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Ockert J Möller

Discover The Secret to Manifesting your Hearts Desire

“Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness. All that befalls a man – all that is done by him – all that comes from him – happens as a result of his state of consciousness. A man’s consciousness is all that he thinks and desires and loves, all that he believes is true and consents to. That is why a change of consciousness is necessary before you can change your outer world.” ~Neville Goddard

Have you ever wondered why one person walking down a dark alley at night will get mugged while the previous person goes by untouched? Bad things may happen to apparently “good” people and good things happen to seemingly “bad” people all based upon the level of energy that they are vibrating at the time.

You are like a radio tower that is constantly transmitting a certain frequency into the Universe. Your thoughts and feelings create an energetic vibration that is sent out into the world. This vibration is then reflected back to you by the Universe, producing physical results in your personal world. What you send out is EXACTLY what you get back!

Your body is always sending out a specific frequency of energy. The frequency of energy your body and mind tend to vibrate at will attract or repel the thing you currently desire. If it is expansive, inspirational and positive, it will magnetize similar vibrational experiences back to you (such as amazing opportunities, positive-minded people, prosperous situations, etc.)

On the other hand, when we are sending out the energy of doubt, frustration, or fear, we tend to magnetize very difficult and challenging experiences that make us suffer endlessly!

In order to manifest what your heart is yearning for in life, simply and consistently emit a high positive vibration. This happens by tapping into those thoughts and feelings that make you feel GREAT about life! Whatever you continuously focus your attention on is what grows, and is what you’ll be manifesting more of down the road.

You were born a manifesting machine. You cannot stop manifesting as long as you have a body. You naturally attract whatever you are focusing your attention upon. Your body is like the engine of this magical machine, and your mind the brakes, gas and steering wheel. The manifesting fuel is spirit, which is something you cannot lose, create, or need to fill up. It is forever flowing inside you as you. It is your essential nature.

No matter what you do, think or believe, you can never lose the connection with this divine fuel inside you.

Sure it can get buried beneath many layers of muck created by the mind, yet once you investigate the source of any block, and truly uncover its mask, you’ll discover the block was never real to begin with. It was ALL imagined.

“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” ~Denis Degerot

All your problems are created between your ears. And to go even deeper, as the great master sage Ramana Maharshi once said, “All your problems stem from the belief that you were born.” You are an eternal being that cannot die, so truly you were never “born”.

All attachment to this body, this mind, these beliefs that you were born imply that you are separate from your Spiritual Source. To step into the all powerful manifesting being you truly are, simply surrender all false ideas and be one with this Source. As you devote yourself to knowing yourself as the divine all-powerful manifesting being you truly are, you will see that anything is possible.

The great manifesting master is ready to be integrated into your life. The more understanding you have about the basics and foundational manifesting principles, the easier it is to discover the manifesting master within and experience the magic everywhere you go.

You see, we always attract EXACLTY what we most need to know and experience. Some experiences we have in life are simply old repressed thought forms trying to bubble up from the depths of our subconscious to be healed and liberated. Whatever experience you manifest in life is yours and a result of your thoughts, feelings and energetic frequency. The fact that you are reading this information right now means you are ready to receive it.

When you are able to keep your mind on what you truly desire for even a few minutes a day, you’ll manifest it into your life at the speed of light. Learning how to hold your attention on one thing in a focused and yet non rigid way for an extended period of time is your first manifesting secret.

Discovering the spiritual being within you is the key to cultivating this focused attention. What is most needed to achieve this monumental feat is a gentle, curious and constant exploration of the truth of “who and what” you really are. This is something that cannot be described in words, yet the adventure to reveal this great gem within it is why you’re actually here.

Your Enlightening Assignment: Turn your attention and open your heart towards the feelings of joy, gratitude, peace, and love. Let yourself go deeply into these positive sensations for at least 15-20 minutes. Use your breath as your “happy pump”, meaning with each inhalation breathe in joy, hold it for a moment, then exhale and release this joy, spreading it out over the world.

Simply play with this exercise and above all…have fun!

Love to hear your feedback on this one.

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