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The Coaching Manifestation Model:

The greatest reason people struggle to “Create – Manifest” their life by Design using Law of Attraction principles is because they do not follow a proven model or road map!

But before we delve into that, let me ask you a question.

Is this you?

  • You wake up in the morning worrying about your bills or income?
  • You are in a career that’s stealing away from your life instead of supporting it?
  • You are in a relationship that’s “zapping” your energy?
  • When you try to “fantasize” or visualise more financial success you immediately go into worry about how you would keep from losing it again?
  • You are ready to create the life of your dreams, but you just, “DON’T KNOW HOW?
  • You have heard the statement. “Nothing they Imagined will be Impossible for them”, but you don’t know how it really works?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions…… then you’re in the right place, because……….

I have very GOOD NEWS for you!

No amount of wishful thinking or random New Year resolutions will give you the life of your dreams. Understanding Spiritual Laws and using them strategically will attract the right kind of people and circumstances into your life that will enable you to live your life by Design instead of Default.


“You’re about to discover the “Real Truth” About Money, Wealth and the “Not So Secret” Secret as to WHY Real and Sustainable Wealth, Happiness and Lasting Fulfillment Eludes So Many…”

How The Coaching Manifesting Machine/Model Works – Explained in 9 Minutes

I “fondly” call our Coaching Programs the Manifestation Model because, frankly, that’s exactly what it is! 

What makes living the life of your dreams possible is the “manifesting machine/model”….and this sits in your sub-conscious that’s eagerly waiting to obey your every command.

In our Coaching Programs we will show you what the “manifesting machine/model” is, how it operates and how you can use it to create the life of your dreams by design.

The Foundation For Everything…

Let me remind you again, no amount of wishful thinking or random New Year resolutions will give you the life of your dreams.

Your life will never manifest the way you want it to be unless you realise how POWERFUL you really are. The moment you “Dare to Awaken to Oneness” you will experience a series of awesome co-incidences and intuitive promptings that will show you how to experience “Effortless Success”.

“Oneness as a concept is beautiful, as an experience is staggering”

Let’s first ask this question, what do humans do? The obvious answer is “they live”. However, the real scary truth is that most humans don’t live….they only exist. How sad to live without being alive?


How about you…….do you want your dreams to be buried with you?

Underlying everything, your life should be about transformation.

Whether it is to learn a new skill, to lose weight, to make money, to alleviate a problem or discomfort – all of this represents your transformation.

Here’s How Our Coaching Programs Can Help You Maximize Your Life!

There is typically a very large gap between where you currently are…. and the perfect life you envision for yourself.

I’m here to bridge that gap. Pure and simple.

Many/most people (mistakenly) look at personal/spiritual development as a huge time-suck with a low ROI, while a lot of people are out there chasing some of the usual “airy – fairy”, “Law of Attraction” stuff and seeing little more than pennies for all their hard work.

This isn’t just about buying another program on personal development or the “Law of Attraction”, Spiritual laws or any other hype about “Forgotten Spiritual Laws” or “I ran into an old man at a bus stop that shared a ‘Secret’ with me”. It is about using your “God given Power” to think for yourself to transform your life.

I believe that “Spiritual Laws” is an extremely powerful manifesting tool – especially in today’s “apparent chaotic” world – but the truth is that, in order for it to work, “Spiritual Laws” has to be used in a strategic way, in a specific order. It has to be backed up with real “experiential” fundamentals.



In a world of experience, it’s only the experience that counts!

More about Spiritual Laws in our “Happiness Secret” That Can Change Your Life FREE Six Day E-course

“You’re about to discover the “Real Truth” About Money, Wealth and the “Not So Secret” Secret as to WHY Real and Sustainable Wealth, Happiness and Lasting Fulfillment Eludes So Many…”

The real reason anyone experience lack, is because they don’t understand the power of thoughts, especially the seed (original) thought that created your current thinking.

The “seed” thought that created lack is fear, and the “seed” thought that created fear is always a feeling of separateness. Primarily a feeling of being separate from our Creator – Divine Mind.

