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Discover The Exact Step-by-Step Process, To Clear & Replace Limiting MONEY Beliefs – FOR GOOD!


Abundance isn’t Something that’s Reserved for your Vision Board and a Big-Time Bank Balance isn’t out of Reach. The TRUTH is, with the RIGHT STEPS and the RIGHT MINDSET you CAN EARN however MUCH MONEY you want!         

When it comes to manifesting money, you’ve got two choices. You can keep on going the way you’re going…

If you are……

Experiencing actual, stomach-churning fear every time a bill or bank statement arrives in the mail

Feeling like you’re working yourself into the ground, but only earning peanuts

Undercharging and over-delivering. (Or even worse – doing work for free and feeling all kinds of resentful about it.)Feeling like you have no control over your income, your debt, or your business

Living in a permanent cycle of ‘feast or famine’ (and pretty much just feeling broke all the time anyway)


Something that completely flips the script and changes your underlying manifesting money paradigm for good.

Something that’ll have you manifest more money – and with more ease – than ever before…

Whole New Worlds Of Possibility Are Quite Literally A BELIEF AWAY.

Your beliefs are the blueprints of your experience and building blocks of reality

They are the most potent manifesting ingredients in your consciousness tool box.

How are yours serving you? Are they working for you, or against you?

With beliefs it’s so often a case of ‘what you don’t know you don’t know’ as so many of your beliefs you are not even conscious of. Your beliefs are not the truth, just an accepted perception of such, yet these inner, largely unconscious ‘agreements’ are shaping and dictating your life in every moment.

Discover The Exact Step-by-Step Process, To Clear & Replace Limiting MONEY Beliefs – FOR GOOD!


Here’s just some of what you will Experience in the Limiting Money Belief Clearing Kit:

The Power of "Theta Inner Room Healing" and Altered Consciousness – remember Einstein and, “You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it”.

The 4 main categories of beliefs and how knowing this will effortlessly broaden the discovery of limiting beliefs in any area of your life.

How to use the power of "Theta  Inner Room Healing" to most effectively uninstall old limiting beliefs and install any new belief.

How and why seeing life through ‘innocent eyes’ (and what that means) will help you birth new realities.

Why your first 5 years are critical to the formulation of your beliefs for several reasons.

"Theta Inner Room Healing" - What?

In order to work with human consciousness, we first need a way to measure it. This can be done by measuring brainwaves.

Brainwaves are the electric and magnetic fields that our brains produce. Different brainwaves are associated with different states of consciousness. Therefore, by exploring and measuring brainwaves, we can gain insight into what is going on inside the human mind.

Brainwaves are categorized by their frequency. There are five kinds of brainwaves: alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma, but the brainwave we are most interested in is the theta brainwave.

Theta brainwaves are very slow brainwaves, at four to seven Hz (or cycles per second.) Why is this particular brainwave so important?

It is because the theta brainwave is the amazing key that unlocks the full power of our minds. It allows us to do things that were previously relegated to the realm of mystics, such as miraculous instant healings.

The reason that the theta brainwave is so powerful is that we can use it to directly access and even reprogram the subconscious mind.

"Theta  Inner Room Healing" is named after and uses the theta brainwave.

"Theta Inner Room Healing" is a technique of achieving a conscious theta brainwave and using it to directly access the subconscious mind. It is based on Mathew 6:6, "Enter into the inner room of yourself and the Giver of Life in the secret will reveal you in the open".

This allows us to identify and transform the subconsciously held beliefs, attitudes, expectations, and traumas that we have brought into our lives via the Law of Attraction (the principle that like attracts like.) In short, it is the tool we use to reprogram the software of human consciousness.

"Theta Inner Room Healing "can also be understood as an engineering discipline. The process by which it operates is a form of spiritual or consciousness technology, where engineering is done upon human consciousness instead of on computer software.

Much as anybody with the inclination and interest can learn to program a computer, anybody with the inclination and interest can learn to reprogram the subconscious mind for healing, wealth, love, and whatever else your heart desires.

Fortunately, you do not need to know how to program computers in order to derive great benefits from using them, and likewise you can use the technique of "Theta Inner Room Healing" to experience wonderful changes in your life without knowing exactly how the process works.

Join us in this short video and experience the MAGIC for yourself!!

In Minute Seven I will change a few Limiting Beliefs for you so that you can EXPERIENCE the POWER of this program for yourself. That is...... If you REALLY want to let go of them!!!

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Magic happens through the door of BELIEVING; it is BELIEF that makes the invisible visible.

This program has been Designed to REPROGRAM YOUR MONEY MINDSET and REVOLUTIONIZE your Ability to ATTRACT ABUNDANCE.

