Your “Fat” Switch Forever!

And.....Achieve Your Ideal Weight with No Stress, No Willpower……and

With No Worries about Gaining the Weight Back!


Discover The Exact Step-by-Step Process, To Clear & Replace Limiting FAT RELEASE Beliefs – FOR GOOD!


Being at your IDEAL BODY WEIGHT isn’t Something that’s Reserved for your Vision Board and Releasing Excess Body Fat isn’t out of Reach. The TRUTH is, with the RIGHT STEPS and the RIGHT MINDSET you CAN RELEASE as much BODY FAT as you want!         

Before me 127 kilogram            Alida 67 kilogram

After          105 kilogram                     55 kilogram

22 kilogram       Fat/weight loss       12 kilogram

Alida 67 kilogram

After 55 kilogram

12 kilogram - Fat/weight release

Are you sick and tired of......

Panicking at the thought of wearing a bathing suit or tight jeans?

Huffing and puffing when you walk?

Trying to find clothes to hide those bulging body parts?

Not wanting to have your picture taken?

Being tired all the time?

Avoiding intimate relationships?

Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself fat and out of shape?

Feeling like your weight is out of control?

My guess is that you have probably tried every imaginable diet, weight loss program, pill, shake, meal replacement, starvation method and exercise gadget on the market to lose weight...and failed. You’ve become discouraged and frustrated. At some point you may have even considered liposuction and gastric bypass surgery.

You are reading this because you have tried everything possible to PERMANENTLY lose weight and nothing has worked!

If you have been programmed to believe that diets, pills, shakes, meal replacement, rigorous exercise and willpower are the only ways to lose weight, it's no wonder you feel frustrated.

You will learn more about re-programming the mind as we go on

The Good News is Your Search is Over! You Can Finally get the Body You Deserve.

Even if you've tried everything under the sun to get rid of the excess weight and keep it off, you're about to discover a permanent solution that will end dieting FOREVER.

So where do we begin?

Stop Trying to “Lose” Weight.

The key to this program is the words we use to describe our ‘condition’, and that is the one thing that’s never addressed in any ‘fat loss’ program. The moment you use the word “trying” that’s exactly what kind of results you experience. You will ‘try’ for a few days or a month and then say, “this is not working for me” and then you are of to the next ‘fad diet’. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

The first step is to Stop Trying to "Lose" Weight. Research clearly shows that over 95% of people who manage to "lose" weight will gain it all back, and most of them will end up weighing more than when they started.

The Second Word you Should GET out of your Vocabulary is…

"LOOSE". The word that you need to get out of your vocabulary is..... "LOOSE" What you really want is to permanently RELEASE your excess weight - not LOOSE it. Think about it!  When you lose something, what happens? You go looking for it.

If you “lost” your wallet or your purse you’d go looking for it, wouldn't you? As you will see, your Subconscious Mind is literal and it knows if you lose something you will consciously or unconsciously try to find it.

What you are about to learn is how to RELEASE the excess weight from your life, once and for all - so you never have to "lose" it again!

The Next Thing that is Never Addressed in any ‘Fat Loss’ Program is……

The other thing that’s never addressed in any ‘fat loss’ program is the ‘actual’ beliefs you have about your own body and how it works. Have you ever heard somebody say, “I have a fast metabolism, I can eat anything and never gain weight”.

Or, “I just look at a piece of bread and I gain weight” Both of these statements are real for the person……that believes it.

Remember those famous words, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t then you can’t” If this is true then how do we change it. Now this is the second KEY to Ultimate Fat Release in our program, changing your beliefs about your body composition.

And NO, this is not a hypnosis program; this is much, much more than hypnosis. This program is about changing your beliefs about your body composition at a deep core level

Sound good so far? Then read on...

When it comes to Releasing FAT from your body, you’ve got Two Choices. You can keep on going the way you’re going…


Something that completely flips the script and changes your underlying beliefs about "Releasing" Unwanted Body Fat for good.

