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b2ap3_thumbnail_images-14.jpgIf you believe, anything is possible!

As you may know by now, you are the soul creator of your reality. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and vibration determine what people, situations, events, experiences and things are magnetized to you. Everything that you attract and manifest stems first from the inside, and then manifests in the outer world. This process is the “engine and fuel” for your soul’s awakening and evolution in consciousness.

To start liberating yourself from survival mode you must realize that there are no coincidences or accidents in this Universe. Every single thing that comes your way was created by you and meant for your awakening. Each person, event and manifestation is here to awaken you, bring you closer to your divine mission, and install a greater awareness of the sacred all-powerful being you truly are.

“Go confidently in the direction of your Dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined!”
~Henry David Thoreau

So you might be asking yourself, “If we are such powerful beings, why don’t we always manifest the positive thoughts, things and experiences that we want?”

The answer is that your soul chose to be raised in a society; by a family, parents, friends, teachers and siblings who were not very conscious. These beings were not Self-realized masters who did not fully trust themselves and thus never knew what ultimately was for everyone’s highest good and spiritual path.

Being born as an innocent child, you unknowingly adopted these unconscious self-sabotaging behaviours, and replicated their internal disconnected feeling from your soul’s divine infinite trusting nature. This is how you became wrapped up in the habit of thinking about what you do not want, and thus manifesting poverty, disease, terror and struggle in your life.

The more time you spent dwelling on, thinking about, or resisting what you “did not want” the more you found yourself attracting it and perpetuating its existence. This cycle is the most common block in the manifesting playground. The soul decided to create this complex fear based pattern of survival which forced it to explore the deepest darkest trenches of your being.

It’s good to know that there is nothing wrong with this setup. As eternal souls, we each choose to temporarily “forget” our all-powerful infinite nature just so that we could experience the joy of returning home to it. Yet, with awareness of this divine setup, it now becomes your responsibility to bring the light into the darkness, the consciousness into the unconscious, and awaken from this sleepy old slumber.

The pain and struggle you experience is only meant to wake you up. It is part of the divine plan to force you to realize you are a spiritual being in disguise. Without this prison we wouldn’t know freedom from it, without sleep we would never know awakening, and without darkness we would not appreciate how beautiful, loving and bright the Light truly is. If we didn’t believe that death was coming to get us one day, then life wouldn’t appear to be sooooo sweet, sensitive and divinely precious.

The ironic thing about all of this is that once you step onto the path of spiritual awakening you don’t need to continue living in survival mode. When you fully realize that you are an eternal being that cannot die, then there is nothing ever to fear again. You simply cannot set foot in fear when you are living this realization.

The overlay of your physical existence is taken in as some great fantastic play, and nothing is taken too seriously. There is no desperate need to survive in this world because there is nobody who was born or could die. You realize that the soul that you are simply is ever-present.

The layers of your conditioning are many and to truly transcend these survival patterns it’s vital that you understand its many levels and roots. The story may go something like this; from the day you were born, you instinctively knew how to breathe, eat, drink, poop, stay warm and basically survive.

These inherent survival instincts were basic “desires” you had, which were ingrained in your hardware, and were the most obvious actions you knew at birth. As you aged, the mind became emotionally programmed with other’s thoughts of fear, grasping onto life, and the seriousness around surviving.

Most likely you were taught at a very early age about the great dangers of life.

These included large moving vehicles, barking dogs, sharp knives, steep stairs, etc which were all potentially life threatening. This fear based emotional environment attracted potential accidents and made every day successful if you didn’t get injured or killed.

As the newly programmed “survival thinking” matured in you, the threats began to change and translate into fears of losing love, money, health, job security or social status. You discovered the world was filled with many people who struggled everyday just to “get by”, and always scraped by with the bare bones minimum creeping along in survival mode.

Perhaps you saw people in small villages living in grass huts with very little food and water, or hung-over on dirty sidewalks in large cities, homeless with a begging bowl and a “please help” sign, or perhaps newly divorced working long hours at several jobs with 5 kids barely making enough money to make ends meet. Most likely you were given the ideas and feelings to “not want” these types of situations. This newly programmed survival instinct was installed into your adult emotional software and it motivated you to try to become a successful prosperous citizen of society.

As you were introduced to these new fearful “don’t wants” later in life, your mind started replicating the old survival mode chemical cocktail in your brain. It created a long list of the things to do and experiences it must avoid, creating fearful feelings that would cause you to survive.

The more you believed in and felt these people’s emotional pain, internal challenge, eternal stuckness, and profound struggle to survive, the more intense became your living breathing survival program.

Each time your emotional body started to feel that one of those potentially fearful situations might manifest (such as being on the street if you didn’t have the money to pay your rent), the synapses of the brain were flooded with adrenaline and motivated you from a fearful place to step into survival mode.

In this modern day world, a certain level of fear-based survival instinct is necessary for you to remain alive. You would not be reading this today if you didn’t have the awareness to not step in front of a fast moving bus. Yet, the more you mature, the more you’ll realize that there are many levels of survival consciousness.