Behind these digital doors, you’ll learn a step-by-step formula that will help you…

  • Become a genuine magnet for money and abundance
  • Ditch that awful feeling of being overworked and underpaid
  • Upgrade your life in whatever way is most meaningful to you
  • How to ask your unconscious mind directly to discover what limiting beliefs are holding you back.
  • How to install new beliefs in your subconscious mind.

It’s (finally) time to manifest what you know you deserve…

With this program – you’ll follow a proven system for releasing your money manifestation blocks forever.

Let me tell you, it’s not that difficult – it’s all completely possible. It’s not rocket science, you DON’T need to sell your soul, and you DEFINITELY don’t need to worry about not being ‘perfect’ enough (whatever the hell that means!).

In fact, to get truly rich, you don’t need to change who you are at all, you just need the right beliefs/mindset and the right steps

Let’s get something straight: there are plenty of stock-standard money “letting go of limiting beliefs” programs out there.

This isn’t one of them

Plenty of online peeps claim to teach the ins and outs of ‘making over’ your money beliefs mindset. But unfortunately, most of their programs haven’t really been proven, or they have no tangible results (and very few testimonials), or the teacher themselves is actually broke. (You’d be surprised how often that happens!)

This Limiting Beliefs Re-Programming Kit is, like, the OPPOSITE of that.

Not only is the Limiting Beliefs Reprogramming System based on a Belief - Change formula that actually works, I’ve put it into practice in my own life with amazing success (and have the booming business and bank balance to prove it).

Even more importantly, I’ve literally walked THOUSANDS of other people step-by-step through this exact process – from struggling individuals’ right through to already-successful entrepreneurs – and helped them become genuine money magnets in their own lives.

In short, this is the real deal…

Hendrik Havenga Hendrik Havenga, EAAB designation: (Master Practitioner in Real Estate) Owner / Broker / Principal (RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty)

I have been in the self motivation game all my life but Ockert Moller is the only coach who was able and willing to teach me how to fish instead of handing me the fish.

His theories and teachings are very unique, practical and make sense.

The one ingredient I missed all my life, namely how to change limiting money beliefs effortlessly into more empowering ones and manifest things and accept the arrival with gratitude is now part of my life.

The last 2 years I manifested and am the CEO and owner of two multi million turnover companies with highly motivated people working with me because I can project my energy onto them.

Within 3 months after meeting Ockert I also manifested a new model SUV and a couple of months later I manifested an upmarket and luxurious caravan, with its own bathroom and separate bedroom, and I can afford to live my passion and that is to spend time in nature at my favourite camping places once a month.

And to think it all started by listening to a set of CD"s "Release your Inner Millionaire" that effortless changed my limiting beliefs about money in more empowering ones. And, oh boy, did it change into more empowering ones...EFFORTLESSLY!!!!

Thank Ockert Moller – you deliver – you don’t just promise!!!

Denise Kasch Denise Kasch, Herbal Life Independent Distributor (Millionaire in the making)

I have now been a pupil of Ockert for 5 years. The most LIFE CHANGING 5 years of my existence.

It all started with the Belief Reprogramming CD’s on how to Release your Inner Millionaire, I’ve never experienced something like this…..Effortlessly going from limiting money beliefs to more empowering money beliefs.

I was hooked and decided to become a full time student of Ockert.

With each workshop, course, book, seminar I have had the privilege of attending & learning from the best life coach in the world, my life got better.

Better on a level of personal development, spiritual growth & business success. Since coming in contact with Ockert I am a truly happy person. Self assured & ready to take on life.

Always looking out for the next unexpected positive surprise to enrich my life. I have shortly started working with Ockert on "Heal your Abundance”.......


I can only say, “If you are ready for your life to change for the better - link hands with Ockert Moller - learn from him and be ready for the ride of your life."

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This whole “Release your Inner Millionaire” Re-Programming Beliefs Kit came about because I used to be… well……

‘LESS than GREAT’ when it came to money.

Not that long ago, I seriously struggled with my finances. Like, couldn’t-always-pay-my-bills, I’m-just-going-to-order-an – burger struggled.

Even though I was creative, smart and ambitious, I just couldn’t get any of my entrepreneurial efforts off the ground.

Because I felt bad for charging people! I remember the feeling of checking my bank balance to see if I had enough to buy lunch.