Something that’ll have you Release FAT – with more ease – than ever before…

Has This Ever Happened To You?

At some point you consciously make the decision – “I need to lose weight”.

The next step is you find a book, diet, pill, shake or "program" that promises that you will "lose" the weight you want. You read the book, take the pills, shake the shake or join a weight loss program.

After you "lose" some weight, for whatever reason, you decide the diet is over. Slowly but surely you begin to put the weight back on again. The “lost” pounds and inches return. Worse yet, you end up weighing more than you did before you started your diet.

If this has happened to you and you have FAILED at every weight loss program you have ever tried, there must be a reason.

A word of encouragement..... we'll show you the reason!

We all have those low times, yet nobody wants to hear about them.

Everybody wants the end result but let me tell you, those low times are there for a reason and you must overcome them.

Persevere. Climb out of the box. Defy classification other than your own.

You CAN DO IT. It’s up to you to do it. Nobody can do it for you. You have to do it yourself.

The Reason Why Many People Struggle to Let Go of Excess Fat is Because…………..

The Ultimate Key to Fat Release has never been discussed and that is………. something that’ll have you Release Unwanted FAT from your body – with more ease – than ever before…

What is this SOMETHING?

Your Mind…..

Well actually the two parts of your mind, specifically your sub-conscious where your beliefs are stored

Can You Release Unwanted FAT by Reprogramming Your Subconscious?

YES!!!....Shout it out Loud......YES!!!! YOU CAN......And I will show you how in a moment.

Your ability to successfully lose weight and become healthy rests on FOUR pillars. Yes, four. You need a solid “diet” program, a solid exercise program, a solid “rest” program, and – (drum roll, please) a solid mental program.

Why Is A Solid Mental Program Important?

What can you achieve in life if you have a poor self-image?

How far will you get if you lack the personal strength and discipline to persevere?

What goals can you set if your attitude is one of hopelessness?

When being creative is something only other people do, how will you build something better for yourself?

If it’s difficult to cope with “stuff” the world throws at you daily, how can you cope additionally with changes you yourself initiate?

How miserable will you be without the ability to laugh at yourself when you occasionally err?

All of these qualities, self-image, perseverance, and sense of hope, creativity, coping ability, humor and many more are products of your mental program/ming.

It’s often the case though that the programs running in our minds were put there by others and not by ourselves.

You have to remember that in the first five to seven years of your life you lived primarily in an Alpha to Theta brain state. The most conducive state for ‘programming’.

This is where we run into those beautiful people we call parents and the “stuff” they ‘tell’ us about ourselves.

“You take after your father he has a fast metabolism and can eat anything he wants without gaining weight”, which is not a bad belief to have.

But what about, “You take after your mother (sorry mom, this is just an example), you can only look at a piece of cake and gain weight”………….sounds familiar?

Okay, if we have been programmed negatively about our body composition….. how do we change that?

Thought you would never ask…….

Click on the video below and I’ll show you exactly how we do that. Do the exercise with me to get a taste of what the “Ultimate Fat Release” program is all about, and why you “MUST” have it!  

In Minute Seven I will change a few Limiting FAT RELEASE Beliefs for you so that you can EXPERIENCE the POWER of this program for yourself. That is...... If you REALLY want to let go of them!!!

A Whole New World Of Releasing Excess Body Fat Are Quite Literally A BELIEF AWAY.

Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

Discover The Exact Step-by-Step Process, To Clear & Replace Limiting FAT RELEASE Beliefs – FOR GOOD!


Here’s just some of what you will Experience in the FAT RELEASE Belief Clearing Kit:

The Power of "Theta Inner Room Healing" and Altered Consciousness – remember Einstein and, “You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it”.

The 4 main categories of beliefs and how knowing this will effortlessly broaden the discovery of limiting beliefs in any area of your life.

How to use the power of "Theta  Inner Room Healing" to most effectively uninstall old limiting beliefs and install any new belief.

