Miracles Coaching Model Activation Kit…


The Rolls Royce of Personal/Spiritual Growth Coaching.

If you are not using Miracles Coachingyou will struggle with life when you don’t need to.  

And please remember: . . .

Miracles Coaching Is Not for Everyone:

If you are independently wealthy, your home-life is profoundly joyous, your sex life is completely fulfilling, your career is phenomenal, you have several dependable, loyal close friends, and you’re in perfect health, then you don’t need us. If you are absolutely certain you already know all there is to know, then don’t waste your time with us.

If you have a problem, any problem, there’s only one reason why you shouldn’t apply the Miracles Coaching Transformation technology to resolving it and that is…… your problem is so big that Creator/God can’t handle it.

Are You Stuck in a Reality That is Holding You Back?

Do any of these situations apply to you?

=>You are stuck in a job or career you wish to change.

=>You are experiencing significant lack of success in a business, a chosen field, a sport, a              profession, or a cultural interest.

=>You are going through an unbearable domestic situation or are in a debilitating                          relationship that isn’t working for you.

=>You are experiencing on-going financial hardships from which you just can’t seem to                escape.

=>You would like to create and live in a permanent sate of Natural Optimism and Authentic        Happiness.

=>You are already successful and happy, but you want to take it to the next level.

I invite you to take a look at the various ways I can help you.

With nearly three decades of experience as a MINDSET and LAW of ATTRACTION COACH (Miracles Coaching) I am highly skilled at helping people make permanent, positive changes.

The starting point of making any change begins by realizing that we are in a psychological prison created by our minds. Until we begin to realize how confined we are, we will not be able to find our way out. Neither will we be able to find our way out by struggling against the confines we have inherited from our parents, society, or our culture.

It’s only when we begin to examine and realize the false inner perceptions within our mind that we can begin to awaken an intelligence that originates from beyond the realm of thinking.

The key to making permanent positive change is to align your Conscious and Subconscious mind so they agree to bring you the changes you desire. If you do not do this, you will you will stay stuck where you are. It is in the re-patterning of your Subconscious mind that you will be able to undo what has been keeping you stuck.

All of my highly effective programs are designed to help you change your perception, change your beliefs and re-pattern your Subconscious.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been struggling with your issue, problem or goal, once you learn how to Shape Your Reality and become a Master of Your Mind you are free for the rest of your life!

Are you tired of buying “another” course or enrolling in “another” coaching program that does not work?

What if I told you that there was a simple, proven, step-by-step path to…

Create anything that you want in life by DESIGN…….instead of default

Live the life of your dreams… without fear, guilt or hesitation

Attract circumstances and people to you that will make you happy and excited to be alive

Have the time, freedom and income for the lifestyle you choose, whether that’s traveling the world, raising a family or hanging with your sweetie at home

Get ready to be excited – because that proven path exists! And it all comes down to ONE key strategy that can change… everything.

Relationship Management Coaching

You should’ve done this coaching before you went into a relationship. But if you are currently experiencing relationship problem then this program is definitely for you.

Based on the Five Strategies of a Successful Relationship

Power Struggle

R 7,000.00

Seven weekly Two hour Coaching Sessions

Worksheets and refreshments included in fee.


Simply because I am the best. This is definitely not ego speaking I have a thirty year track record to prove that.

I make use of unconventional methods that really bring results in a very short period of time

Read all the testimonies below

Because my friend I will introduce you the “real you” the person you were created to be. I will often remind you during our journey together that you were “Born rich, conditioned to be poor”, that you were born happy, conditioned to be unhappy” that you were “Born…..etc.” You are catching my drift are you not?

I will help you to gain more confidence. You will never truly know what you’re capable of until you have someone who pushes you outside your comfort zone.

I will show how you how to get grounded, reclaim your personal space, reorganize and restrategize.

Hold you accountable. It’s all too easy to make promises to ourselves and then break them because we don’t feel like it or they are too hard. When you are accountable to someone else, you don’t have that luxury. If you really want to accomplish your big goals and take your business to the next level, hiring a business coach is the right step.

Give you more energy. If you don’t have enough energy, how can you fly? I will help you make a list of all the things that drain your energy and all the things that give you energy, and then one at a time, they will help you remove the things that drain your energy.

There is as much risk in doing nothing than doing something!


You are your only limit – all things are possible, however, it will need a lot of action and implementation.

My mission is to motivate and encourage people who feel lost; who need a “wake up” in the right direction to unleash their true potential. Through education, empowerment, and guidance, I aim to be M.A.D to – Make A Difference in YOU, your family and your community!