Some are healthy, while most of them are unhealthy for us. This fine line between healthy and unhealthy is defined by IF you react with tremendous fear to a life situation that is NOT life threatening. Meaning, if you’re presented with a new life circumstance and respond with joy and creativity, or panic and fear, all depends on how deep you are at in the game of survival mode.

Imagine that you end up losing your job, or take a road trip by yourself across the country, or move to a smaller apartment, pay a bill late, or perhaps cannot leave your country for fear of what you may experience in a foreign land. In each of these unique situations a fear may arise in you OR a sensation of excitement and joy.

Anytime that fear becomes your reaction, and it’s far greater than the adventure and excitement of trusting life, then survival consciousness has taken over the front burner of your life and joy is on the back burner.

If there is a fear-based motivation to avoid life and not explore and transcend your limitations or “don’t wants”, then you have a wonderful mountain to summit and conquer. If you cannot embrace that which you’re avoiding, then letting go of survival consciousness can seem like a perpetual challenge that does not end.

Even when your primary physical needs are already met you may notice the mind continually obsesses about surviving.

You may work hard and have enough to easily pay your bills, yet you may still feel like you can never do enough, be enough, or have enough to fully relax, rest deeply inside your being. There may be nothing you can do to stop trying to “survive”. The mind is always the culprit here and behaves a lot like a stubborn old mule who does not want to change its old rutted path.

The truth however is that you are not your brain/mind, you never were it. You were always and will always be the commander in charge behind it.

You are always going to be the soul behind it all. No matter if you’ve been in survival mode for a hundred years, you have still been evolving and growing in consciousness. You cannot stop the soul’s evolutionary process, it is eternal! It just tends to seem to move at light speed when you realize one very important thing. That your body and mind are always deeply connected to an all-loving, intelligent, divinely magical Universal Source that forever provides your every need and desire.

Deep down you may have known this all along, yet it may have been against your society’s belief systems to believe in this irrational spiritual paradigm.

Survival thinking is deep, and the only way you can discover true freedom from this survival addiction is to deepen your spiritual path. The saboteurs inside the mind can get you hooked on the entertainment of living in survival mode, it can be very exciting to barely just get by. Yet, the spiritual aspect of your being has the power to transcend this pattern completely.

By simply knowing deep in your heart that no matter what happens, you will always be okay, that your soul will survive forever, long after the body is gone, you elevate your consciousness above survival thinking.

When this spiritual realization is alive in your heart and softens into your bones, it will allow you to find the truth of who you truly are….an eternal soul that was never born and can never die.

The consistent daily realization of this understanding leads into the physical relaxation of the body and eventually the freedom from ever thinking there is “someone” to survive again. This deep experience of letting go takes you into the divine essence of your being, which is the key to uplifting your consciousness and transcending the worst survival mode addiction.

Deep down inside your heart you already know that an all-loving, infinitely intelligent Universe is at your beck and call and will provide for your every need.

You unconsciously know this, and how it provides for all the animals throughout this world, and that it will take care of this “human animal” that you are too! When you are living everyday in total spiritual awareness, you stop running so fast to win the rat race and begin understanding the biggest cosmic joke in the Universe.

The joke is that you are not a beggar, and not just an affluent king, but The God Source itself. You are the Creator, Divine Initiator and Ultimate Manifestor of everything that you could ever need, want or desire!

Remember, you choose to fall asleep and dream that you were some beggar, craving to find a few coins in the gutters of your life, when in reality you are the owner of the castle on the hill and beneath your property is the world’s largest goldmine! Just because you’ve continued to temporarily forget your true sovereign Self doesn’t mean that it is not real. Your job is learning how to discover this goldmine is always beneath you and within you 24 hours a day.

The real gold exists in knowing that YOU are this precious gold. You are this vast spiritual rich consciousness that never dies, who can manifest miracles faster than the blink of an eye.

Yes, you were once long ago distracted by the impoverished consciousness of others yet that was merely part of the fun. Now that you know the real truth, the wool cannot be completely folded over your eyes again. It may temporarily pass over, yet you can instantly shift your consciousness back onto that which is real, that which never dies, and this awareness will unlock the greatest power to manifest anything you want in your outer world.

With true spiritual awareness, survival mode is a thing of the past. You now have the ability to consciously live free from fear and know that you can create whatever you want, anytime you want it. When you surrender to fully embracing your most basic spiritual essence inside, you can see that you already are that which you are seeking. As a spiritual being you were never separate from anything, only the mind made it appear to be separate.

You already are a conscious manifesting being and this Universe is your playground. So, no matter what happens in the future, no matter how many times you forget, remember, and forget and remember this information again and again, this awareness is eternally installed inside you. You can deepen in this knowledge by simply living it as The Truth, everyday from your heart.

Your job is to break free from society’s unconscious laws and know that you are now a part of a group of the most powerful conscious manifesting beings in the Universe who can attract any outcome that you want. Every moment from now on is an opportunity to truly relax deeper into this awareness with confidence.