How and why seeing life through ‘innocent eyes’ (and what that means) will help you birth new realities.

Why your first 5 years are critical to the formulation of your beliefs for several reasons.

Fortunately, you do not need to know how to program computers in order to derive great benefits from using them, and likewise you can use the technique of "Theta Inner Room Healing" to experience wonderful changes in your life without knowing exactly how the process works.

Magic FAT RELEASE happens through the door of BELIEVING; it is BELIEF that will help you to LITERALLY MELT THE EXCESS FAT from your body.


It’s (finally) time to have the body you know you deserve…

With this program – you’ll follow a proven system for releasing excess unwanted body fat forever forever.

Let me tell you, it’s not that difficult – it’s all completely possible. It’s not rocket science, you DON’T need to sell your soul, and you DEFINITELY don’t need to worry about not being ‘perfect’ enough (whatever the hell that means!).

In fact, to let go of unwanted fat, you don’t need to change who you are at all, you just need the right beliefs/mindset and the right steps

Let’s get something straight: there are plenty of stock-standard "DIETING” programs out there.

This isn’t one of them

Plenty of online peeps claim to teach the ins and outs of ‘making over’ your body. But unfortunately, most of their programs haven’t really been proven, or they have no tangible results (and very few testimonials), or the teacher themselves actually look FAT. (You’d be surprised how often that happens!)

This Fat Release Limiting Beliefs Re-Programming Kit is, like, the OPPOSITE of that.

Not only is the Limiting Beliefs Reprogramming System based on a Belief - Change formula that actually works, I’ve put it into practice in my own life with amazing success (and have the awesome body to proof that).

Even more importantly, I’ve literally walked HUNDREDS of other people step-by-step through this exact process – and helped them not only to Release Unwanted Body Fat in their own lives, but also keep it of.

In short, this is the real deal…

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This whole “Release Unwanted Body Fat” Re-Programming Beliefs Kit came about because I used to be… well…… FAT

And you know the reason why I struggled with my body weight was….. because, I believed that it was difficult letting go of excess body fat

And unfortunately, when you’ve got these kinds of beliefs embedded in your brain, no amount of talent, ambition, or ‘positive thinking’ is going to make a difference.

Seriously, you can try any or every diet under the sun and say affirmations 'til the cows come home (and let me tell you, I did BOTH those things) and you’re STILL not going to let go of excess body fat - permanently - because your blocks - limiting beliefs are so deeply engrained…

So what the hell are you meant to do?

The answer, it turns out, is ridiculously simple:



I spent months honing in on the most effective way to achieve it, so that I could turn myself and my students/clients into bona fide FAT Release Experts. Once I knew I was onto something, I concentrated on breaking the process down into a straightforward, actionable, repeatable formula.

I discovered that "Theta Inner Room Healing" was the most effective way to surface limiting beliefs and exchanging them for more powerful ones.

And as soon as I started putting this system into practice, things began changing.


I started shedding excess body fat so fast it literally astounded me, and have continued to keep the excess body fat of for years. In fact, not only did I shed my excess body fat but every one else that I introduced this program experienced phenomenal results.

This is the most powerful and transformational fat release program I have ever done! NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!!!


Indeed the best investment I’ve ever made in my life when I bought the program.

You are doing the world a favour Ockert, I’m down 22 Kg in 40 days Anne-Marie

Thank you Ockert, you are the best!


Morning Ockert. I’m down another 1.7 kg’s today. I’ve release 3.7 kg’s in two days!!! Thought I made a mistake but took photos of the scale. It blew my mind, I weighed 75.6 kg’s this morning (hip, hip hooray). Thank you for all your hard work and the effort you are putting in to help your clients. I really appreciate it.


Buying this Program was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Finding and working with Ockert as my coach has proven to be an extraordinary experience.