If you are uncertain about the coaching process or want to get to know me just a little more to see if we are a perfect match, then take advantage of my free 30 min session.

The rest of the information is just for the “Information junkies”. but off course you are welcome to read on.

So what’s the secret to creating a lifestyle of your DREAMS – fast – while being of highest service to those you CHOOSE to attract into your life?

The secret is to ditch the “Idea that there is a Secret”.

You just have to follow a Road Map, a Proven System that will take you by the hand and walk you through every step until….Viola, you live the life of your DREAMS!

Yes, I know, if you have ever been with a “life coach” before they expected you to do a lot of things differently.

And that’s not to mention the “joy” of getting your head around meditation, visualization, mantras, affirmations and all the other aspects of manifesting by design instead of default

Let’s face it.

It can be pretty overwhelming.

Now add to that something which is quite legit. What is coaching really?

Coaching is NOT about TELLING you what to DO!

Coaching is about assisting you to manifest your health, career, relationship personal and financial goals while being positive or neutral in your effect on the external world.

Christo Breythenbach

Christo Breythenbach, Owner Guest House

Indeed the best investment I’ve ever made in my life when I started my coaching program with Ockert.

My relationship with money has had a major makeover, all from the inside-out, which has freed me from the money hang-ups I had that kept me stuck in the same place.

On a physical level, I walked away from this program with the money to buy a guest house at the coast I’ve been dreaming of doing for the past two years.

Doing this program I also realised that When it comes to money (and happiness) it really is a by product of doing the inner work so you can truly free yourself from your own limitations and illusions

Thank you Ockert, you are the best!

Henda Ohlsen

Henda Ohlsen, Pictures and Frames

Ockert Thank you Thank you!  For the first time in my life someone open a new world to me. The way we have grown up in a world of limiting beliefs, up until I met you, was fine for me.

But now I am walking with the right believe system in me to attract what i want. If I didn’t meet Ockert to change my life I would still be on the road of struggle. I am experiencing overwhelming results in my business and it is only a month from our first session.

For the first time in my life I discovered how easy it is to get rid of stress through affirmations. Ockert I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coaching me.

If you believe it you will receive it – YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Miracles Coaching is about Creating.

It’s about using existing conditions as starting points for new creations. And it’s about using who and what you are right now as the foundation for creating whatever you choose to be, do, have, express, and/or experience.

We’ll teach you how to be successful while being spiritual — that’s spiritual not religious.

There’s a huge difference!

Stella Mokwena

Stella Mokwena, Staza Cleaning Services

“For so long I have walked the journey of Christianity, reading the Bible daily, praying daily, confessing the word continually, and all that goes with it. My question has always been why are answers to prayers not always guaranteed, like the bible seems to be saying? What are we doing wrong? What is it that we do not know, that we should be knowing to have our prayers answered all the time? How should we be praying? With these questions rigging my mind, low and behold I met Ockert Moller with the “Manifesting Model”. 

I now have the answers to all the above questions and I receive answers to my prayers quite easily. I thank God for time such as this. No more do I cry to God, I pray knowing my position as a child of God and knowing that he is willing to answer my prayers… like Jesus said He always hears me.” Thank you Ockert, thank you

Johan du Preez

Johan du Preez, Entrepreneur

“Thanks to the superb, intelligent and irreplaceable coaching from Ockert Moller I have learned the following in the last 5 years:

Be continuously aware of your actions  at all times and in all aspects, that are unquestionably forthcoming from either conscious or unconscious beliefs, and use the feedback received as the tiller to (re) direct you to your desired future experience.

An approach that works is: Find your quiet place, have an affirmation (or several), have a coach and make notes.

For me specifically I HAVE FOUND A COACH!!!

Sorry, let me re-phrase this: I HAVE FOUND THE COACH!!! Thank you Ockert.”

Coaching is about letting go of those false beliefs and dysfunctional habits that are keeping you where you are today.

Book a FREE 30 minute telephone coaching session to see if we have a “good fit” ockert@icon.co.za  or +27 82 709 3096

The Programs We Use In Miracles Coaching

What Miracles Coaching is

It is about helping you to discover who you really are, and helping you to re-connect with your authentic power.

It’s about following a proven road map to create your life by design instead of default, living a life of exquisiteness. Don’t you think you deserve it?

As you watch the video below, please keep in mind that people, my students and clients don’t call me the ‘Miracle Man” for nothing. I indeed have a proven track record

Six Minutes and……….. Your Life will NEVER be the SAME!

Successful athletes and entertainers all have coaches. The most successful business executives have coaches. How about you?

