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Ockert J Möller

A 1-Minute Ritual To Instantly Shift Your Energy

Here’s a quick one minute ritual you can do to raise your vibration whenever you have a need for it

I am so happy and grateful and joyous to have been able to serve so many people in 2016!

That has been my home frequency this week, as we head into the holiday weekend, especially amid so many BIG changes, both in our community and beyond.

Let’s face it – 2016 has been a bit of a butt-kicker for many people.

And while Christmas can be such a special time of gratitude and celebration, I know that it can also bring up a lot of stuff.

The holiday season can illuminate “the gap” – that void between where you are, and where you truly Desire to be.

(It doesn’t HAVE to, but it often does for many.)

If that’s you, you’re not alone.   2016 has been filled with some pretty challenging energy… individually and collectively.

We all want to feel good. We want to experience the magic that every day – not just the holiday – has the potential to provide.

And that can be tough in the midst of stress, upheaval, upleveling, or… you’re at your in-laws and your partner’s two older siblings have kicked off one of their screaming matches – again. 😉

So how do we keep our vibe high and energy clean, even in the midst of chaos – holiday, or otherwise?

Today I’ve got an energy practice for you, to help you do just that… Watch video after your read the test of the post

The best part – you can do it anywhere, anytime, in just about any situation, and the shift will stay with you throughout the day.

  1. Get comfortable. You can do this while sitting in your meditation space, in front of your altar or anywhere you can sneak off for a few minutes to be undisturbed. (I do NOT recommend doing it in public spaces or anywhere you need to be awake and alert.)
  2. Get grounded. Bring your awareness to your body; feel your feet planted beneath you connecting with mother Earth. Allow yourself to sink into whatever support you’re standing on; grounding in your body and breath.
  3. Notice your energy source. We are surrounded by Creative, Universal Life Force Energy – all day, every day. But we often don’t notice it, as our ego mind or “thinking mind” is busy with the task of getting us through our day.

But that doesn’t mean the energy isn’t there. Your energy source is always there!

Your Essence is always there.

Allow yourself to notice or become aware of a brilliant globe of light above you, located just slightly out above your forehead. This is the light of your Essence, or what some refer to as your Highest Self.

Though you are visualizing, feeling or sensing this globe of light, it represents the pure, energetic part of you beneath the ego mind; the You that is a part of, and connected to, Divine Life Force Energy – God.   Notice the qualities and intensity of this light.

(When I do this exercise, the light is white. It may be a different color for you, or if you like to work with color, you can intentionally choose the color.)

  1. Allow this white light to flow in through the top of your head and flow down throughout your body: in through your head, then down your neck and shoulders, arms, chest, back, etc… from the top of your head to your fingertips and toes.

As you allow the light in, you may wish to notice how it is clearing away any psychic debris it may encounter along its path – clearing, removing, releasing any stuck energy. Notice the sensation of this energy along its path.

  1. Once the light has filled your body, allow it to expand and become stronger and brighter, allowing your being to fully inhabit this light, breathing deeply and slowly. Feel this light loving you, nourishing you, filling you with Divine healing and wisdom.
  2. From this place, make the following statement as you draw Christ Consciousness into your body (You can watch a demonstration of this here) “I draw Christ Consciousness Energy into my body, asking for healing, strength protection and guidance. Correct energy, neutralize mind, body and spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
  3. From this place, set a powerful intention for how you choose to BE from this moment onward.

Do you wish to feel love? Intend to be love.

Do you wish to feel peace? Intend to be peace.

Do you wish to be in a space of relaxed wisdom.

Yeah. Set the intention to BE that.

Energy always follows intent, so you don’t need to “do” anything more than choose a clear path as to how you BE in this moment.

  1. Give thanks to the Divine, to yourself, and to all the teachers in your life who are helping you to recognize and claim this gift. Let the light radiate your gratitude.
  2. When you’re ready, open your eyes and carry this light with you as you move back into your day.

Remember that you are always surrounded by Divine life force energy (Christ Consciousness) – even in the midst of apparent chaos, including the holidays!

This energy is always available to you when you choose to tune into it, and this practice will help you do that every time.

Wishing you more than enough (Ephesians 3:20) SO much love and magic this holiday season, and all the blessings your heart can hold!


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