Not bad I tell myself as I make more holes in all my belts


I have lost 2 kg's in one day. I started yesterday. Regards


Hallo Ockert. My scale says "yippee, keep up the good work, 4.4 kg’s down, thank you thank you Ockert


Thank you Ockert, 40 days and 19 kg’s down, thank you thank you


Hi Ockert, O Yes! I have a firm vision. I'm so excited this morning I have released a whole 900 gram of fat yesterday. I have passed my target that I've set for the 40 days. Thank you


Hi Ockert, jip...Will break the first barrier 100 kg tomorrow!!!! Lost 8 kg from start to now!! Next target thereafter is 90 kg or 10 kg in the remainder of challenge. Regards


Hi Ockert, I’m now 8 days in the program. Starting weight 113.5 kg’s, currently 109.7 kg’s. I picked up 100 gram over the weekend, should I worry about that? I’m starting to listen to the second program today


Hallo Ockert, Day 50 and I’m 17 kg’s down thank you, thank you. You are doing the world a favour


Good morning. Since the start of the programme I have lost 4.6 kg


Best program I ever bough. You are indeed doing the world a favour. My scale says 145.7….. 5 kg’s down thank you Ockert


I’ve give myself praise over the last weekend. A nice pair of shorts fell out of my cupboard.  I picked it up of the floor and looked at it to see what size it was. 38. Mhmm I said to myself. I wonder if I could fit into it after not wearing them for a couple of years. I tried them on. It was still a fraction to tight but I have warn them every night since. I was wearing a 44


Evening Ockert, I am motivated because I have lost 5.2 KG in two weeks. That means in the next two weeks I can lose another 5.2 Kg if I’m strict on myself. Anyway my tummy has got used to eating less food and I am no longer craving for food. I’m happy with what I have achieved. I’m looking forward to lose my excess weight. That’s all the motivation I need


Of course there's hundreds more.

Why don't you join us and write your own testimony here.

Don't delay....make the decision NOW!!!!





We’re talking about ordinary people, just like you, many of whom have had the most insane, persistent fat release blocks for their entire lives.

But this system has allowed them to revolutionize their body weight mindset, turn their beliefs around and finally experienced the true happiness of being at their ideal body weight.

THE “Release your Body Fat – Releasing Blocks to Be at your Ideal Body Weight” will show you how to, at last, shed all unwanted BODY FAT!


There are 14 CD’s covering over 200 limiting beliefs that will take you step-by-step through a series of exercises that will give you a total fat release mindset transformation.

It’s designed to help you break the life-long patterns (that you might not even be aware of) which are blocking you from experiencing truly releasing excess body fat, and will help you form new habits and beliefs that will have you stay at your ideal body weight.

Every CD has binaural beats and sub audible "Theta Inner Room Healing" Commands that will have you experience IMMEDIATE shifts in your beliefs about fat release!

There's also a 56 page workbook that compliments the CD's as well as a ....

84 Page Gourmet Ultimate Fat Release Cookbook to help you eat awesome food to your hearts delight that will enhance your healthy lifestyle

What’s In The Limiting Fat Release Beliefs Clearing Kit?

This special audio program and work book is unprecedented in its ability to get 100% of your mind, including both your conscious and subconscious, on board to create the body of your dreams.

The Fat Release Beliefs Clearing Kit combines the most sophisticated, in-depth exploration of the truth about the Law of Manifestation/Attraction with sections that use a revolutionary combination of technologies to actually clear your subconscious mind of critical blocks to being at your ideal body weight.

This will be a life-altering spiritual and metaphysical experience of block clearing sections where a revolutionary combination of technologies will actually release your subconscious blocks to being at your ideal body weight.

The block clearing programs include Twelve CD’s on Releasing Limiting Fat Loss Beliefs plus a Bonus Relaxation CD, a 55 page Workbook and a 83 page Recipe Book.


In this session we are going to start clearing blocks about being at your ideal body weight, The reason why we start with our beliefs about being at your ideal body weight is because in many ways, this is some of the most powerful blocks for our health and wellbeing.

