Meet Ockert

When I do live presentations the host will normally introduce me by saying, “Ockert Möller is what you get when you cross breed Indiana Jones, Richard Branson and Moses. A man on a mission to change the world one person, one business at a time”.

I like that, because that is quite frankly an accurate description of who I am.

My students and clients call me the “miracle man”, not because I am “the miracle man”, but because miraculous things start happing to people when they start interacting with me. I’ve teached thousands of people how to Create Miracles in their Life, taking them by the hand and showed them that peace of mind is just a thought and a breath away.

I am a veteran in the world of Spiritual Laws, quite literally teaching about Spiritual Laws since 1990. You can read more about my journey at the bottom of the page where I share with you a typical day in my life.

I started living and teaching Spiritual Laws because of the frustration I experienced with the non-performance of organized religion and many other spiritual/personal development practices.

In this market, some people think we’re supposed to have magical powers. Some kind of rags to riches story where I discovered some “secret” and today I’m making millions.

That’s the guru story pattern, but unfortunately I’d be bullshitting you if I tried to walk you down that road.

Although I did discover a “secret”, which I’ll share with you as we go on, it is not some magical power but rather an awareness of at first awakening to the fact that it is possible to be one with our creator, then growing into “being one”, which is the more difficult part because it requires courage to step out of your comfort zones and perseverance to keep on keeping on……in the right direction until you experience “Beingness – Being One” not only with our creator but with all of creation.

Really understanding your “I AM-nes”

The Power of “I AM”

I AM” is Power and “I AM” will free you when you know what it is and how to use it.

I AM” is who you are.

I AM” is your centre and what you experience is what you have believed to be truth, and …….. attached to it.

Be very careful what you attach to your “I AM”, it has the power to limit you or free you.

“I AM”

This is the “secret” that’s not supposed to be a “secret”.

And yes I AM happy and healthy, wealthy and healed and living in a “nice” house and I am driving “some nice” vehicles, but the purpose of this blog is not only about “rags to riches” it is about real freedom, freedom to expand, exalt, delimit, have abundance and to teach you how to experience “being one” with your creator to at last stop existing and start living!

My story isn’t one of magical powers, but one of tenacity. It isn’t about rags-to-riches… it is just about an average African who takes an untraditional path to making a living. Trusting our creator that all things will work together for the greater good

My Two Qualities

My only two qualities are curiosity and stubbornness. Those two combined made me undertake some crazy goals in my life, like starting a multimillion rand (South Africa) construction company from scratch in my early twenties, and loosing it all…..and then starting another multimillion rand construction company from scratch… and yes, you guessed that one right….. Losing it all…..and then starting another multimillion rand construction company from scratch… and yes, you guessed that one also right….. Lost it all to gain something awesome in its place.

I was running marathons, jumping out of aeroplanes (thank God with a parachute), jumping of bridges (Bungee jumping), white water rafting, and so many more “crazy” things.

New Direction

And then off I went in a total different direction. My new life started in 1989 when I ran into an energy that I cannot describe with words, an energy which I prefer to call God, you may call this energy whatever your prefer, it will not change the fact that there are this energy and it’s available to anyone that “Awaken to Oneness” or to use another phrase if you wish, “Become Enlightened”.

Once you get there you will realize nothing is impossible if you apply the “correct” rules (Please do not confuse this with organized religion).


But in spite of all I experienced and learned since 1989 my life “nearly” came to a standstill in February 2014 when my wife was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer of the small intestines and given 2 – 6 months to live.

She died the 31st of July 2017. The greatest lesson that I learned from this tragic experience is that there are a “time to live and a time to die”.

Off course this was a very traumatic event in my life, but I knew that God was/is the source and substance of my comfort and that gave me the courage to “get up”, face the world and carry on with my life.

Let me clearly state this again, I’m an average African who decided I didn’t want to go down the path most traveled.

The choices I made in the first 24 years of my working life (1966 – 1989) made me an extremely wealthy and…very unhappy alcoholic.

Through a series of “co-incidences” I ran into this phenomenal energy that I can’t describe in words and my previous PATH BECAME UNACCEPTABLE to me, that meeting set my life into a total different direction and I literally went from the “gutter-most” to the “utter-most”.

That’s all there is to it.

This is where I started!

