Scarcity and lack is our default setting, here’s how you can change it!

b2ap3_thumbnail_blog6.jpgHave you ever thought if it’s really possible to create the life of your dreams starting with nothing:

Would it help if I teach you about the the Fish and Loaves principle described in the Bible. It really works, if you know how to aply it!

A Truer, Grander Vision


The Universe Is Limitless, Abundant, and Strangely Accommodating


Proving the following premise – “Where your focus goes attention goes, where your attention goes energy flows, where energy flows – substance manifest.”

“You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

“There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.”

If you think there’s not more than enough (abundance) for everyone, turn on the “LIGHT”.

Scarcity and lack is our default setting, the unquestioned conditioning that defines our lives. The belief that “there’s not enough” starts first thing every morning when the alarm clock rings: “Ah, sh#t, I didn’t get enough z’s.”

Before we even sit up, before we even squeeze our feet into our bunny slippers, we’re already bemoaning lack. When we finally do get up, it’s “Now I don’t have enough time to get ready.”

And from there it goes downhill.

So………What were your first thoughts when you woke up this morning?

We spend large chunks of our energy worrying and complaining about not getting enough. We don’t have enough time. We don’t get enough exercise or fibre or vitamin E.

Our pay checks aren’t big enough. Our weekends aren’t long enough. We, poor things, are not thin enough, smart enough, or educated enough.

It never even occurs to us to examine whether this “not enough” mantra is true. It’s so profoundly ingrained that it shapes our deepest sense of who we are. Being deficient has become the lens through which we experience every facet of life.

It’s why we take jobs that don’t satisfy us. It’s why we stay in unfulfilling relationships. It’s why we keep going back to the buffet line long after our appetites have been filled. It’s why we’ve created systems and institutions to control access to resources (oil, anyone?) that we perceive as valuable and limited.

If we weren’t so worried about not having enough, we could relax and use the resources we do have to develop alternative sources of energy, like the sun or the wind—energy, I hasten to point out, that will never run out.

The record of history, of course, is written in blood—in wars, treachery, and competition. But as palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould said, “The fossil record shows long, uninterrupted periods of biological stability.”

In fact, it’s a structural paradox that one violent act so distracts us from the 10,000 acts of kindness. Human courtesy, kindness, and beauty, he claimed, are the norm.

He called it our duty, our holy responsibility, to record and honour the victorious weight of all the innumerable little kindnesses that are all too often un-noted and invisible.

Keep a journal on hand for the next two days, and list these kindnesses. Here are some examples of what you might enumerate:

The Method

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

This experiment will prove what Sally Field finally figured out when she won the Oscar for Places in the Heart: “You (God) like me, you really like me.” It will prove how sublime our world truly is.

For the next 48 hours, we’re going to keep track of goodness and beauty.

•“My wife gave me a kiss before I left for my doctor’s appointment.”
•“The receptionist and I compared pictures of her new baby and my new grandson.”
•“When I entered my office with an armload of books, a stranger held the door for me.”
•“The man at the lunch counter smiled and said, ‘Wassup?’”
•“Students in the overcrowded lunchroom graciously shared a table.”
•“My e-mail misbehaved, and a colleague helped me sort it out.”
•“A colleague in another state responded to my testy message with grace and goodwill.”


Get yourself a small notebook that you can carry with you and write down those “random” acts of goodness and beauty immediately when it happens, starting of with the time and date you started the experiment – come on, I know we all from time to time have a short term memory problem. 

Lab Report Sheet

The Principle: The Fish and Loaves Principle

The Theory: The universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.

The Question: Is my focus on the negative keeping me from seeing reality?

The Hypothesis: If I change my outlook and make a concerted effort to look for goodness, beauty, and abundance, it will show up in spades.

Time Required: 48 hours

Today’s Date :__________ Time :__________

Number of kind, beautiful, good things :__________

The Approach: 

I’ve heard the old adage “What you appreciate appreciates.” So I guess I’ll give it a whirl. Who knows? Maybe expressing gratitude is more that just some mumbo-jumbo Pollyanna/Oprah thing.

Willie Nelson, after all, said that when he started counting his blessings, his whole life turned around. Like Willie, I’m ready to bet on the probability of peace, bliss, and joy. Consequently, I will actively seek goodness with a vengeance.


Notes :_______

Read this Spiritual Mind Money Treatment everyday out loud to yourself at least two times a day, you can even record it on your phone or some other device and listen to it as often as you can.

Spiritual Mind Money Treatment

I now subconsciously accept this treatment.

There is only one Creative Cause, God. There is only one Mind, God. There is only one Life, God.

There is only one Substance, God. This present universe is the Glory of God. It is a moving, flexible, fluidic creation; it is alive with the Life, the Abundance, and the Richness of God.

I abide in prosperity. Mind created my order that It might act through me. Therefore, I am receptive to its abundance. I am receptive to Its circulation in my life in the form of money.

Money is God’s Idea of circulation in my world of finance. I accept this Idea completely. I appreciate this Idea; I like it. Money being God in Action, is absolute good, it is wholesome. It is a blessing to me, and I am now prospered with it. I have no fear of lack for I believe that I have plenty of money.

It is God’s Activity in my world. It is God’s Activity in my bank account. It is God’s Activity in my investments. It is God’s Activity in everything to which I lay my hands.

This money is flowing, this money is free. I do not attempt to lock it up. I do not put a fence around it. It is God’s money, I let it flow in, I let it flow out.

As I release it, I know that it comes back to me, pressed down, shaken together and running over. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” I am now free in money. I rejoice in it. I appreciate it, and I thank God for it. I have money forevermore.

And so it is, I let it be so.

“It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creating.”

“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.”

So what are you waiting for – do your experiment and prove to yourself: – “Where your focus goes attention goes, where your attention goes energy flows, where energy flows – substance manifest.”

Love to hear your feedback on this one, now and 48 hours after you have started your experiment…go for it 🙂