If you subconsciously believe that there’s a benefit for you in being fat or that it’s dangerous for you to be at your ideal body weight you will lose the excess fat but gain it back again in very short period of time. Your classic yo – yo diet. You lose it just to gain it back again.

We’ll address 35 limiting Fat Release beliefs in the first Program

Blocks like:

  • I know the difference between fat loss and fat release
  • It is safe for my body to release excess fat
  • I know how to maintain my ideal weight
  • Etc:

Do you really think you will ever release excess weight if any of these subconscious beliefs are negative? Bet your bottom dollar…no, you won’t.

So, join us and allow me to change any negative/limiting beliefs into more positive and empowering ones!

Program 2: Releasing Addiction To Emotional Eating 2 x CD’s

In this session we’ll answer the question, what exactly is emotional eating?

If you are like me and find that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, don’t worry, I have no intention of asking you to forever give up the things you enjoy! Instead, our goal is to identify and shifting our food, diet energy and behaviors so that we are no longer at the effect of our addictive and destructive eating or drinking patterns.

After you’ve established healthy eating habits, you can enjoy the “bad stuff” in moderation and with discretion.

We’ll address 31 limiting Fat Release beliefs in the second Program

Blocks like:

  • I am addicted to emotional eating
  • I have to eat to escape reality
  • I have to be stressed to be motivated
  • I have to eat to process worry
  • Etc

Program 3: Releasing limiting beliefs on eating because you are bored! 2 x CD's

In this session we’ll do emotional clearing on eating because you are bored!

Eating is a pleasurable distraction. I know from personal experience that eating while bored is a particular problem for those who suffer from serious injuries or illnesses, because often times eating is the only pleasure available.

Because boredom at its core is really an addiction to distraction, emotional clearing can be extremely effective at transforming the experience of boredom so that you don't need your mind to be constantly distracted and engaged.

We'll address 22 limiting fat release beliefs in the third Program

Blocks like:

  • I am addicted to distractions
  • I have to be thinking all the time
  • I have to eat when I watch TV
  • I have to drink alcohol to be social
  • Etc.

Program 4: Releasing limiting beliefs on emotional eating because of a fear of intimacy 2 x CD’s

In this session we’re going to focus on the metaphorical 400 kilogram gorilla of emotional eating: fear of intimacy.

In my experience as a healing practitioner, I’ve found that well over half of my clients with emotional eating issues have some form of an underlying fear of intimacy.

Most of the time we don’t even know those limiting beliefs are there, that’s why we cal them……..subconscious beliefs.

We’ll address 35 limiting fat release beliefs in the fourth Program

Blocks like:

  • I have trauma because of fear of intimacy
  • If I have sex I will go to Hell
  • I have shock because of fear of intimacy
  • I know how to see sexual attention as a compliment
  • I will again be hurt if I open myself up to sexual intimacy
  • Etc.

Program 6: Releasing limiting beliefs on why we unconsciously sabotage our health, self-esteem, and relationships.  2 x CD’s

In the previous three programs, we covered the five most common triggers for emotional eating.

For the rest of this program, we’re going to dig into the underlying reasons why we unconsciously sabotage our health, self-esteem, and relationships by indulging in emotional eat, and offer tools and solutions to help you get your healthy lifestyle back on track

A common but often overlooked reason for emotional eating is that many of us have subconscious belief systems that tell us that we will be stronger or more powerful if we are heavier.

You will never release fat if this is part of your ‘makeup But rest assured we will address this.

 We’ll address 30 limiting Fat Release beliefs in the sixth Program 

Blocks Like:

  • I have to be fat or carry extra weight to survive
  • Being heavy makes me stronger
  • I have to hoard food
  • Etc.

Program 5: Releasing limiting beliefs on trauma because of unwanted sexual attention.  2 x CD’s

In this session we’ll carry on with fear of intimacy as we look at Trauma clearing for unwanted sexual attention.