“When I tell people that I am a Dream Builder; my unique brilliance is that I understand without knowing, I have come to set the captives free by igniting passion and action’ they laugh in agreement and say, ‘Yes, you do!’”


…….Started my professional career as a bricklayer (don’t laugh, Sean Connery – 007 also started his career as bricklayer)

……In 1989 I walked smack bang into an experience that changed my whole perception of God and my whole life miraculously changed, literally from the gutter-most to the uttermost

…..Received a diploma in Theology in 1992, started a church and welfare organization which grew from 5 members to more than 1000 within 5 years. I however quickly realized that there were a lot of limitations put on humanity by the dogmatic teachings of the church (Organized religion), I’m generalizing, most probably your church, if you are a church member is not doing it

….To break free from ‘Dogmatism’ I started studying  spiritual laws in the Bible together with Aramaic, Hebrews and Peshitta Greek and a whole new world opened up before me. Gone were the limitations and in its place the absolute freedom of the Spirit that gives LIFE.

…..Went to London in 1998 to study NLP with Dr John Seymour and Associates, quickly realized that my ideas and perspective about how to create a life of freedom and abundance was more valuable to the world than limiting it to a specific church.

Handed “my” church over to the elders and other pastors and started a Spiritual Coaching business.

……Believe that one of the greatest laws of God is the law of choices, you are free to choose but never free from the consequences of you choices.

……Believe that the law of reflection is exact and will always reveal to you the inner game you play so that you can become aware of what you think you deserve on a sub-conscious level and learn about yourself.

……Believe that the law of attraction is resting on the shoulders of two other giants (The Law of Deserving and the Law of Expectation)

……Believe we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

…..Know we’re worth far more than we give ourselves credit for.

……Get teary eyed at the incredible beauty of seeing someone break free from their limitations

……Love connecting the dots between a student/client’s heart, their dream, and taking action to achieve their goals.

My Before and After Story…

For years I thought success meant hard work and little free time. Sixty-hour workweeks and just a few days off a year were what I thought was normal. “Great!” I thought. I’m making a lot of money but felt a poverty of freedom and choice. Plus I was exhausted.

In early 1998 I had a second big wake-up call. Since then, I’ve designed my business around my life, not the other way around.

And now… I play 6 (some people call it work) days a week. I enjoy between 10 and 12 weeks off every year to relax and rejuvenate. I spend one week every 90 days by myself in the mountains or bushveld focused exclusively on getting in contact with myself and our creator.

Learning to apply spiritual laws which are described as “The Secret in the Bible” link to sales page is one of the keys to my success. I have a fabulous support team who takes care of all the other aspects of my business, which gives me enormous freedom and peace of mind. I have multiple, profitable revenue streams that feed each other. I enjoy a healthy income that doubles every year.

How do I do it?

By trusting God and applying Spiritual Laws to create transformation in all the areas of life. The same way you will if you follow my step-by-step system/s.

Along with practical strategies and actions, I pay a lot of attention every day to what I think about constantly (Proverbs 23:7 ‘Like a person think in their heart so are they) I am also very aware about what comes out of my mouth (Proverbs 18:21 ‘The power of life and death is in the tongue’)

Most important is to:

Trust your intuition!

Even though I am a highly trained professional coach and trainer with thousands of coaching and training hours under my belt, I know my greatest coaching/training skill is intuition.

My coaching request to you? Trust yours! Always remember your intuition is your gateway to God’s wisdom.

This is one of the major skills we teach inside the “Manifestation LAB”, join us and learn how to ignite yours…your intuition I mean

Don’t let your fence stay broken!

“What? You mean I’m NOT responsible for everyone on the planet?!” Keeping good boundaries is an essential ingredient to creating a life you love. Practice it daily.

Buck up!

I love this concept! Simply put, it means to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.

No ifs, and’s, or buts. Whenever I’m humming and hawing over a situation I know I need to buck up and speak the plain truth. Works every time!

Your Promised Land.

You have to enter your promised land; nobody is going to offer you a piggy-back ride.

Sure I can point out the direction and the methods, but I cannot do it for you, you have to “step out of the boat” my dear friend and do something about it.

Look I know it’s not always easy, I remember the time I had a glimpse of my “promised land”’ how exited I was about it…until I ran in the first obstacle, and the second one….and all the rest that followed. Been there, done that!

