets to ask with kindness for what it desires, and becomes impatient, aggressive and insensitive.

These qualities are how you know that the ego is in the driver’s seat, running the show and pretending that it is in charge.

The ego does not want to realize that we are all divine beings that are connected to an infinite source of wisdom, vast cosmic intelligence, and Universal love. The ego’s job is to create the illusion of separation so we can’t have the experience of unification with Source.

The truth is that your divine infinite nature is permanent and already here inside you now. This divinity is always here, always now, and always available no matter what the ego believes or experiences.


Once you choose to be the master of your mind, the ego becomes your faithful servant/friend and you soon discover this natural river of bliss inside your heart. The silence of the mind allows you to discover this sacred stream within. Only with an infinite amount of patience will the mind stop its controlling, repetitious, chaotic patterns.

Only with infinite presence will the mind come to a complete stop, and you’ll become 100% absorbed in the Divine Source. The opportunity to experience this is found within every moment. The silence between your every breath contains the doorway, and your heart is the key.

Choose to begin the process of mastering your mind by redirecting your focus repetitively towards your heart. The more often you place your attention there, the more love, awareness, and energy flows to and from there.

Eventually, this awesome charka centre will open and you’ll experience your true spiritual connection to this infinite river of bliss. This simple practice will bring your life much greater joy, wisdom and clarity than any major accomplishment you could have in the physical world.


Your Awaken to Oneness Assignment:


Tame your mind this week. Take 10 minutes every morning to do this flowering heart visualization. Let’s practice…

Right now, focus on the essence of your heart. Feel the energy your heart has. Let it be exactly the way it is.

Thank your heart for giving you life. Now imagine that your heart has become a beautiful flower. Imagine that its soft gentle petals are opening to the warm rays of the sun.

Receive the warm healing light rays of the sunshine in your heart. Let the light come pouring in and radiate through your heart and spread into every cell through your body. Let this divine light energy radiate all around your body filling the room, city, country, and penetrating every person in this world.

Continue to let this energy flow until you feel completely at peace and at home inside yourself.


Awaken to Oneness Extra Credit:


Randomly throughout your day, become this flower.

Let the sensations you practiced feeling inside your heart expand throughout your body. Watch closely and notice the difference that occurs when your whole body becomes soft, receptive, and flowerlike.

Rest completely in the true essence of your heart as frequently and often as you can. If you are able to do this randomly at least 15 times a day for the next week, you’ll see a tremendous change occurring.

Soon your mind will quiet and you will naturally notice the bodily sensations of peace everywhere you go. Know that by embodying your heart chakra, you are bringing your life into a deep and divine connection with everyone and everything. Enjoy!


Okay, enough for today.

Love to hear your feedback on this one

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