To be clear, I always had a roof over my head and food in my fridge, but I was constantly in that place of scraping by and making do. An unexpected bill would be enough to send me into a mild panic, let alone those months where there’d be three birthdays

It was all a bit embarrassing, really – especially since I was an “abundance junkie” who read every personal development book under the sun! And that was the other thing – I was working on myself ALL THE TIME. I walked on fire at Tony Robbins. I had a life coach. And I had the best fricking dream boards and affirmations stuck all over my house.

Despite Everything That I Was Manifesting….


I was fabulous at manifesting stuff, but not money.

Even when my business started taking off, I still hit a big fat income plateau.

It was super frustrating, and I was constantly worried that my life-coaching clients would find out the truth about my life (the near empty bank account, etc) and think that I was a fraud.

The whole situation had me absolutely stumped for ages, until I finally figured out why…

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much self-improvement you do, and no matter how great you are at manifesting,

Until you learn how to address your money blocks,

You’ll never have the kind of ABUNDANCE (or big Bank Balance) that you dream of.


And sometimes they’re about ourselves…

I was astonished to realize that on a deep-down level, I didn’t think I deserved money.

Despite all my self-improvement, a deep-down part of me believed that wealth was for ‘other people’. That I just wasn’t ‘meant’ to have money.

That I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough, and didn’t have-my-shit-together enough to experience the kind of abundance I had plastered all over my dream board.

Even though I could manifest like a mofo, I had some seriously negative programming around money. It was hardwired into my head and it was stopping me from earning or holding onto money. Which meant that despite desperately wanting more of it, I was actually REPELLING money away from me.

But you know what? Looking at my clients, my friends, and so many of the people around me, I knew I wasn’t alone in this struggle…


My family has never been rich – it’s just not on the cards for me.

Money slips through my fingers – I get it, I spend it; that’s just how it is.

I’m not smart / pretty /educated enough to be rich.

I think I’ve just reached the limit of my earning potential.

Money just isn’t that important to me.

I have a good life, I should just be happy with that.

I just want to win the lottery.

I should be earning more, but I’m afraid it would cost too much (in terms of my health, family or relationships).

They are the EXACT thoughts that were playing on ‘REPEAT’ on my Mental Mix-Tape

And unfortunately, when you’ve got these kinds of beliefs embedded in your brain, no amount of talent, ambition, or ‘positive thinking’ is going to make a difference.

Seriously, you can read every self-help book under the sun and say affirmations 'til the cows come home (and let me tell you, I did BOTH those things) and you’re STILL not going to make any money because your blocks are so deeply engrained…

So what the hell are you meant to do?

The answer, it turns out, is ridiculously simple:



I spent years honing in on the most effective way to achieve it, so that I could turn myself and my students/clients into bona fide money magnets. Once I knew I was onto something, I concentrated on breaking the process down into a straightforward, actionable, repeatable formula.

I discovered that "Theta Inner Room Healing" was the most effective way to surface limiting beliefs and exchanging them for more powerful ones.

And as soon as I started putting this system into practice, things began changing.


I started earning more money than ever before, and have continued to build my business and my income exponentially each year. In fact, for the first time in my entire life, I became genuinely, truly, undeniably rich.

This is the most powerful and transformational program about manifesting money I have ever done!

Anne-Marie Breytenbach

Be warned! In the presence of The Miracle Man you will change! Ockert's positive, vibrant energy is very contagious!

Everything in my life started to change on all levels when I said YES to this life transforming course “Release your Inner Millionaire”, releasing blocks to become wealthy, I had the privilege to attend! This course launched me into a new, higher orbit of freedom, self-growth, wealth and abundance.

I am being transformed to dance to my own life’s music! Thank you, thank you, thank you Ockert for showing me my own magic, light and inner knowing.

I ask that if you want to be truly alive, say YES to The Miracle Man, Ockert Moller. Miracles still happen!

Anne-Marie Breytenbach, Self Employed - Becoming Millionaire


Christo Breythenbach

Indeed the best investment I’ve ever made in my life when I bought the program “Release your Inner Millionaire – Letting go of Money Blocks to become Wealthy”.

My relationship with money has had a major makeover, all from the inside-out, which has freed me from the money hang-ups I had that kept me stuck in the same place.

On a physical level, I walked away from this program with the money to buy a guest house at the coast I’ve been dreaming of doing for the past two years.

Doing this program I also realised that When it comes to money (and happiness) it really is a by product of doing the inner work so you can truly free yourself from your own limitations and illusions

Thank you Ockert, you are the best!

Christo Breythenbach, Owner Guest House
Henda Ohlsen

Ockert Thank you Thank you!  For the first time in my life someone open a new world to me.

The way we have grown up in a world of limiting beliefs, up until I met you, was fine for me.  But now I am walking with the right believe system in me to attract what I want. If I didn’t buy this program I would still be struggling to make ends meet.

