Manifesting with God’s Mathematics

Truth is often stranger than fiction

Is there is a secret to making miracles happen? Yes, and it’s NOT what you think.

Before we get started, please think about ONE thing that you want to have happen in your life. If you could snap your fingers and it would happen, you would choose THIS. What would “THIS” be?

Okay, got it?

Seriously, stop and pick something. (Don’t worry. I will still be here when you get back.)

Everything is ENERGY

An article in a recent Scientific American magazine mentioned how three-dimensional reality (the room you’re in, the computer you’re looking at, your bank balance, your love-life, your favourite dessert — EVERYTHING) is not really 3-d, but only SEEMS that way.

The REAL reality is 2-dimensions, or flat like a sheet of paper, and this (your life) is a reflection of that sheet.

This might SEEM far-out, but consider movies. They are a flat piece of film that light is shone through, and THAT seems like 3-d reality. It has movement and depth and music.

A better analogy is a website.

Websites can LOOK like colourful 3-d experiences (not mine, of course — OTHER people’s websites), but they are actually expressions of the source code that tells your computer how to display things.

What if your life is simply a reflection of a “source code”? Like the way your computer translates the source code into sights and sounds on your computer screen, your mind translates source code into sights and sounds of your life.

Let me explain…

On most websites you can aim your cursor anywhere on the page and right-click your mouse. When you do you’ll see an option that says “View source.” (For Mac users I’m told it’s ctrl+click to select view source.)

Click on “view source” and you’ll see line and lines of computer language, probably html. The things you see and hear on ANY web page are simply the by-product of the instructions written in source code. Whether it’s, or, or

No matter WHAT website. The code doesn’t care! (This is a very important point, by the way.) The pictures and music of the site are just BY-products of the instructions of what to see and hear at the site. Simple cause and effect.

If you change that source code, the site changes immediately.

Let me repeat that: What you see and hear will change instantly — as soon as you modify the source code.

Now what on earth does this have to do with changes in your own life?

Maybe you want a happier love-life, or more customers, or more money.

Maybe you are trying to sell your house and don’t know how to find someone to buy it.

Maybe you are in the middle of a disagreement and want to work things out.

Whatever is playing on the website of your life is fair game for this process.

Now, let me ask you to do a little thought-experiment. Look away from the computer and look around the room where you are now. (I am assuming you’re in a room. Maybe you’re outdoors with a laptop. If so, this will still work.)

What if you could aim your mental “cursor” at whatever is around you and right-click (ctrl-click of you’re a Mac user) on what you see?

In other words, what if you could see into the source code of your life?

And if you could change that source code, how long would it take for the “web site” of your life to change?

I know that I’m getting into Matrix territory with this, but bear with me.
It’ll be worth it.

Seriously, how long do you think it would take to change? (If there WERE a source code of your life…) You are right, the change would be instant.

Okay, that leaves a BIG fat question. How DO you change this source code?

The answer in a moment.

Because off my deep seated curiosity to learn “how” things work I used to read every mind-development book I could find (Still do…. to a ‘lesser’ extent, nowadays I’m much more ‘tapped’ into my “inner coach” for words of wisdom and direction).

One my favourite metaphysical books on manifestation were David St. Clair’s Lessons in Instant ESP. It was so clear and easy to understand.

One of the techniques in this book is a technique for attracting physical circumstances into your life. You do it by drawing symbols into a five-pointed star, and then mentally charging the star with energy.

The author David St. Clair doesn’t say WHY it works, but just that he learned it from studying the cabala (his spelling, typically you find cabala spelled Qabala or Kabbalah, depending on which flavor of cabala appeals to you).

He says that it works for attracting material items only. (I off course don’t agree with that 🙂

Why on earth would drawing little symbols on a 5-pointed star (or pentagram) make material results happen?

Good question…

In ancient Greece there was a teacher named Pythagoras who had a unique theory of numbers (some say he learned this over in Egypt). He believed that everything beautiful has at its root a certain balance that can be measured mathematically, through a certain number.

He felt that architecture that reflected this ratio would be more pleasing and make people FEEL good. (He must have been a VERY influential guy. Architecture and art in ancient Greece constantly reflects this secret and powerful number.)

Pythagoras also had a theory that music should reflect mathematical balance, and that any ill health — physical or emotional — could be remedied by making the body more balanced through the right kind of music.

It was 2100 years later (yes, 2100 — Pythagoras was alive a LONG time ago!) that scientists started verifying his findings about the magical number being everywhere in nature. It took 500 MORE years before scientists started verifying that music can have a remedial effect on mind and body.

Wait, it gets even stranger.

The number Pythagoras referred to is called many things: It’s known as the Divine Proportion, or the Golden Ratio, the Golden Section, or the Golden Mean. (The official word for it, though, is Phi (pronounced “fee” — not to be confused with “pi.”)

