Scientifically Prove to Yourself the Power of the Spoken Word

Before we jump in and prove to you once and for all the power of the spoken word let me share with you a story I have read that will lay the groundwork for our experiment later on in this post.

When Terry McBride was 22, he ruptured a disk in his back while working construction. After a year of visiting a chiropractor and trying osteopathy and muscle relaxers, he decided to take the suggestion of an orthopedic surgeon who thought he should have his spine fused.

When he got to the doctor the doctor showed him his medical records, which clearly stated: “Terry McBride’s problems are not curable. He will have permanent disability and ongoing surgeries for the rest of his life.”

“But I’m not my medical records,” McBride insisted. (The Power of the Spoken Word)

“I’m not my past. There is a power in me. I live in a spiritual universe and spiritual law can set me free.” (The Power of the Spoken Word)

“Don’t you think your body would have healed by now if it was going to be healed?” the psychiatrist asked.

But McBride refused to give up. He went on to have 30 major surgeries over the course of 11 years, and wore a colostomy bag. All the while he continued to affirm that health and wholeness was his spiritual destiny. (The Power of the Spoken Word)

Finally, long after most of us would have given up, he walked out of the hospital a free and whole strapping young man. Today, he travels the country (America) speaking about his journey, teaching people the truth about their divine magnificence.

As he says, “We are already free. The infinite power of God will back up our belief in sickness and want if that’s what we choose. But we can also change our beliefs to health, love, joy, and peace. It’s time to claim our oneness with God, to step boldly into our lives. You are God (God -Like) and this is the truth that will set you free.”

The problem with the above story is that we don’t have a first hand experience of something similar (heaven forbid) that we can relate to. However we can behave like scientist and prove to ourselves the reality of the power of the spoken word. Are you ready to that?

Let’s quickly recap the essence of being a scientist

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe—a spirit vastly superior to that of man.” -Albert Einstein German Theoretical Physicist

For those of you who flunked chemistry, let’s start with a refresher course.

Science Basics

“Nothing shocks me. I’m a scientist.” On a T Shirt by designer J Bertrand

1. What exactly is science?

According to Webster’s, science is “knowledge attained through study or practice.” It usually starts with a theory.

2. Okay, so what’s a theory?

To most of us, a theory is a vague and fuzzy fact. But when you talk about scientific theory, you’re talking about a conceptual framework that explains existing observations and predicts new ones.

A theory is accepted, not based on the prestige or convincing powers of its proponent, but on the results obtained through observations and/or experiments that anyone can reproduce. For example, the theory of gravity can be proved by anyone, from a toddler jumping out of a bunk bed to a voodoo priest leaping over a sacrificial goat. In fact, most lab experiments are repeated many dozens and quadrillions of times.

The other characteristic of a scientific theory is that it’s falsifiable; meaning that an experiment could also prove that it’s untrue. The theory that “Mars is populated with little green men who flee whenever we hunt them” is not falsifiable because in that theory the Martians always disappear whenever anyone tracks them. But the theory that “Martians do not exist” is scientific because you can falsify it by catching one and getting him an invitation to Good Morning South Africa.

3. Then what is a hypothesis (hy-POTH-uh-sis)?

Again, in common vernacular a hypothesis is a synonym for a guess. But to a scientist, a hypothesis is a working assumption about how the world works. Every experiment starts with one. You make observations about how the world works and then you come up with a hypothesis that can be tested to see if it has truth value. It’s usually cast as a statement that can either be refuted or proved. It’s often written as an “if-then” statement (if I do such and such, then such and such will happen): “If x occurs, then y will follow.” Or “As x increases, so will y.” We use it to form a scientific method.

4. Excuse me, a scientific method?

The scientific method is universally accepted as being the best way for winnowing truth from lies and delusion. The simple version looks something like this:


  • State a question
  • Collect information
  • Form a hypothesis
  • Test the hypothesis
  • Record and study data
  • Draw conclusions

The Premise

This experiment will prove to you once and for all that your spoken words influence your external realities

The Method

“There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven without a shadow of doubt, for me in anyhow, that our words influence our realities. If you have not read anything about Dr. Emoto I would suggest that you do some google research on him, it’s guaranteed to change the way you think about the power of the spoken word.


Since we don’t have access to all of Masaru Emoto’s microscopes and research assistants, we’re going to affect matter by duplicating an experiment you might have tried back in grade school—namely, sprouting green-bean seeds. Dr. Larry Dossey, in more than a half dozen books on prayer, has detailed fastidiously precise medical studies that have proven that intention on a particular physical outcome affects everything from rye seeds to women with breast cancer. Again, we’re beginners, so we’re going to start with green beans.


  • 2 x Cardboard egg carton (six eggs container)
  • Potting soil
  • Green-bean seeds

Instructions: Plant two beans in each of the 6 slots of the egg carton (in each carton), and place it near a window. Water the plants every couple of days. Make the following conscious intention: With my innate energy, I will that the beans in the left side egg carton grow faster than the beans on the right.

You can even, if you want to, curse the beans in the left side container and bless the beans in the right side container. According to Spiritual writings what you bless will be blessed and what you curse will be cursed.

Write down your observations for the next seven days. Viola—by the end of the week, you should see evidence that your intention has manifested.

Lab Report Sheet

The Principle: The Power of the Spoken Word Principle

The Theory: Your spoken words and consciousness impact matter.

The Question: Is it possible to affect the physical world with my spoken words?

The Hypothesis: If I focus my attention on a row of green-bean seeds and talk to them, I can make them sprout faster, or slower.

Time Required: Seven days

Today’s Date:__________ Time:__________

The Approach: I will focus my attention on a row of green beans (Egg container). I will send those seeds positive vibes to the container on the right and negative vibes to the container on the left and expect them to be influenced by my energy. (Blessings and curses)



“People need to realize that their thoughts are more primary than their genes, because the environment, which is influenced by our thoughts, controls the genes.” Bruce Lipton, PHD American Cell Biologist

Okay, go for it. Do the experiment it’s guaranteed to be an eye opener and will influence the way you speak for the rest of your life.

PS. It will be great fun to get your feedback on this seven days from now.