If you SNOOZE you LOOSE!

Here are two “simple” questions before you read on

1.Is Your Bank Balance Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy?
2.Is Life Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy?

How about singing with me…”I am free, to do what I want any old time…”; just gave my age away:-)

Are you really and truly….FREE, to do that?

17 Days to Christmas, but you don’t have to wait that long to receive one of the greatest gifts you have ever been offered…that is if you are open to receive!

Read to the end, I have a nice surprise for you

Thousands, if not millions of people are stuck in the “rat race” and just can’t seem to get out of it.

Again……..Here are two “simple” questions before you read on

1.Is Your Bank Balance Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy?
2.Is Life Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy?

By now you know I am “fanatic” about teaching the concept, Think as God, Command as a King, Play as a Child and Live as a Millionaire”.

Now, I’ve been teaching about this concept for close on to twenty years, and then …….. All of a sudden my “inner coach” revealed to me exactly where “humanity” are stuck. I’ll share this secret with you on Thursday evening.

I will give you a hint… it is all about “The God Spot”, and NO it’s not what you think it is….guaranteed!

The “God Spot” is a …………..see you Thursday evening and I’ll share this profound SECRET with you. A secret that will take your life from Zero to HERO!

When Will You Finally Choose To Awaken This Awe-Inspiring Power You Were Born With?

So, ……. If you want to………

•Shake off wealth-destroying bad habits like fear, procrastination and greed.
And crippling problems like compounding debt…
•A growing stack of bills you just can’t afford to pay…
Staying stuck in a soul-sapping stagnant career…
•Being unable to do what you want with your life (or even what you NEED), because you don’t have enough cash…
Feeling a sense of fear and lack every time you even think about money…
•Or even just being financially STUCK, and feeling like you’ll never see the light at the end of the suffocating tunnel…

All these problems will disappear FOREVER… Just by receing your gift on Thursday evening

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive the gift of a lifetime:

Date: Thursday 19th December
Time: 18h45 for 19h00 – 20h00
Venue: 13 Cedar Avenue Clubview x 2 Centurion
Cost: R 100.00
Presenter: Your’s truly

As you know, we have limited seating, book your seat NOW! Just reply with  a resounding YES to ockert@icon.co.za with your name and the quests name you will bring along, yes, please do bring a guest, they will thank you forever! (Yes, you may pay at the door)

PS. Finish the next line of the song “I’m free to…..” that I started this invite with and tell me the group that sang it and I will send you a surprise gift….you are open to receive gifts, are you not?
PPS. Bring a memory stick with, make sure it has enough “space” left and I’ll give you another gift at a HUGELY discounted price

So what are you waiting for…….book your seat NOW!