Mirror, mirror on the wall…….

LOVE is the greatest dissolvent of any negative experiences

Remember – Love is always there, it is who we are.

My wife woke up one evening with excruciating pain in her left shoulder and the left upper side of her back.

She asked me what to do and the obvious answer was to release, let go and let ..

We started off by acknowledging, accepting, letting go…. and then moved into loving the body especially her left shoulder and the left upper side of her back.

Although she “immediately” started feeling better and lighter the pain was still there, it did not “want to leave”

Well, what did we do wrong?

Then it finally dawned on me – She was loving her left shoulder and the left upper side of her back.  But NOT the pain!

She was not loving its behaviour.

She started loving everything about her shoulder and back and, almost instantly, the pain started to leave.

When I saw that distinction it was easier to see where I have not been truly loving with myself.

I then decided to “take this for trying” on my finances, I was loving my bank accounts.

I truly loved them and accepted them exactly as they were. Then it struck me – what if the balance goes down?

Can I love its behaviour? Was I loving money and my accounts unconditionally or was I wanting safety from them? It was such a gift to be able to see the difference and be able to truly love everything about my money – including the bills!

I then decided to view everything that I spend money on as a gift that I am giving myself. That is a lovely way of loving my money. Even the groceries are now a gift to myself and my family! (As well as the bottle of wine ) 🙂

If we don’t love ourselves then we are sending a subtle (or not so subtle) message that we don’t deserve to have financial freedom …… or anything else that we really want.

Think about it – the first word under Acceptance (AGFLAP –CAP chart – Ask me about the chart) is Abundance (and love) so it makes sense that if we don’t love ourselves we are really saying ‘no’ to ourselves and to abundance.

Your assignment is to do the mirror exercise – looking at yourself in the mirror, letting go of any disapproval and loving yourself.

I highly recommended doing attachments and aversions to doing the mirror exercise first. A great idea – especially if you have any resistance to loving what you see in the mirror. I know I did the first time I did it.

As I continued to work on it and loving myself, funny thing happened, I started to change how I felt about myself and how I looked – almost as if my face changed as I loved it.

Doing the mirror exercise is a great time to check in and see how UNCONDITIONALLY loving I am to MYSELF. Do I really love what I am seeing or do I want to change it? Do I love my behaviour? (Please take note that I am not saying you should like it)

What has really helped me is to be willing to really face all the feelings full on. Get into courageousness, look in that mirror and pull up ALL the judgments and let them go.

After all – what is the worst thing that could happen? That I could die? Well I didn’t – but try it yourself and let me know if you do! Die… I mean J

The more I let go of the non-loving feelings the more love I feel, the more I AM love.

There have been times when the love has just been almost overwhelming. ( You most probably noticed it)

Sometimes it has ‘shown up’ when I have been working on something seemingly unrelated. Truth is, we are always working on love.

Fear, resistance and wanting are all non-loving feelings. So the more we let go of them, the more love we can unveil.

Remember – Love is always there, it is who we are.

Trust this helped, now go do your mirror exercise and start loving that bank balance, does not matter what it reflects

As always love and respect

Love to hear your feedback on this one 🙂