Perhaps you’ve been here, too. You’ve been given a vision. And you’re waiting to see your dream become a reality.

I remember the years that I spent wandering through the wilderness on the road to my current “success”, wrestling with my doubt, fear, and unbelief. I recall the first time that I considered writing a book. It seemed impossible, doubting that I would ever see my dream fulfilled.

But you know what…I did it, and because of my own experiences with the above mentioned the “Coaching Manifestation Program” was born so that you, my friend, can have a road map, a system, to follow that will save you years of struggle wondering through your own wilderness.

When you decide to join us in the “ Miracles Coaching Program” or in our Sunday Morning Group Coaching sessions I will show you exactly how to navigate the rough waters so that you too can enter your “promised land”…. Effortlessly!

A typical day in my life?

When I am not traveling.

My life structure is based on the same fundamentals as they were twenty  years ago (current time of writing 2018), which are essential the key principles that have motivated me since the day I had my second awakening way back in 1998

Everything is derived from one core concept: Freedom

Living life on my terms!

Freedom to choose what to do, when I want to do it and with whom I want to do it (assuming they want to do it too of course!).

I choose to wake up at 04h30 (I never use an alarm clock, I believe every wakening process should be natural, I therefore ask my sub-conscious to wake me up at a specific time).

After waking up I go through a hygiene routine that includes tongue scraping, teeth brushing light stretches and drinking almost half a liter of water. After sleeping for eight hours, drinking a good amount of water makes sense. Make some green tea and walk over to my offices (My office is on the same premise as my house)

For the next 30 – 60 minutes (depends on my gut feeling) I will sit in a half lotus position meditating by entering the “inner room of myself” (Mathew 6:6). Afterwards I will read something from spiritual literature to stimulate my mind until approximately 06h00. At six I will go make myself some tea and relax for a while

Back in the office approximately 06h30 I will:

  • Clear the e-mail
  • Prepare an e-mail newsletter (every second to third day)
  • Write a blog post (once a week)
  • Respond to forum and facebook questions
  • Work on a component of my current project in development (Group coaching, seminars and presentations etc.)

Back to my house approximately 09h00, have breakfast, shower, get dressed and see my first coaching client at 10h00

Lunch at 12h00 and then I’ll see two more clients spaced over the afternoon, stay in office until about 18h00 reading and spending time with the most important person in my life – me

Dinner at 19h00, and then of to bed at 22h00. And to all the caring people out there, I do eat fruit and nuts in between meals and drink at least three litres water every day, and yes I do physical training every second day in my gym

The exception to the rule is when I do morning or one day seminars on various subjects. On Tuesday evenings I teach a meditation class Thursday evenings a workshop on advanced consciousness (Awaken to Oneness).

On Sunday mornings at 09h30 we teach Metaphysical Biblical Symbolism to our membership club students for 60 minutes.

There you go that’s my typical day/week, of course there are exceptions to the rule, I will never compromise my freedom of choice. As you can see all play and no work

I read every night and take early morning or late evening walks. Looking at the stars at night always remind of how special I’m to God. Just think about it, He put them there especially for me…………and you

Credentials and professional training:

  • Diploma in Theology
  • Certified Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trained and certified by Dr John Seymour and Associates UK
  • Neuro Plasticity Reprogramming Practitioner (Beliefs Management Coach)
  • Sound – Light Suggestion Therapy (Form of Hypnoses)
  • Theta Inner Room Healing Practitioner
  • International accredited Thinking Skills Instructor – School of Thinking
  • Advanced Leadership Certificate – School of thinking
  • University of life (Everything that could not be learned in formal schooling)

My favorites …

Biltong ….. dark chocolate … roses and stars … honesty … human beings … God … nature … studying old languages… Kris Kristofferson … braaivleis, sunny skies and … deep soft blue … ice-cream cones … a neat house … appreciation … reading metaphysical books … comfortable clothes … beauty wherever I look … hearing excitement in my students/client’s voice … South Africa – it’s where I live…….walking barefoot ……being with my-self … did I already mention, biltong and dark chocolate?


Make the decision NOW! Join us in the “Miracles Coaching Program” or any given Sunday for a Group Coaching Session on Metaphysics and the Bible and I’ll teach you the exact same principles that took me from the “gutter-most to the utter-most”

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