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You are cordially invited…..

“There are no Coincidences, everything is a Sign. Revealed! How to know exactly what the Universe is trying to say to you”, Have you ever wondered why most of humanity is in a survival mode, and therefore constantly struggling to make ends meet, in spite of ALL the promises that God has made us? Well,…

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60 Day “Let go and let God” Challenge

Think about this for a moment…. What if you could let go off all limitations in the next sixty days, the blocks that stops you from living the life of your dreams? If you KNEW that you could let go of ANYTHING that’s currently causing you pain and suffering, what would it be? Relationship problems…

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This is the reason….

After my former wife died of terminal cancer in 2017 I have not produced one video for my youtube channel, this is the reason why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygqocgHapvg Be sure to leave a comment Love and Respect Ockert

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