We will share with you numerous ways of discovering and developing who and what you are — ways that others have successfully used first to cope with their existing experiences and second, to recreate their lives.

Why have a Miracles Coach?

Each of us is actually in charge of creating our personal experiences. Obviously, some things are beyond normal human control. For example, you can’t control the weather.   On the other hand, you can control many things, such as how you respond to the weather.

As you probably already know, every experience in your life has a cause. If you are not intentionally causing/creating/producing your personal experiences, you are creating them by default and/or by accident. The Bottom line is you are still creating them. There are no victims.

The unique style of Miracles Coaching offered by Ockert Möller is, in essence,  a live, interactive “how-to book” (a learning process)  which shows you how to intentionally and consciously —  be the cause  —  be the producer — be the intentional creator of —  the experiences in your life.

Be the Cause — Be the Producer — Be the intentional Creator of — the Experiences in your LIFE.


Book a FREE 30 minute coaching session to experience this for yourself ockert@icon.co.za  or +27 82 709 3096

If you work with a coach the fruit of their coaching should also be in their own lives!

A word of warning though, I’ve seen them come and go, Coaches and  Teachers of the Law of Attraction principles, but I’m still here.

Yes, it is true I’ve experienced the “ups and downs” of manifesting.

But now it’s different, I live life by design, doing what I love to do, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

I did this by running the “manifesting model” like a business, focusing on taking inspired action and getting the “work” done to experience the exquisiteness of manifesting by design instead of default.

I’ve created many different courses like:

In creating the “Miracles Coaching Model” I’ve done something different……….

In short, I’ve been on a mission to create a full beginning to end solution to building your manifestation muscle from scratch.

You’ll quickly find that creating and manifesting goes hand in hand

You do not have to know everything to get started, as you may have been lead to believe.

The main medium of delivery inside the “coaching manifesting model” is what I call action plans.

The action plans is a step by step process that will guide you towards a specific outcome you want to create.

There are many action plans already in the “coaching manifesting model” and there are more coming every month.

And all of them are born out of all the lessons I’ve learned during my own experience over the last close to thirty years.

But the “Miracles Coaching Program” is not just about courses and action plans…..

Because much of it wouldn’t even matter if you weren’t backed up by massive support along the way.

Inside the “coaching manifesting model” you are never alone in your journey……

We have an active manifesting community. It is a true mastermind experience, where you will be interacting with me and the other manifesting members, if you want to…..

All helping each other to achieve common goals and celebrating our wins together.

We’ve also got the “Office Hours” calls, when you can hop in and ask me questions about pretty much anything.

We’ve got progress logs, where you’ll be checking and letting me know about your progress in manifesting your goals.,,,,,,

So, it comes down to this……..

The “Coaching Manifesting Progam” is a kind of “one stop shop” for those who are seeking, training, community and support to live life by design instead of default.

It’s for the “dedicated” person that’s tired of the “hype and fluff”

It’s for the “dedicated” person who want results and are tired of living in lack; overwhelm and confusion on how to get them.

The “Miracles Coaching Program” is for YOU……

And it will help you to (finally) create what you know you deserve by design…

With this coaching program – you’ll follow a proven system for releasing your manifestation blocks forever.

Now, the only question is…….

Do you want to be one of that 99% manifestors that never get it right to manifest by design?….

Or, are you ready to take the steps that are required to truly become an “Awakened Manifestor”?

If you are, join the “Miracles Coaching Program” today and let’s get started.

I’ve made this as affordable as I can, so even if you are bootstrapping you can afford to have the “coaching manifesting model” backing you up!

But, bear in mind that the price will eventually be increasing

So, go ahead. Join our “Miracles Coaching Program”. I can’t wait to hear about YOUR wins!

Bottom line: The Miracles Coaching Program will Transform your LIFESTYLE and how you FEEL about yourself.

The Miracles Coaching Program will invite you to step into a new way of BEING that truly pulls you forward.

I’ve used the principles of the Miracles Coaching Program to create consistent big paydays, build a 7-figure business and create a lifestyle I love. But it wasn’t always this way…

I have “grown up” in the trenches of manifestation

Today my company “I AM” Oneness Wisdom School ® empowers thousands of conscious “manifestors” around the globe to create the life they deserve and to BE the new models of success in all areas of their lives!.

I however had to learn the following three lessons before I could start creating my life by design instead of default.

First Lesson:

You can create from either one of the following consciousness. Lack Consciousness or Abundance Consciousness. I was not aware of the fact that you can create from a lack consciousness.