I am experiencing overwhelming results in my business and it is only a month since I listened to the first CD. For the first time in my life I discovered how easy it is to get rid of limiting money beliefs by just listening to a …. CD.

Ockert I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coaching me.  If you believe it you will receive it –


Henda Ohlsen, Owner Frames, Baskets & Beads
Wynand Burger

Buying this Program was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Finding and working with Ockert as my coach has proven to be an extraordinary experience. Now, I am on the fast-track with my career (which was previously stagnant, mundane and completely unfulfilling) and for the first time since discovering the law of attraction principles I know how easy it actually is to let go of limiting beliefs, not only about money, but about anything else you previously struggled with.

I actually see verifiable results as direct and tangible proof that I have the power to manifest my dreams. Great things happen all the time for me now and I owe this shift in my life experience to working with my awesome coach

Wynand Burger, Self Employed Millionaire




We’ve had people who used the program double, triple, and quadruple their income. We’ve had single mothers earn more than enough to support their families, business owners triple their prices (and book-out their client rosters), and more people that I can count figure out how to (finally) leave their corporate jobs and earn a kick-ass income doing what they love.

Dream houses have been bought, holidays have been had, and abundance has been achieved on a level that you almost wouldn’t believe if you were not a part of our vibrant, supportive community…


We’re talking about ordinary people, just like you, many of whom have had the most insane, persistent money blocks for their entire lives.

But this system has allowed them to revolutionize their money mindset, turn their fortunes around and finally experience true wealth.

THE “Release your Inner Millionaire – Releasing Blocks to Become Wealthy” will show you to upgrade your Mindset and become a REAL-LIFE MAGNET for Money and ABUNDANCE


There are 14 CD’s covering over 400 limiting beliefs that will take you step-by-step through a series of exercises that will give you a total money mindset transformation.

It’s designed to help you break the life-long patterns (that you might not even be aware of) which are blocking you from experiencing true wealth and abundance, and will help you form new habits and beliefs that will have you drawing in abundance – and actual CASH.

Every CD has binaural beats and sub audible "Theta Inner Room Healing" Commands that will have you experience IMMEDIATE shifts in your beliefs about money!

What’s In The Limiting Money Beliefs Clearing Kit?

This special audio program and work book is unprecedented in its ability to get 100% of your mind, including both your conscious and subconscious, on board to manifest a life of financial freedom, prosperity and success.

The Limiting Money Beliefs Clearing Kit combines the most sophisticated, in-depth exploration of the truth about the Law of Manifestation/Attraction with sections that use a revolutionary combination of technologies to actually clear your subconscious mind of critical blocks to wealth, prosperity, and success.

This will be a life-altering spiritual and metaphysical experience of block clearing sections where a revolutionary combination of technologies will actually release your subconscious blocks to wealth, prosperity, and success.

The block clearing programs include Twelve CD’s plus Two Bonus Trauma clearing CD’S plus Workbook:

In this session we are going to start clearing blocks about being rich people, the reason why we are going to start with our believes about being a rich person is because in many ways, this is some of the most powerful blocks for our wealth and prosperity.

Why is that, well it’s because a rich person is who you are, it’s your identity.

We’ll address 74 limiting money beliefs in the first Program

Blocks like:

  • Rich people are greedy
  • Rich people are bad
  • Rich people only care about money
  • Etc:

Do you really think you will ever become wealthy if you hold any of these subconscious beliefs? Bet your bottom dollar…no, you won’t.

So, join us and allow me to change the negative/limiting beliefs into more positive and empowering ones!

Program 2: Releasing Poverty Consciousness 2 x CD’s

This section of the clearing is focused on believes why we need to be poor, many of these are inherited from other life times or our ancestors and some of these will come as a surprise to you because you had no idea they were there and you may not consciously agree with them.

Still others may come from your core believes which were conditioned into you by those lovely three groups of people, yes that three…….your parents, teachers and preachers.

We’ll address 83 limiting money beliefs in the second Program

Blocks like:

  • I have to be poor to be close to God
  • I have to be poor to get to Heaven
  • I have to be poor or I will go to Hell
  • I have to be poor because I’m being punished
  • Etc

Program 3: Struggle, Sacrifice, and Hard Work 3 x CD's

This section of the clearing is focused on believes why we need to struggle, sacrifice a lot of things in our lives and need to work hard to receive money, because you know what it’s not true, we don’t need to struggle or sacrifice or work our buts of to let abundance flow to us in our lives.

