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Releasing Fat With Your Mind

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Are you sick and tired of……

  • Panicking at the thought of wearing a bathing suit or tight jeans?
  • Huffing and puffing when you walk?
  • Trying to find clothes to hide those bulging body parts?
  • Not wanting to have your picture taken?
  • Being tired all the time?
  • Avoiding intimate relationships?
  • Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself fat and out of shape?
  • Feeling like your weight is out of control?
  • Thinking, not another diet……..please!

My guess is that you have probably tried every imaginable diet, weight loss program, pill, shake, meal replacement, starvation method and exercise gadget on the market to lose weight…and failed.

You’ve become discouraged and frustrated.

At some point you may have even considered liposuction and gastric bypass surgery.

You are reading this because you have tried everything possible to PERMANENTLY lose weight and nothing has worked!

If you have been programmed to believe that diets, pills, shakes, meal replacement, rigorous exercise and willpower are the only ways to lose weight, it’s no wonder you feel frustrated.

You will learn more about re-programming the mind as we go on

The Good News is Your Search is Over! You Can FINALLY get the Body You Deserve.

My name is Ockert Möller. I am a “Beliefs Management Coach”, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, Personal Performance Trainer and the author of numerous books on personal/spiritual development, the latest being “Reboot your Brain”.

I am also the author of the most popular manifestation program in the world – “Manifesting Model – Heal your Abundance”.  The 100 Day Awakened Imagination Challenge

Let me just throw this in for interest sake, “The Awakened Imagination” has the ability to be a partaker of the opposite. “Let the weak say ‘I Am’ strong, let the poor say ‘I Am rich”, does that ring a bell? Well, if that’s true then we can also assume the following, “Let the FAT at last say…..I can be at my ideal body weight”

What Happened From Here — To Here

Ockert Released 17 & 10 Kg’s of weight/fat in 40 days. 119 kg’s to 105 kg’s AWESOME

Joan, Adrie and Peter Released a combined 50 kg’s weight/fat in 40 days.

However, the proof is not in the seeing, but in EXPERIENCING it for YOURSELF!

While we both know it’s not fair…… people, who are not overweight, have all the advantages.


While we both know it’s not fair…… people, who are not overweight, have all the advantages.

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Amazing Gains

“I felt so much joy it was hard to contain, I had to go for a walk. My big gain was to be here with other like-minded people who have a quiet mind most of the time, you simply ‘have’ to do this training, it WILL change your life forever.” Erika


The greatest thing I have experienced since doing this training over the past few months is the metamorphoses from the old person to the new person.

Old person – Living but not alive.

Yes; while I was living and I had dreams and aspiration and I tried many different things I was not experiencing being alive.  Something was just missing and I felt miserable.  I listened to many successful people, went to seminars of the rich and famous and even bought several packages such as Light your own fire and Anthony Robbins’s CD set, I still did not feel any real change.  I found myself unable to get really excited and motivated.  My total drive and passion had left me.  My being-ness had already gone to the after-life, just my body was still around.

New person – Strong immovable spirit substance.

Then I discovered the “I AM” program and things started changing.  I started becoming alive again, started waking up almost arising out of the dead.  During the “I AM” program I was introduced to the age old concept of “Let go and let God have his wonderful way”, but this time the tangible thoughts and feelings of my heart started experiencing this concept and realizing for so long I have been searching for answers that was much closer than I could have ever imagined.  Now I am really alive.

I am able to share love so much easier and I communicate way more effectively without losing my patience.  I can let stuff go and concur any fear I may have immediately.  I am finally free from the strangle hold over my believes.

Now I know what freedom is and what it feels like to be alive.  The world is now really open for me to experience and I cannot wait to start each day. Every day in every way “I AM” becoming more and more fulfilled. Don’t miss this training…say YES NOW! – Hugo the Boss


This training is designed to produce profound and lasting results and deepen your awareness and consciousness.


“The ‘Let go and let God’ system has brought me all the peace and love I could have ever imagined. This thing I call my life is more fulfilling in every area.

