The Next Step in your Evolution to Oneness

b2ap3_thumbnail_happiness-450369__180.jpgThe year 2014 was a turning point in my life. My wife’s diagnosis with stage four cancer of the small intestine and subsequent miraculous healing took me on an inward journey of mystical experiences that exploded in the wonder of “Awakening to Oneness”

It also showed me that there’s a way to go beyond belief, a place of “knowingness” where nothing can separate you from the love that created this universe.

Through my own experience I realized that “Oneness” with our Creator does not just “happen”, it’s something that you actively have to start seeking (Mathew 7:7), from this seeking you will flow from being a seeker to an awakened one.

b2ap3_thumbnail_let-it-be-594533__180.jpgHey, come back here, I’m not trying to convert you to another form of organized religion. I’m quoting from the Bible because I love the Bible, well, my version of it.

I have found that this process of “Becoming one with God” (John 17:17) consists of three different levels.

  1. Awakening to Oneness (This is where you realise that there’s more to life and it is possible to be “One with God”

  1. Growing into Oneness – There’s a process of growth involved in experiencing “Being One with God”

  1. Being One with God (Beingness), this is the ultimate experience where we will experience the exquisiteness of being “alive”, not merely “existing” but “alive”, full of joy, passion, excitement, love and peace.

This is where we will at last have joined the Freedom from Concern Movement, and through that experience the freedom to expand, exalt, delimit, abundance and the exquisiteness of being alive

b2ap3_thumbnail_beyond-612464__180.jpgThe main mission of our blog is to inspire, empower, and enlighten metaphysical minds from around the world. As a way of reaching out to the millions of beings on this planet, I started an “Awaken to Oneness” email list which anyone can sign up for and receive my weekly articles. Go there now and sign up if you are not already part of our database

When I first started sending these “Awaken to Oneness” messages into the world I found that people would voluntarily reply with messages of gratitude. They would report to me how the information they received had dramatically improved their lives.

I soon realized that there was something very powerful about this new “Awaken to Oneness” approach to the world of manifesting, and began writing down everything that wanted to come through me.

b2ap3_thumbnail_challenge.jpgIn my following articles on “Awakening to Oneness” I’ll add a special “homework assignment” at the end of each article so that you can integrate the information in your live.

Each “Awaken to Oneness” homework assignment will ignite your consciousness and propel your life to the next level and help you to utilize your natural manifesting powers. By doing your homework every day each week, you’ll increase your vibration which will help you to start attracting your heart’s desire with effortless joy and ease.

You may think of it as your weekly exercise program to strengthen those “Awaken to Oneness” manifesting muscles which may also need a little “Waking” up.

This program is designed so that you can read one article per week, to keep you focused and on track all year long. Each article will be filled with practical, down-to-earth and yet spiritually awakening information.

The soul purpose and mission of “Awaken to Oneness” is to bridge the gap between the world of manifesting in the material world, and the experience of awakening in the spiritual world. You’ll soon discover how “awakening” and manifesting go hand in hand.

b2ap3_thumbnail_woman-570883__180.jpgIsn’t it about time that you give birth to something else that struggle and merely surviving?

My intention here is to provide you with a deeper understanding of how amazing life can be. You are meant to have it all! You can be abundant, joyful, enlightened and know how to effortlessly manifest anything you desire. This work is devoted to helping you wake up and become the most conscious awakened being of light that is living in total harmony within this multidimensional world

The experience you’ll take with you from applying the wisdom and each assignment will help you create the most freeing, loving, and enlightening approach to manifesting your dream life.

The greater task at hand is always to remain open and receptive to a new dimension of understanding who (and what) you really are, as you’re reading.

Remember to take whatever time you personally need to b2ap3_thumbnail_thumb-328420__180.jpgintegrate the teachings of each article on a deep level.

The journey inwards is the greatest one you’ll have, and realizing the divine powerful being you truly are is by far one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in any lifetime.

By surrendering all egoic efforts to become “someone” you’ll reap the greatest reward of all. You’ll discover your personal path to “Awaken to Oneness” is already here now, as well as all the knowledge you need to truly become a powerful manifesting master.


Talk to you again soon, love and respect

Love to hear your feedback on this one