You are Cordially Invited to Heal Your Abundance Energy

With the intention to surprise and delight you, I kid you not, you will want to attend this complimentary and life changing event.

You are part of this family, and I am always looking to bring you top teachings and trainings to help you on your path to creating an extraordinary life.

What makes this a special event? This is a deeply immersive event where you’ll learn how to retrain your brain to quickly release the self-doubt, fear, embarrassment, shame, procrastination, and lack of confidence that’s HOLDING YOU BACK from achieving greater financial success and freedom.

I get this question often, “How do you shift from scarcity vibration to abundance vibration………quickly?”

Well… this event will help.

It’s a free event click here and book your seat now!

If you are in ANY form of Sales then this is DEFINITELY For You!

And yes, before you say you are not in sales….You’ve been doing a “fairly” good job of selling yourself to yourself over the last few years, haven’t you.

Do you feel like some unseen force is blocking your abundance? I want to help you discover these blocks, and remove them for good!

Three Scenarios:

If you ever had the experience of having had a financial windfall, only to discover that a few days/weeks     later the money has disappeared like mist before the sun. Then this course is for you!

• If you ever experienced more month than money…….Then this course is for you!

If you ever had some good months and some ……. Really “bad” months. Then this course is for you!

During this Two Hour Presentation you will learn:

• The difference between “Money Energy” and Abundance Energy”

The Two Consciousnesses’ that Determine whether you will be Wealthy or Poor. And no, it’s not your     conscious or sub-conscious

• The 5 Levels of a Wealth Pyramid

The difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and how understanding     which one to activate will make you exceptionally wealthy!

• Allowing vs. Trying to become Wealthy

• How understanding the meaning of these three words: “exalt, expand and de-limit” will take your wealth to     the next level

• How to destroy your “Money Monster” forever!

• And much, much more!


• It’s time to do something different.

It’s time for you to stop struggling.

• It’s time for you to experience ABUNDANCE.

• It’s time for you to experience PROSPERITY.

It’s time for you to experience WEALTH.

Very Important: Book your seat now, we have limited seating capacity

Presenter: Ockert J Möller – The world’s foremost “Beliefs Management” Coach (Neuro Plasticity Reprogramming Practitioner)

Cost: No Cost…..But you have to show up

Date: Tuesday 31st May

Time: 18h45 for 19h00 – 21h00

Venue: 13 Cedar Avenue Clubview x 2 Centurion