A Gift from my Heart to Yours….

“Life exists as a tool to turn concept into experience!”

The BIG question is: after all you have been through, after all the promises given to you… plus the studying, the hard work… after all the New Year resolutions, starts and stops, honest tries at this and that, doing your best to be good to your neighbour, doing what your parents, teachers and preachers told you to do… after all that…

How on earth is it possible that you still are not living the life of your dreams…?

Allow me to answer the question for you, as a GIFT from my heart to yours. I’ve just finished my latest book “Nineteen Principles to Become an I AM Awakened Manifestor Manifesto”

You can download yours here… it’s FRE@ www.ockertmoller.com

Some of the Principle you will learn:

1.Principle One: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor Is Never A Victim

2.Principle Two: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor understands the Power of I Am

3.Principle Three: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor “realizes” the power of Spiritual Laws

4.Principle Four: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor Is Guided By Passionate Intention, Not Rigid Plans

5.Principle Five: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor Takes Inspired Action… And Then Let Go and let…..Yeah, that one baby 😉

6.Principle Six: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor Knows The Impossible Is Possible

7.Principle Seven: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor Knows That You Control Your Financial Reality By Controlling Your Money Beliefs

8.Principle Eight: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor Knows There Is No Other Way

9.Principle Nine: The “I AM” Awakened Manifestor Knows That You Cannot Solve A Problem With The Same Consciousness That Created It

Go on, what are you waiting for, download your “Manifesto” and see what the rest are www.ockertmoller.com

Okay that’s it for now – talk to you again soon

As always – love and respect

Your coach/friend

The miracle man (Law of Attraction – Mindset Coach)
You are the results of what you were; you will be the results of what you are!


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