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Ockert J Möller

Mind-Emptiness: Yes, ‘ALL’ my Needs are Met


This book is born from a profound desire to challenge and dispel the pervasive myth that life must be a constant struggle to “make ends meet”.

Can we truly attain a state where worries dissolve effortlessly, and all our needs are abundantly fulfilled? This question has been the cornerstone of my life’s work, explored deeply in each of my previous books on manifesting and inner transformation.

My aim with every written word has been clear: to guide you towards that sacred inner sanctuary where everlasting peace resides. Too often, the notion of peace is relegated to a distant future, encapsulated in the phrase “rest in peace”.

However, I am here to reveal that peace, fulfillment, and abundance are not just aspirations for the afterlife, but achievable realities in our present existence.

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