You cannot heal energy!

You cannot heal energy!

I have noticed that there’s a new/old thing floating around on cyber space (internet), which is called energy healing.

Come on guys/girls, think……you cannot heal energy!

Here I’ll say it again……..

You cannot heal energy!

Energy is just….energy. Look at electricity as a form of energy. Can you heal electricity?

Of course not. Electricity cannot be healed, but……it can be…used. In a negative and positive way.

You don’t heal energy you balance energy. And by balancing the properties of energy you can use it in a positive way.

The two aspects of energy is called many things”

• Yin and yang
• Negative and positive
• Masculine and feminine
• Chokmah and binah
• Etc.

To explain all of this shall require the writing of a book, so let me just touch on the bare basics of it now and how this influences your life.  I’ll elaborate more on it in future articles

You are Energy

You vibrate and magnetize.

This concept is the key to understanding how these principle of life work. You do not necessarily have to understand all the ins and outs of Energy and Quantum Physics, but a basic knowledge of how Energy works can definitely help, particularly if you are of a sceptical nature!

Energy, after all, is what we are all made up of!

And please keep in mind: this is not a post about “physics”, per se. The intricacies of quantum physics are completely and utterly mind-boggling to even very intelligent people. We do not need to understand the intricacies. We only need to know that it works.

Most of us do not contemplate how transistors and other electronic components “work.”

It is enough for us to know that they do work in order to utilize them.

Energy works is the same way. It works, regardless of your understanding of it.

You can look at anything in your Universe and break it down to its essence, which is Energy.

Your body. Your bed. Your dog. All are just various “configurations” of Energy.

You also need to know that Energy vibrates at various frequencies. In our human form, we experience things as “physical” if they fall into a specific range of frequencies.

At higher frequencies, things become less “visible” to us. Thoughts, for example, vibrate at a much higher frequency than does a chair and are not visible to the eye. Nonetheless, thoughts exist.

To use another example, there are colours in the spectrum of possible colours that our eyes cannot see, but that can be seen by a snake. Dogs can hear frequencies of sound (also Energy) that we cannot hear. Those frequencies simply vibrate at a frequency that is out of our range.

Now, I will stop right here for a moment to address what might occur as “awkwardness” around the word “vibrate.”

You might immediately think of some kind of hippie-speak (“getting bad vibes”, etc.) and begin to discount what is actually one of the most scientifically exciting aspects of this whole exploration.

Energy vibrates at certain frequencies which “seek out” similar frequencies. Think of a guitar string. You pluck it, it vibrates, and it creates a certain tone. If there is another string in its vicinity that is able to match that vibrational frequency, the second string will actually start to
vibrate on its own.

Tuning forks work the same way. It is all Energy: the string, the tuning fork, the sound, and the thought you are thinking right now about this whole concept.

All is Energy.

You are Energy and you vibrate and attract according to your frequency.

Another thing to understand from all this is that nothing we see is actually “reality” (including money), but are our own perceptions and interpretations of the ocean of Energy all around us, called the Universe. We are literally like radio tuners, and we “pick up” frequencies that vibrate within the range to which we are tuned!

Your energetic vibrations act like magnets to similar energetic vibrations.
If this is so, then what controls our vibrations? How do we “tune the dial” so to speak to match what we want?

It is your thoughts and emotions that dictate what you are vibrating, and thus, what you are magnetizing.

Okay, that’s it for now. On Monday I’ll give you an example of how this work, one that  you can probably relate to and how we can use it to change our lives for the better

Love to hear your feedback on this one