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Ockert J Möller

Transform your limiting beliefs.



Unlike many approaches, which require a person to find the source of undesired or limiting conditions in the past, the technique of identifying and handling limited beliefs utilize the ever-present feedback of experiences in the present to enable a person to find and transform his limiting beliefs to positive ones.

Thus, it requires far less time to find and change the restrictive or inhibiting factors in one’s life and enables a person to make deep and basic changes.


Realizing your aspirations

  • How we connect with existence and create experiences
  • How we get limiting beliefs and where they come from
  • Limiting beliefs, the major obstacle to being, doing & having, what we
  • want in our life’s expansion.
  • Finding our limiting beliefs
  • Changing limiting beliefs to positive ones, preparation for changing beliefs
  • Results of changing beliefs
  • Transforming creative energies
  • APPENDICES: Identifying limiting beliefs in specific areas
  • APPENDIX A: Generic limiting beliefs that affect our lives.
  • APPENDIX B: Limiting beliefs relating to financial difficulties.
  • APPENDIX C: Limiting beliefs which may be the source of problems at
  • work or business
  • APPENDIX D: Finding a job.
  • APPENDIX E: Poor self-image
  • APPENDIX F: Limiting beliefs that may be the source of difficulty in
  • learning
  • APPENDIX G: Limiting beliefs which may cause problems in a
  • relationship
  • APPENDIX H: Limiting beliefs that may produce anxiety.
  • APPENDIX I: Limiting beliefs that may cause depression.
  • APPENDIX J: Limiting beliefs that may be causing a person to have a
  • lack of interest or drive in life
  • APPENDIX K: Limiting beliefs that may be contributing to physical.
  • problems
  • APPENDIX L: Limiting beliefs that may limit creativity and writing.
  • APPENDIX M: Voice sequence in guiding a person in changing limiting.
  • beliefs to positive ones
  • Testimonials

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