But, yes, my “inner coach” said. “you can create from a lack consciousness, the problem however in doing that is that that which you manifest will seemingly disappear as fast as it appeared”. I decided to test that with my students, “have any of you had a financial windfall this past few months”, I asked. 90% of them said “Yes”.

I then asked, “Where’s that money now?” And guess what, for most of them it was…gone. This proved to me that many, if not most people create from a “Lack Consciousness”.

Maybe you can associate with that?

Second Lesson:

The second lesson that my “inner coach” shared with me was that just as we have seasons in the natural world, we have seasons in our “manifestation world”.

Just like high tide and low tide is a natural occurrence in the sea, it is a natural occurrence in “manifestation world”.

I’ll share everything about how to identify your seasons and how to use that to manifest like a pro once we are inside the program.

I started teaching these principles in “live classes” and every one of my students excelled exponentially by just grasping and implementing these two principle.

Of course there’s more to it than that, but you will learn everything you need to make you a “master manifestor” once we are inside the program.

Third Lesson:

The third lesson I learned that faithful morning was that Mind and Body are part of the same system and operate through our nervous systems.

There are primarily two different nervous systems that “run” your life.

The sympathetic nervous system is directly responsible for scarcity consciousness.

It is the part of your nervous system that tells you that you don’t have enough.

This natural response to stress is intended to drive you toward accumulating more food and resources to protect yourself against a perceived threat.

When this part of the nervous system are triggered, it can take hours for your physiology to recover – for your digestion to switch back on, you adrenals start regulating and your hoarding instinct to turn off.

During these hours you will not be able to perceive abundance. Every nerve in your body is going to be hyper attuned to scarcity consciousness. This is the way we are built.

The sympathetic nervous system triggers your fight, flight and freeze responses. Definitely not the ideal system to use for manifesting by design.

The parasympathetic nervous system on the other hand regulates serotonin uptake in the brain, which directly affects our mood and can help with overcoming depression.

The parasympathetic nervous system also activates those parts of the brain that help us think creatively, perceive new solutions to problems and conceive of new inventions, approaches and possibilities. It also stimulates psychic ability and one’s sense of spiritual connection, bliss and rapture

The parasympathetic nervous system is the abundance perception system.

And at last I understood what Einstein meant by, “You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it”.

Yes, I know this is a whole mouthful. But stay with me, once inside the program I will show you exactly how to implement this to create the life of your dreams.

If you are READY, then I’m ready to share it with you!

We are limiting this program to just 20 students so that I can give you all the personal attention that you deserve……..If you snooze, you loose!

Now, I know the testimonials that my clients and I are sharing are incredible – maybe they even seem a little unreal. And you may be saying, “That’s great, Ockert, BUT… I really don’t see how it’s possible for ME.”

I feel you! I was sceptical too, at first.

After mentoring so many people to become “ I AM awakened master manifestors” I know what’s possible for you. And I DON’T want you to miss out because of a few misconceptions that are easily answered.

  • q-iconIs this Coaching Program right for me if I’m brand new to the “Manifesting World” and just getting started?

    Yep. In fact, I’d say it is IDEAL for you if that’s the case. I’ve been doing this long enough (nearly three decades now) and seen so much that… trust me, I WISH I had known and applied this stuff in my own “Manifestation Career” from Day 1. I’d be a hell of a lot better off if I had, The material inside the Coaching Manifesting Model – if you honestly apply it – will shave so much unnecessary hassle and wasted time off your manifestation “efforts”.

    We’re not going to mess around with cutesy little stuff often taught by other “Law of Attraction Manifestation gurus”. We’re going to get right to the point and dive straight into the things that truly matter in starting and start manifesting your life by design instead of default.

    Seriously, if you’re just starting out… I can’t wait to work with you.

  • q-iconHow long will it take to go through things and start manifesting like a pro?

    That’s up to you. Look, I have no problem in saying that I’m good at what I do and I know the training I create is effective. But, as good as I am, NONE of it matters if you don’t back it up with action.

    For that reason, anybody who will sit there and promise that you can become a Law of Attraction Manifesting Master within a certain timeframe by doing this “seven things” is lying to you and simply telling you what you want to hear.

    And that’s not the way I roll. The “Coaching Manifesting Model” cannot do the work for you and it cannot remove all thinking. What the Coaching Manifesting Model is, is a massive shortcut.

    I’m pointing out the road and even painting the lines on the side of the road so you don’t get off track… but it is still up to you to walk that road.

    Likewise, it is up to you how fast you travel it.

  • q-iconHow much time will this take?

