The Miracle of Answered Prayer

Where Science meets Spirit!

What if I could show you how to get all your prayers “answered to the T”… will you take it?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working my but of, lost about 8 kg’s, seriously I must’ve had a big but  Off course I’m joking, but not about the working part, and I did lose some weight but that was by choice for a different reason.

So what have I been working on?

It took me nearly thirty years to discover the secret to…… “The Reason Why Prayers are not Answered!”, and no……… it’s not what you think.

I will share all the juicy detail with you on Wednesday 16th March at 19h00 – 20h00.

Here are some of the amazing things you’ll learn during this one hour session:

•The 5-Step Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Prayer Process
•What is the pre-requisite for answered prayer?
•Why God APPARENTLY answers some prayers and others not!
•The one thing that will stop all manifestations of answered prayer “dead in its tracks”
•How to instantly increase your faith
•How to eliminate doubt
•How to grow faith on autopilot
•Phrasing your prayers for even more power
•Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for greater prayer power
•Why it’s important to have fun, especially before praying
•5 different meditations to add Power to your prayers
•How to pray so you get the best possible results every time

Everyone will find something useful in this session, whether you are a beginner with prayer, or have spent years working on your spiritual development.

The 5-Step Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Prayer Process

If any of these factors are missing, prayer won’t work.  In order to pray effectively, all 5 of these factors must be strong.

Think of it as 5 valves on a water pipe.  All 5 must be open before water will flow through the pipe.

True Miracles Produced with Harmonic Spiritual mind Treatment Prayer

Christ promised that if you had enough faith—and did not doubt—you could ask for ANYTHING and it would be done for you.

“I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.” — Mark 11:23

In my own life, I’ve seen so many miracles happen as a result of prayer, it’s uncanny!

There were times I prayed for money, and literally found what I needed on the ground in front of me.

And I’ve prayed for general help and protection, and the “happy surprises” which fill my life are quite fun.

You could say I have my own Guardian Angel looking out for me, making sure that I’m never hurt, and that everything I do leads to a positive result.

Of course, a lot of this could be attributed to “coincidence”.  However, when these types of things happen over and over again, coincidence stops being a rational explanation, and an intelligent person has to accept the fact that there’s something important going on here.

Coincidence also cannot explain true miracles, such as the time I recharged a battery with a single word.  Or when I took car keys that was locked inside a vehicle from the ignition without opening the door.  Or the hundreds of times I changed weather conditions, all within a matter of minutes.

I could go on for HOURS telling you about the many miracles I’ve experienced, but I don’t like to brag, nor do I want to waste your time. You’ll see your own miracles soon enough, and then you’ll KNOW the power of the Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Prayer process.

When you KNOW that your prayers will be answered, and you KNOW that you can get anything you want from prayer, including answers to any question, all of your problems go away. No longer will you disappoint those who care about you. Rather than being a burden to others, you are the one holding them up. You’ll never feel inadequate again.

Not only will you live up to your own potential, but you can also help others live up to theirs.  That’s because when you have mastered the art of prayer, you become a pillar of your community. Everyone looks up to you, because they know that you can solve any problem, and do so easily.

Nothing more enjoyable

There is literally nothing more enjoyable than Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Prayer.  Not even drugs or sex can compare to the feeling you get when you are resonating in perfect harmony with the Divine Essence of the Universe.

The core process itself is very simple.  Just 5 easy steps.  And you can do all 5 steps in a matter of moments, without anyone around you knowing what you’re doing.

When I pray, step 1 of the Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Prayer process gives me an incredible rush of joy and satisfaction that makes every part of my body tingle, inside and out.  And this is just step 1!

By the time I’m done praying, I KNOW—beyond any shadow of a doubt—that my prayer will produce the result I want.

Of course, when you’re just starting out, you may need some help with the process. That’s why you’ll also get a set of tools to help you INSTANTLY increase your prayer power.  (And yes, I really do mean INSTANTLY!)

Some of these tools are based on NLP principles governing how the human brain/mind works.  Whenever you use these tools, you naturally and automatically shift into the perfect mental state for effective prayer.

Other tools may be described as guided meditations, which will further amplify each of the 5 keys to effective prayer.  Each meditation takes about 15-20 minutes, although if you’re in a hurry, you can squeeze them down to just a couple of minutes.  And if you have more time, you can stretch them out as long as you wish.

My favourite meditation is the one I call “The Allness of the Oneness of God”.  No matter how frustrated I may feel before I do it, I always come out of it feeling vibrantly energized and happy to be alive.

Another one of my favourites is “The Prosperity Treatment”, if you join us on the 16th I’ll tell you how I manifested a new 4×4 and R26,000.00 within 3 weeks of using this magical prayer process.

You’ll also get additional tools that will help you further develop your prayer power, to the point where true miracles become possible!  In fact, one such tool will help you develop your prayer power on autopilot.
Presented in an, easy to follow style, Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Prayer shows you EXACTLY what you can do to instantly increase your prayer power.

The only thing that remains for you to do is to hit  reply with a resounding YES!…… And guaranteed, after the 16th March your life will never be the same again……..yes, I guarantee that, or you can have your entrance fee of R100.00 back

Date: 16th March 2016
Time: 18h45 for 19h00 – 20h00
Venue: 13 Cedar Avenue Clubview x 2 Centurion
Presenter: Yours truly

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