Often, the fear of intimacy is rooted in a fear of vulnerability. For various reasons, many of us have a “Fear of being found out”, where we think that if another person really knows the truth about it, they’ll stop liking us.

Sometimes this is physical, where the underlying fear is of being naked and seen exactly as you are, and other times it is emotional, where emotional eating and weight gain are used to lessen or eliminate physical intimacy, which simultaneously lessens or eliminates emotional intimacy.

We’ll address 47 limiting fat release beliefs in the Fifth Program

Blocks like:

  • I have trauma because of physical and or emotional vulnerability
  • I need this trauma to be safe
  • I need this trauma so it never happens again
  • I have shock because of physical and or emotional vulnerability
  • Etc.

Relaxation Induction 1 x CD

In this CD we’ll be looking at the impact of stress on your ability to release excess body fat.

Emotional stress can do a number on our bodies. Stress affects our mental, social and physical well-being and can trigger a number of unhealthy habits which can affect your weight and muscle composition.

Chronic stress can throw your hormones out of balance. Persistent stress is likely to increase the level of catabolic hormones like cortisol and elevated levels of cortisol affect energy and will stop your body from releasing excess fat.

Relaxation is perhaps the single most important key to health and well-being. With this CD we’ll be bringing you into a deep relaxed state where stress will disappear like miss before the sun and your ability to release unwanted fat will be enhanced.

This CD is the in between program and of the utmost importance to make your new life possible.

Do you really think you will ever release excess body fat if you hold any of these subconscious beliefs? Bet your bottom dollar…no, you won’t.

So, join us and allow me to change the negative/limiting beliefs into more positive and empowering ones!

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It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.

In this 55 Page Workbook you will find all the tools and motivation to keep you on track during your journey to a new life/body

Please make sure and read this information in its entirety before starting the program. There is information that follows that you will need before you begin    

Remember that everyone’s chemical, physical, and psychological make-up is different but I can tell you that all the clients we worked with the experience and end result was wonderful. I have to warn you though that for many people the first 3-4 days are the hardest as your body is detoxing from sugar and it’s getting used to the new lifestyle but after day 4-5, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel and how NOT hungry you are.



Overweight – What Next?

Consequences of Being Overweight

So Why Are We Becoming Fatter?

Three Kinds of Fat

10 Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

The Solution

A little bit more about the program

Are you ready to get started?

So let’s look at our meal plan

Your weight release chart

Most common errors

Maintenance Phase

Your Commitment


Refund Policy and other legal stuff

83 Pages of easy to make mouth watering recipes that will have you “drooling” for more!

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Whole new worlds of possibility are quite literally A BELIEF AWAY.

This means you can:

  • Travel The World
  • Buy Anything You Want
  • Take Care of Your Friends And Family
  • Build A New Business
  • Call Your Own Shots
  • Have People Respect And Admire You
  • Spend Your Time How YOU Want
  • And Do Just About Anything Else That Money Can Help With!

Here's The Truth

Listen, the truth of the matter is that none of these wonderful things can happen unless you take action.

After all, the key to freedom still involves you opening the door!

  • Will You Finally Join Those Who
  • Effortlessly Attract Money And Wealth?

Will you finally take the steps needed to create the life you want and deserve so you can look back and have no regrets?

  • Your time is NOW
  • Your moment is NOW.
  • Your opportunity is NOW.

What will you do with it?

  • Will you ignore it and continue to struggle with money?
  • Will you think about it and waste more time?
  • Will you take this moment and use it to change your financial life forever?

You KNOW which choice is best so ACT NOW and get the freedom you've always dreamed about!

Get off the hamster wheel of your past programs and onto the landscape of expanded possibilities of dreams-come-true.

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Everybody tells you that clearing your limiting beliefs and installing positive is vital for manifesting, but nobody shows you effectively HOW with a method that incorporates subconscious change deep-down where it counts.

This is your OPPORTUNITY, hit the Add to Cart button and it’s yours for the experience…NOW!

What makes me an authority on this subject?