Learn How to Understand the Perfection of What Is

“If you cannot be with what is, life cannot manifest as it should”.

You cannot change anything unless you first accept it in your life, but please be aware that acceptance is not tolerance. However if you resist what is it will stick around because resistance brings persistence

The greatest beauty of life is that whatever is happening right now is absolutely perfect as it is. With all of our perceived imperfections about ourselves and others, those flaws and frailties are needed on the most intimate levels.

Yes, I know that this may be hard for you to believe, yet if you think about it, how could God through the Universe create something that is not supposed to be.

The Greatest Reality we can experience is to see this perfection and surrender to it. Perfection by definition means that no matter what we think, life is always exactly the way it should be. Everything is happening on schedule at the right time and place, especially if we think things arrive early or late!

There is a divine timing behind all action and to allow yourself to accept this deeply brings out the deepest experiences of inner peace inside.

Every person, situation, incident, and desire contains this perfection. 

Every thought form that passes through your mind is needed as much as every grain of sand on the beach is required to make the beach whole and complete.

There is nothing missing from life.  Each moment is whole and complete unto itself.

The world is just like a gigantic hologram. If you cut it in half, you will still see the entire full picture. You cannot divine life into parts and say this part of my life is perfect, and this part was not. When the ego likes something, and dislikes something else, it thinks that there’s something that is missing, or is imperfect.

This is simply the ego’s way of remaining in control of your reality. By creating a perspective that makes you feel small and limited, one day you’ll have to release that perspective and return to being vast and unlimited.

“The true heart of all human beings is the lover of what is.” ~ Adyashanti

Your ego mind is constantly fighting reality. It’s trying to change it in favor of some perceived future that looks better, juicier, richer, and more abundant. It is in a constant quest to improve “what is” keeping Reality at bay, and resisting the feeling that perfection is in the now moment. Your ego cannot see the beauty of “what is” because it is not fully present to this now.

The ego can only survive by focusing on the future or past storyline which covers up the divine truth of the present moment. Once you’re devoted to “being here now” and dropping the mind completely in its place, then Reality will find you and devour your suffering.

Most people spend very little time free from worry and fear, and relaxing into the perfection of the here and now. They miss the beauty, the opportunities, and the love that life is presenting them. When life becomes a relentless search to fulfil the ego’s desires, then true bliss and deep peace is never experienced.

This endless search is what keeps you in a perpetual state of challenge, suffering and frustration. After many, many years of trying to achieve the ego’s desires, you might see that there are always more there. When you become wise or frustrated enough, one day you’ll resign from trying sooo hard to fulfil your desires. That is the day that inner peace and perhaps enlightenment will find you.

“We live the perfect process created by the Universe, and we do that perfectly whether we realize it or not.” ~ Osho

To stop this endless search that is bringing you pain is simple.  Just remain open and curious about the now moment. Curiosity is your way out of suffering. By turning your attention towards the now moment, you awake from your ego’s story and begin to perceive what really is occurring and not what you thought was occurring.

These are two very different things. Simple start by asking yourself, “What is the truth about what is happening right now?” “What am I really seeing?” “What am I really feeling?” “Who am I really?” Get really curious about what you perceive?

It takes curiosity to pierce the veils of your ego’s illusions. As you ask these questions, the ego mind gets caught up in wondering about the truth of the “now” moment versus judging “what is” from its very narrow perspective. This loosens the ego’s grip on its fantasy stories and allows you to begin to tap deeper into the truth of your being.

“Everything is perfect in the universe, even your desire to improve it.” ~ Wayne Dyer

You naturally awaken to the perfection of the now moment when you tap into that Divinity that resides at your core. Your Divine infinite nature inherently knows and feels that each experience is perfect. Your Divine Self does not judge experiences, it just sees them for what they are, moments in time where you get to play at being human.

Your infinite Divine Self believes that all experiences that the Universe sends your way are complete and whole simply because they exist. There is no wanting to change “what is”.

There is simply a deep feeling of bliss, thankfulness, and acceptance of “what is” in all its myriads of forms.

Paradoxically, completely acknowledging and accepting the perfection of what is happening in your world dramatically shifts your ability to manifest more abundance and goodies into your life. When you drop into the perfection of “what is”, you don’t need to or even want to change anything about your reality.

You see it for its beauty, and have no attachment to what is happening. This attitude of complete acceptance and surrender is very expansive and carries a high vibrational frequency which in turn manifests back to you matching high frequency experiences.

When you see the perfection of the now moment, you automatically begin to create even more abundance in your energy field since all you see is how amazing your life already is.

Love and respect, talk to you again soon

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