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Ockert J Möller

Manifesting Bible



Most of the techniques that I’m describing I learned from Neville Goddard Neville’s thoughts yet we are so closely woven in the tapestry of thought that the words and techniques are now mine and they will be yours if you actually apply it

The words are true and, hopefully understandable enough so you can test them and discover for yourself that when the truth is applied, it is made alive by a spiritual experience.

Always bear in mind that when Neville speaks of man, he is speaking of generic man (man/woman). Man is the external world, the natural man; while imagination is the internal world, the man of spirit. God (imagination) became the natural man that the man of nature may become God who is Spirit.

Always think of yourself as two beings, one who sees through the organs of sense and the other through the mind of imagination.

And always remember God’s name as he revealed it to Moses. I AM.

That is who I AM. And by this name, I shall be known throughout all

generations. I AM that I AM.

I the trinity, in unthinkable origin, AM God the Father. And I in creative

expression AM the Son, for imagination is born of consciousness.

Therefore I, in universal interpretation, in infinite imminence, in eternal

procession AM God, the Holy Spirit.

I suggest that you read the book from cover to cover, and then decide on

which techniques you want to try.

Okay, let’s have fun.


  • Introduction
  • The Formula
  • The Law of Assumption
  • Understanding States of Consciousness
  • Technique #1 Believe in Imaginal Acts as Facts.
  • Why do some people fail at manifesting?
  • Technique #2 Breathing
  • Remain faithful.
  • Technique #3 Catch the Mood
  • Everything You Need to Know About States
  • Technique #4 Climbing a Ladder
  • If you really follow the formula.
  • Technique #5 Congratulations
  • How to shift into the state of the wish fulfilled and stay there
  • Technique #6 Construct an Event
  • Take a moment and notice.
  • Technique #7 Control Your Inner Speech/Conversations
  • How to Speed Up Your Money Manifesting
  • Technique #8 Dare to Assume
  • THIS really is Simple and Speedy
  • Technique #9 Eavesdrop
  • Everyone Is You Pushed Out (Explained)
  • Technique #10 Enter the Dream
  • Endlessly struggled with money, all my life
  • Technique #11 Feel as You Fall Asleep
  • Your Desire must be Genuine.
  • Technique #12 Feel Deeply
  • The power of being at home
  • Technique #13 Go to the End/Fast Forward
  • Self-love – The Concept of Self That Will Change Your Life
  • Technique #14 Go Within
  • Notice the attitude that you have.
  • Technique #15 Indulge the Feeling of Satisfaction
  • It’s time to transform. Your old self must die.
  • Technique #16 I Remember When
  • I Remember When Application
  • Technique #17 Live the Answer Now
  • What If?
  • Technique #18 Order Then Wait
  • Are you ready to let go your pain?
  • Technique #19 Order Your Conversations Aright
  • Manifesting exactly what you want? Exactly?!
  • Technique #20 Persistent Assumption
  • The Law of Reverse Effort
  • Technique #21 Prayer
  • Don’t underestimate REVISION.
  • Technique #22 Pruning Shears of Revision
  • Are you Feeling It Good or Feeling It Real?
  • Technique #23 See and Hear Your Desire
  • Living in the end. How and how long?
  • Technique #24 Thank You.
  • How to get more ALIVE?
  • Technique #25 Telephone
  • How to change your past in seconds?
  • Technique #26 Test Yourself
  • Testimonies

With the Manifesting Bible eBook, you’ll have your hands on the exact strategies and step by step techniques that allowed me and thousands of other people just like you to create a lifestyle of choice every single day.

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