The “seed” thought that creates abundance is love, and the “seed” thought that creates love is always a feeling of oneness. Primarily a feeling of being one with our Creator – Divine Mind, and through that being one with everything else in the Universe.

Now, if you are clever enough, which I believe you are, you would’ve noticed that the first assumption I made was based on the past and the second assumption is based in the present moment. Which by the way; is the only time that you have to create change.

I’m here to bridge that gap. Pure and simple.

On this blog and especially in our Coaching Programs, I’ll show you how to close the gap between your current and your future desired reality by focusing on your abilities instead of limitations. Using certain strategies that capitalize on modern technology mixed with age old wisdom, we will work to expand the typical “Lack Mindset” into an “Abundance Mindset” for building a true authority to Command as a King

Showing you how to grow from a feeling of “Separateness” which bring fear and therefore lack into your life to a feeling of “Oneness” which bring love and abundance into your life………..effortlessly

So, instead of getting bogged down on the usual “buy another course that does not work” hamster wheel, or losing precious time chasing lacklustre “Freebies” that promises everything but delivers nothing…

… enroll in one of our coaching programs, and get proven strategies and action plans aimed squarely at getting results and truly start living by design instead of default.

The Process

Most people rush right into trying to manifest their ideal lives before spending any thought at all on their “foundation”. This is why most “manifestors” manifest by Default instead of Design!

Inside our Coaching Programs, I teach a process of establishing your foundation before you begin manifesting. In doing this you will at last learn what Einstein meant when he said, “No problem can be solved with the same consciousness that created it”.

Finally Revealed: A Proven Coaching System To Start Manifesting Like a Master And At Last Create The Awesome Lifestyle You LOVE By Design.


“Life exists as a tool to turn concept into experience”

PS. Life also are continuously trying to EXPRESS itself!!!!!!!

How’s yours doing currently?

The central understanding of Oneness is that inner transformation and awakening into higher states of consciousness is not an outcome of a mere intellectual understanding but through a shift in consciousness whereby one’s experience of life is redefined at its core.

PSST. The real reason why Job 22:28, “If you command a thing, it will be so for you” does not work for everybody is because they try commanding “things” into life without being a “commander”, they have no authority backing up their commands! More about that inside the Manifestation LAB!

You have to realize that:

I AM” is Power and “I AM” will free you when you know what it is and how to use it.

I AM” is who you are.

I AM” is your centre and what you experience is what you have believed to be truth, and attached to it.

Be very careful what you attach to your “I AM”, it has the power to limit you or free you. “I AM”

What you have believed to be true…and “ATTACHED to it. This is the KEY!!

I AM that I AM, that I will BE

“ehye asher ehye”

I AM that I AM, that I will BE

I Choose to Believe that…….

I am Happy and Healthy, Wealthy and Healed, that I am

I AM That I AM That I will BE

I and the Father are ONE


By following this Coaching Process to build your “Manifesting Muscle” around our model, you will…

Remember……Unless you are a Circus Animal, you shouldn’t be WORKING for PEANUTS, now you don’t HAVE TO!

Whatever it is that FLOATS you Boat and Lights your Fire, YOU can CREATE it – you just need to KNOW HOW.

Which is EXACTLY what this Coaching Programs WILL DO for YOU…..

The REAL Question is, CAN you AFFORD not to ENROLL in One of our Coaching Programs?

So, my “new” best friend, are you ready?

No, I did not hear that one…………. are you ready?

Shout it out loud……….YES, I AM….READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s YOUR time and you’re ready for the next step…

From there, we can have all sorts of fun with our manifesting. There are plenty of more specific strategies and tactics we can – and will – discuss in our blog and especially in our Coaching Programs. I can help you develop your manifesting muscle, to at last live your life by design instead of default.

But, if you’re starting from scratch with us, it all begins with the foundation.

What’s The Next Step?

Enroll in a Coaching Program and Learn the rest of the “SECRETS” of the Masters!

For “Awakened Manifestors” Who Are Ready To Get Down To The Business Of Manifesting by Design Instead Of Default.

All the training the “Oneness Wisdom School” offers, plus the support and community you’ll need to turn your manifesting abilities into a awesome powerhouse.

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