How to Experience the Divine Perfection in Everything

“The miracle is that as you awaken, so too does the whole Universe.” ~Pir



The world has a natural order and perfection within it. This divinely orchestrated Universe is easy to see, feel and experience when you simply focus your attention in its direction. As you know, what you put your energy on grows stronger.

I regularly states, “Where your focus goes your attention goes, where your attention goes energy flows, where energy flows substance manifests”. In my experience this is an “absolute”.

The more you take time to look for the beauty and the perfection around you, the more you’ll see, feel, and experience the awesome Divine energy that is within all beings and things on the planet. It’s only your brain/mind that stops you from perceiving the Divine in every experience, person, and thing.

The brain/mind tends to complain about things that it perceives as bad or wrong because these things are not in alignment with its plans and expectations. The brain/mind would like everything to go according to its agenda and can think it is the Supreme ruler of its Universe.

Truly, it has no idea how your whole life is going to look once it is finished. While the brain/mind may grumble and get upset about certain experiences, you can always step back from the brain/mind and see the gift in every perceived “negative” event. Wherever there is an open brain/mind, there’s the possibility of seeing the positive within everything.

By looking at any event with humility and a long deep quiet curiosity, the perception pendulum inside the mind will swing from negative to positive.

With enough childlike innocence and courageous introspection you’ll start to understand that everything happens for a bigger purpose. This reason is not always evident at first, yet each event is always created by an all-loving intelligent Universe (don’t get confused, it’s always God through the Universe) which is helping you to live your life’s mission all the time.

If life were a big beautiful puzzle, the brain/mind would only be able to perceive one piece of the puzzle and not the entire assembled masterpiece. The conscious mind isn’t big enough to understand how all of the pieces of this deeply complex Universal puzzle of life all fit synchronistically together. Only when the mind drops can we catch a glimpse of the bigger picture. Only when it is one with the Universe will it truly understand and see this perfection everywhere all the time.


The Universal grand design is already perfectly in place. All the pieces of this mysterious puzzle are exactly right, even if the mind judges them not to be. The perceived imperfections you see are actually your path to freedom. You see, the purpose of the mind is to continually grow, open, learn, and expand to the point that it realizes it is one with the Universal mind. The mind creates these “misperceptions” JUST so it can one day know what perfection truly is and really appreciate it.

We really don’t know what love is until we’ve experienced a loss of love. Everything has its opposite to give us contrast so that we can have many different experiences to learn and grow from.

The mind often gets in the way of us seeing and knowing that this perfection is all around us. It believes it is solely responsible for managing your entire world, and that if one little thing is not right, it throws a huge raging fit! It tends to think that it’s the general manager of the Universe!

If your world does not seem perfect to the mind right now, take a giant step back from the mind.

This will help you to experience a more Universal perspective. Once you get even a tiny glimpse of this awesome divine holographic conscious matrix, the mind will be humbled, relax a bit and start to see more of the divinity in everything.


Your Awaken to Oneness Assignment:


Take the next week of your life to drop the critical, analytical, judgmental mind and notice the Divine perfection within everything and everyone. We invite you to spend your time looking for how perfect and utterly amazing the world is exactly as it is.

When you wake up in the morning, start with noticing the perfection of the habit of your mind. What is it typically thinking about and attempting to create in your life? Be curious, and accept whatever it is doing. Don’t fight it; just see that it is perfect.

Then get out of bed and take look at yourself in the bathroom mirror. See the perfection of this divine soul in a physical body looking back at you. Then notice the perfection of the weather. No matter what it is, whether its super hot, freezing, or raining proclaim… THIS TOO IS PERFECT!!

While at work, notice how others are absolutely perfect just the way they are, especially if you don’t like them! Notice how perfect this job is for you, or if you’re unemployed, notice how being free from work is exactly what you needed to manifest this new amazing career that is coming your way! Let your every experience be perfect and unfold exactly as it will.

When eating a meal, notice the perfection of the food. While you are driving, focus on how perfect it is if someone cuts you off in traffic, or if there’s a traffic jam kilometres long.

See the perfection in your children, partner, or house-friend. At the end of the day, bathe in the deep knowingness that all is Divine. Just spend

ALL your time exploring the feelings in your body-mind and heart that everything is perfect, and exactly as it should be.

Notice how different you feel after spending the day acknowledging the perfection in everything. You will see that this habit creates a new perspective on life that does something very magical to your entire being. It allows the mind-body to let go and come to a deeper sense of peace and trust.

When you trust the God/Universe, your ability to manifest your desires dramatically increases. You start naturally sending out a higher vibration of energy that attracts to you what you desire. Let go of the mind and start enjoying the perfection that is around you from the smallest flower to the tallest skyscraper.


Okay, enough for today.

Love to hear your feedback on this one


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