Last night I released anger-fear-resentment that had been there for 39 years I had no idea this trauma/event was still in my body hurting me all these years.

Heat, tears, anger, grief, sadness moved through and out. Wow the garbage in garbage out, this was part of an original program playing out over and over. A) I lose B) I lose – now there is nothing id change, peace with the past!

Now it is love in. love out. Oh my God, I’m crying again as I’m writing this testimonial… I AM FREE, thank you, thank you. Thank you Ockert for being obedient to your inner promptings to develop this training, it is liberating and you simply have to experience this for yourself” – Jacques


“Finally I now really know what beingness is. It is just feeling free inside, experience lightness in the body and being happy, and having gratitude and love for the world.

My body changed a lot and I saw that resistance to people made my eyes unclear.

As I was letting go of this out of the control feeling my eyes got cleared I see the world and people even clearer than I could thought it could be. When I am breathing it is just like fresh air is coming through my nose without having any kind of effort.

My body is straight without doing anything, I realized that as I was letting go of a lot of fear especially fear of showing up to beautiful men. My mind got quiet and I have answers when I need them. I am just grateful to be in this world and have a very clear intuition.

I can look at people, love them and just be happy. I never experienced so much love to myself, to other people and the world, I just feel complete awake and free. I am so happy that a very good friend of mine ‘convinced’ me to do this training. This is my guarantee to you, you will not leave this training the same as you came, don’t miss it ” – Joan


So… Are you in?

If you don’t join us now, your life will probably be the same five years from now, ten years from now, twenty years from now. That’s what happens to the vast majority of people…Life passes them by because they’re afraid to act.

How you do anything is how you do everything. Don’t run the risk of saying to yourself five years from now, “Gee, I’m sorry I didn’t invest a few bucks in myself to experience freedom once and for all, when I had the chance.”

The “Final Step – Let go and let God” will literally jump-start your life to FREEDOM. Be there to join in their unprecedented high-energy. Be there to share in fellow participants gains and share your own gains.

Prepare now for your own “letting go and let God” crescendo.

Join in the Finish Line and Celebration of Freedom at the Final Step – Let Go……!

We have limited seating capacity.

Please book your seat us as soon as possible as these trainings are always sold out. We will fill spaces on a first-come basis. I’m looking forward to being with you on the 10th May

As always, love and respect



More Amazing Gains

I have been attending ,Ockert J. Moller (The miracle man), Oneness wisdom school, for the past five years. Every course had it’s own character. I was introduced into this cognocricy society, people that think for themselves.

Through time I had the privilege to discover more of my own unique traits. Every course Ockert repeated certain concepts (repetition is the mother of all skills). Yet he constantly build on the previous information (in formed action) stretching his students to new levels of awakening into a world of conscious awareness.

This semester Ockert through Infinite Spirit catapulted himself and his fellow co creators into a dimension of excellence. Daily through personal lessons and interaction via Daily Feedback Questions and weekly exercises,we grew into formidable individuals.

The concept of Let go and Let God, developed into it’s own clarity. As the concept unfolded into an easy and relaxed way of releasing every fear, can’t, want, approval, control and security into a beingness of having and experiencing abundance in all. The results of each step was measured not only in feedback but in physical evidence.

My personal gains was in greater confidence when speaking to groups, awareness of synchronicities and manifesting various new business opportunities.

Any course presented by Ockert J. Moller is intended to unlock the individual’s own hidden greatness. Most people fear their own greatness and become stagnated in a mediocre lifestyle. The best gift you can give yourself is to meet Ockert in person, your life will never be same again. You owe it to yourself.

Thank you and thank you Ockert.

Pastor Johan Kruger


I trust myself and my intuition and all perfect experiences that teach me more about myself.

I now know how to release fear and worry and the “I Cant’s” in my life and biggest of them all is to allow myself to let go and let God have His wonderful way

Johan Visagie – Remax

Okay, enough said, see you on the 10th May 18h30. It’s going to be fun meeting you in person!