The ratio expressed as AB/BC=BC/AC

The number, by the way, is infinite, and starts with …

Flowers grow according to this number. (Have you ever wondered how a seed knows to grow? When you open a seed there’s nothing in it except for a little dust. Somehow, though, the path of growth is set already. It’s set according to this number.)

Patterns on butterfly wings follow this ratio. It shows up in music. (Music that makes you feel good, anyway.) It’s a surprisingly constant number on planet earth. It shows up in animals, plants, insects, even in the growth of a human from single cell through birth. It shows up as a pattern within our DNA, and in the structure of galaxies.

If you were to make a perfect symbolic expression of this number it is –surprise — a pentagram.

Pythagoras and his followers (in 600 bc) used a secret symbol to identify their group. The symbol was a pentagram. He knew that the expression of this number (in an icon such as a pentagram) was a gesture of acknowledgement to the deeper order that produces health and harmony.

Remember I told you about the “cabala” book that includes a technique in which you use the symbol of a pentagram?

Yes I know, just thinking about a pentagram will create a great resistance in their minds with many organised religious groups that has not yet realized  that everything is energy and that the language of God is mostly pictures and images or then “symbols”

But the use of a pentagram predates Christianity by about 600 years that we know of. (I know that you want to apply this to a personal manifesting project, and I promise we’ll get to that shortly.)

A student of Pythagoras (well, two hundred years later) was Plato. Plato had some far out ideas about how the world works.

Remember that idea from a recent Scientific American? That the world that SEEMS 3-d is really just a reflection of some kind of “source code”?
Plato said something VERY similar. That the world your senses show you ISN’T the real world, but is only a reflection of the real world.

How do you change the reflection-world so that it’s more pleasing to you? Be sure to look at the presentation at the end of this post to learn more about that 🙂

You might want more money, more love, better health, more joyful relationships. You may want that business deal to happen the way you want, or that upcoming test to be easier to pass. Maybe you need a job?

The trick is to get to the feeling place that the outcome would produce in YOUR BODY.

You do that not by USING a pentagram, but by BECOMING a pentagram.

A Pentagram is kind of shaped like a person, if you look at it. It has a head, two arms, two legs and a torso. I already mentioned how mathematically the shape is a superb expression of the number which represents order in the universe. What ELSE does it represent?

RECENT studies on something called HRV show something useful.

HRV is a method of measuring the rate of heartbeats in your body. Your heart when it beats at, say, 65 beats per minute, is not beating with the same amount of time between each beat.

On AVERAGE there may be 65 beats per minute, but there are tiny fluctuations in the amount of time between beats, and HRV measures that heart activity. It turns out that very specific states of consciousness correspond to HRV, and when you are in a state of loving compassion, your HRV rate is reflecting the Golden ratio!

Brainwave activity of someone in an ecstatic state ALSO reflects — on an EEG — the ratio of phi, or the Golden ratio.

I read recently that measured breath rates of someone in an ecstatic, loving state also reflect phi, or the Golden Ratio. The tempo of one’s breathing!

Does that mean that if you intentionally step into loving, compassionate ecstasy, your body would resonate the numbers that correspond to order and balance?

Some scientists (– not new agers but scientists!) call the Golden Ratio the blueprint of mother nature. In their case (this was an article on the BBC website) it’s because of the pattern of genetics shown to follow the Golden Ratio.

What gives birth to plants, animals and people gives birth to your deepest wish as well.

Adjust the blueprint by feeling and being in love. Love others.

Love what you are intending. But most of all, BE in the place of feeling love. (You don’t have to be all “sensitive” and tree hugging, unless you want to. This can be a very strong and committed proactive love. The point is your PREFERENCE for what is wanted and enjoyed and beneficial to all involved.)

Neville Goddard has a good reminder to think FROM your goal (rather than OF your goal). That alone can produce the state I am referring to.

Remember the item from the opening paragraph? You know; the ONE thing you want now?

How would it FEEL to have your goal be true? What would your mind and body be doing if you were in that place now?

How would it feel? Wouldn’t you love it?

Speaking of love, did you know that the movement of the planet Venus across the sky creates a perfect pattern of a pentagram over the course of plus minus 8 years? Check this video……

You may not be into astrology, but isn’t it funny that the planet representing Love (Venus in astrology represents many things related to love, and love IS involved with the act of creation) should create a pattern constantly over your head that is in the shape of a pentagram*?

Okay, enough of this “new agey” stuff for now.

In the next issue I will show you the relationship between money, fear and your brain. (If you are AT ALL interested in manifesting more money, this is something you won’t want to miss!)

Okay that’s it for now, love to hear your feedback on this one

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