When you truly master your mind, you’ll master this apparently material 3D world, and be completely free from any fearful need for survival again!

Please do not stop looking within. Keep on realizing that you are an infinite being!

Take a good long look inside at who/what is it that is eternal today. This will blast you FAR beyond the game of survival mentality. You have nothing to lose! What is the biggest risk that a self realized soul has in this world? None!

There is no experience that can harm that which is already beyond this body and mind. Isn’t it worth the risk to explore this? You are already untouched by the seemingly negative outcomes of any risk in front of the soul. Just trust you are this soul in your heart and start taking more risks! As a self realized soul you have nothing to lose but the ego, and this is simply an illusion of the mind anyway.

To be liberated from these old patterns you’ll need to take the risk of dropping your ego. There are actions you’ll take and words you’ll speak which will represent that you are taking the risk to go beyond it. You already know what you need to do and which risks are worth taking this week that will make your heart sing!

Don’t hesitate, do them all! The worst thing you can possibly do is procrastinate taking the risks (gifts) you are presented with and continue playing small. Otherwise, the world has to bow down to your feet and answer your every wish.

Drill these thoughts deep into your mind. Your outer world is simply a reflection of the consciousness within. Every situation is a mirror, reflecting back where you are on your spiritual path. The depth and breadth of your soul’s presence is measured by the level of understanding you have of your true unlimited Self.

Once you’ve shifted your state of consciousness towards the continuous realization of who you are, you’ll always be revealing how you are the conscious creator, creativity and creation of existence. With this understanding the world has to hold you in the most exquisite cocoon of love, abundance and connection to Source.

You can dip down into the darkest trenches of suffering and pop back up to ascend into the highest vibration possible. From this divine understanding you can only experience an entirely new level of joy, freedom, love, trust, abundance, energy and prosperity in your life!

Below are 3 powerful affirmations and commitments to support you into fully embodying that powerful creator that you already are, and will always be.

1. I am always loved, held and provided for by the Universe on every level.

Always stop the mind immediately in its tracks whenever it gets fearful, worried or concerned about surviving in this world. Repeat this mantra in your mind in its place and FEEL it seeping into your bones, “I am always provided for by the Universe on every level”. The faster you catch the mind whenever it drops into a fearful survival mode, the easier it becomes to transcend the pattern. By focusing only on these feelings of being provided for, your abundance vibration will grow and you’ll only manifest this situation to you.

2. I bathe all day in feelings of gratitude.

Whenever you start going into survival mode, refocus on gratitude and you’ll begin feeling more liberated to receive anything you want in your world. It is impossible to worry surviving when you are in the healing energy of gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most powerful and transformational energies on the planet! Yes, gratitude is that conscious vehicle that allows you to tap into your own abundance consciousness and creative energy. When you embrace gratitude as a way of being you naturally know the truth of your soul’s path and mission, and that you are already blessed with everything you need. From this place, you then become a massive magnet for attracting even more success, love, abundance and divine beings into your life.

3. I have the firm realization that I am a Powerful Conscious Creator.

As you go through your days this week, repeat to yourself one or all of these statements, “I am a conscious and powerful creator in my world. I’m always manifesting what I most desire. Everything is perfect in my world.” Just keep chanting this mind-altering mantra deeply and slowly. Your mind-body will eventually become reprogrammed with this truth. It may take a few days or weeks depending on your ulterior beliefs, yet soon you will deeply KNOW in your heart of hearts that you are consciously manifesting whatever you want in each moment. You are truly that powerful.

Your Awaken to Oneness Assignment:

As you go through the next 7 days of your life, notice which thoughts and actions come from a place of fear-based survival and which come from trust, love and abundance.

Notice the most common thoughts you have in your normal day when and where you are plagued by survival thinking. For example, if your biggest fear is about your career. You may be viewing your career as a way of surviving instead of as an avenue for thriving and creatively expressing yourself in life.

You might catch yourself saying, “I have to go to work today so that I can pay the mortgage.” If you say this, reframe that thought by cancelling it out in your mind (throw it into an incinerator) and replace it with the thought/feeling “I get to use my mind and my creativity to conscious create more love, joy and abundance in my life.”

Take out a piece of paper (right now) and write down all of the survival thoughts that you normally have and write down the new affirmation next to it. You will be amazed at how much more life energy you feel inside by simply shifting your thinking patterns and creating more awareness around these old limiting mindsets.

Awaken to Oneness Extra Credit:

Before going to bed each night this week, spend a few minutes focusing on what you are grateful for in your life. This will help you access the most powerful manifesting energy inside you. Anytime during the day, let yourself be spontaneously grateful for how the Universe has blessed you.

You will be sending out a high vibrational energy that starts magnetizing even more abundance into your life and eliminates survival thinking from your consciousness! Whenever you are bathing in the energy of gratitude, you have FULL access to a deeper knowingness that you are abundant, loved and free!

There is no way that the thoughts of surviving through life can exist, they all magically disappear!

Okay, enough for today.

Love to hear your feedback on this one

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