We want to eliminate all of our believes systems that tell us we have to sacrifice, struggle or do hard work because you know what, there’s plenty of people in the world who work easy, are very lazy and attract incredible wealth into their lives

We’ll address 98 limiting money beliefs in the third Program

Blocks like:

  • I deserve to struggle
  • I have to struggle because of the economy
  • I have to struggle so my family will be proud of me
  • My life is an endless struggle
  • Etc.

Program 4: The True Nature of Money 3 x CD’s

This time we will focus on blocks you have towards money, particular believes like “money is the root of all evil” that makes it difficult to attract money into your life, because after all, if you believe that money is evil, you sub conscious will protect you from being evil.

We’ll address 91 limiting money beliefs in the fourth Program

Blocks like:

  • I have to constantly hustle to make money
  • I have to constantly hustle to make money I have to exploit myself to make money
  • Making money is painful
  • I have to have a job to make money
  • I have to hurt others to make money
  • Etc.

Program 5: Common Blocks to Prosperity The Be-Do-Have Cycle, Success & Failure and the “Leap of Faith”. 2 x CD’s

In this section we are going to clear blocks around attachments to results, presence, being in the now, wanting and choosing around success and failure, the be do have cycle, as well as common fears you may have towards success and failure

We’ll address 66 limiting money beliefs in the Fifth Program

Blocks like:

  • I fear being homeless
  • I fear never making it
  • I fear losing everything
  • I have to have success before I can be successful
  • Etc.

Do you really think you will ever become wealthy if you hold any of these subconscious beliefs? Bet your bottom dollar…no, you won’t.

So, join us and allow me to change the negative/limiting beliefs into more positive and empowering ones!

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What we are going to do in this section is to use the "Theta Inner Room Healing" technique to guide you through a step by step process of clearing powerful traumas out of your sub-conscious.

The traumatic experiences we’ve had in our current life time, from our ancestors or from other lifetimes are very powerful in how they affect us.

Because a trauma acts like a big distortion in your field, it will influence the flow of your energy, and if you are holding a lot of trauma about something it can be very difficult to work with it.

So for example if you are holding trauma from having a lot of money all your belief systems around money will be very distorted and difficult to work with.

However if we go and clear that trauma first, it will clear it all up and it will become very easy to work with your belief systems afterwards.

This trauma clearing program will clear the trauma out of your sub-conscious, using the "Theta Inner Room Healing" technique.

Do you really think you will ever become wealthy if you have subconscious held traumas? Bet your bottom dollar…no, you won’t.

So, join us and allow me to help you let go of negative money trauma…once and forever!


Chapter 1: The Power of Human Consciousness

Chapter 2: Exploring Beliefs

Chapter 3:  Muscle Testing and the Subconscious Mind

Chapter 4: Your Past does not Equal your Future

Chapter 5: A Slave of What?

Chapter 6: Co-creating experiences

Chapter 7: The Thinker & The Prover

Chapter 8: The key!

Chapter 9: Flashback!

Chapter 10: Your I-Am is God expressed

Chapter 11: The Law of Attraction

Chapter 12: The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Chapter 13: Commanding and Witnessing Lasting Changes

Chapter 14: The Answer to the Question

Chapter 15: 400 + Limiting Beliefs Uncovered and Changed

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Whole new worlds of possibility are quite literally A BELIEF AWAY.

This means you can:

  • Travel The World
  • Buy Anything You Want
  • Take Care of Your Friends And Family
  • Build A New Business
  • Call Your Own Shots
  • Have People Respect And Admire You
  • Spend Your Time How YOU Want
  • And Do Just About Anything Else That Money Can Help With!

Here's The Truth

Listen, the truth of the matter is that none of these wonderful things can happen unless you take action.

After all, the key to freedom still involves you opening the door!

  • Will You Finally Join Those Who
  • Effortlessly Attract Money And Wealth?

Will you finally take the steps needed to create the life you want and deserve so you can look back and have no regrets?

  • Your time is NOW
  • Your moment is NOW.
  • Your opportunity is NOW.

What will you do with it?

  • Will you ignore it and continue to struggle with money?
  • Will you think about it and waste more time?
  • Will you take this moment and use it to change your financial life forever?

You KNOW which choice is best so ACT NOW and get the freedom you've always dreamed about!

Get off the hamster wheel of your past programs and onto the landscape of expanded possibilities of dreams-come-true.

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Everybody tells you that clearing your limiting beliefs and installing positive is vital for manifesting, but nobody shows you effectively HOW with a method that incorporates subconscious change deep-down where it counts.

This is your OPPORTUNITY, hit the Add to Cart button and it’s yours for the experience…NOW!

What makes me an authority on this subject?