    Everybody is different. If you focus 24/7 on developing your “manifesting muscle” and you don’t screw around, you’re going to get results pretty fast.

    It is also important to note that how long this takes should NOT be about how long it will take you to go through the content.

    You could speed through everything rapid-fire if you wanted to. It would still take you awhile, but you could do it.

    But, you know what? You’d be absolutely nowhere. The LAST thing you need is just to consume a bunch more info. There are literally thousands of blogs out there who could layer on more crap onto your plate – all for free. Information isn’t the key here.

    Information without understanding is useless.

    Information coupled with understanding, strategy and ACTION… is extremely profitable.

    And I consider it my job to empower you with that understanding and insist you take action on it. And if you “show up” and are willing to make things happen, this doesn’t have to take long.

    I always marvel at this question, be kind to yourself, How long does it take to become a doctor? Seven years with an internship, at least give yourself a few months to master these techniques. Of course you will be able to start manifesting “things”, but the bigger the “thing” is that you want to manifest the more “skills” you’ll need. And that my dear friend is not a limiting believe, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  • q-icon“I’m not ready!”

    Manifestor, I’m flat-out calling BOO on that one because we know it’s just not true!

    Truth is, if you’re ready to breathe, you’re ready to manifest your life by design instead of default.

    There is no perfect time. There never will be.

     Oh sure, there might be some magic moment in your life journey where the universe comes together… and you’re wearing your favorite t-shirt… plus your extra-comfy sneakers… and that song you love comes on… and your body is full of exuberant, bubbling energy… and your favorite angels are doing all the work for you.

    What have you been smoking?

    You have to take your moments. Make your moments.

     Hunt them. Chase them. Make them happen.

    Scratch and gouge moments out of other times. Chip off tiny flakes of moments from the monolith of your day.

    Use your teeth if you must—bite off mouthfuls of those moments. You are holding the chisel and the pickaxe. You are the miner of your moments.

    You and I both know that there’s no “perfect time” to accelerate your growth, and that you’re more than ready right NOW to create the life of your dreams, and make a heck of a lot more money, in less time, and with more freedom in your life.

You and I both know that there’s no “perfect time” to accelerate your growth, and that you’re more than ready right NOW to make a heck of a lot more money, in less time, and with more freedom in your life.

In the Miracles Coaching Program, I’m sharing everything I know to create, manifest and live by design instead of default, if you snooze you lose!

What makes this program different?

Time tested and proven. Everything in the Manifesting Model comes straight from my own experience and has been used by hundreds of our students to create exquisite lifestyles

Longevity. I was one of the first mentors to publicly teach Law of Attraction Manifesting strategies and I’ve spent the past 6+ years immersed in refining the process into an easy understandable and doable model.

Comprehensive. While most programs leave out critical pieces (leaving you to puzzle it out on your own), we get RAVES from students on our trainings and the quality of our done-for-you materials.

Our Action Plans makes it easy! We lay out for you exactly what to do, step-by-step, to create the life of your dreams!

Growing Spiritually: This is the only program that will not only give you the “things” but will help you grow into an “awakened state” and therefore a closer relationship with the Creator of all that is!

No going it alone! We’ll be walking through the manifesting model together.

You’ll be surrounded and supported by our team and can always partake in our private Facebook community

We’ve mentored hundreds of students over the years to successfully manifest their first – and following – experiences of exquisiteness. This system will work for you too – even if you’re a newbie to the world of manifestation!

All That’s Missing Is… YOU!      

What You’ll Get

You can see that I’m making it easy for you to succeed. And by now, clearly the idea of manifesting your DREAM LIFE is speaking to you, since you’ve read this far.

So it’s time to ask yourself “The Million Dollar Question”…

If you could add a simple, predictable, repeatable process to create the life of your dreams, in record time… how much would that be worth to you?

I’ve included everything you need to do exactly that, create the life of your dreams. When you take action on the day-by-day plan I’ll give you, you will see your life unfold by design instead of default.

And I’m serious about helping you get results. I don’t want this to be just another program that sits on your hard drive, you’ve seen the testimonials, now it’s time to take action.

Now, there’s no question that the money is amazing. But truthfully? In the hands of conscious awakened manifestors, this coaching isn’t just about the money. It’s about transformation, for yourself and everybody you interact with.

When you own your worth, your confidence grows. Your personal power grows. And your life will change in amazing ways you can’t even predict right now. Above and beyond the money. The money is simply a means.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the strategy in this coaching program. That’s what I see for you and wish for you.


Book a FREE 30 minute coaching session to experience this for yourself ockert@icon.co.za  or +27 82 709 3096