An Easy way to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

You better believe that this is a given! 😉

When you break it right down, there are really only TWO types of people in the world:

  1. There are people who WANT things. This group makes up 99% of the population. These people go through life, mostly striving and working hard, but sadly never really getting all that they want.
  2. And there are people who CHOOSE TO HAVE things. This group amounts to only 1% of the population, yet this group is made up of the super-achievers. They seem to waltz through life with Lady Luck on their arm.

On the surface, WANTING something and CHOOSING TO HAVE something appear very similar. But beneath the surface the “undercurrent of energy” is completely different. You can experience this right now for yourself.

That also in a nutshell is the greatest problem with “affirmations”. If you don’t use it in the correct manner it can actually work against you.

Let’s for instance say you want to release some weight and you try the following affirmation while looking in the mirror, “I am a lean mean machine”.

Guaranteed, sooner than later your rational brain will kick in and say, “You must be joking, have you looked at yourself lately, you are not a lean machine, you are fat”.

Now try the following affirmation, “I choose to believe that I am a lean machine”. Can you notice the difference, which statement is the more acceptable? Off course the, “I choose to believe”’

Now let’s take this a step further, come on, you have to work with me on this one 😉

Pick something you want. Anything. Let’s just say, for example, it’s more money. FEEL how much you WANT it. Really get in touch with those sensations of wanting it.

Dwell in that wanting for a minute or so.

Done? Good.

Now put that wanting aside for this moment. And in its place, state to yourself that you CHOOSE TO HAVE more money. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know where that money is likely to come from. Just say to yourself, “I choose to have more money.” And notice the energy associated with that. Just dwell in that energy of choosing to have more money.

Notice the difference? Just stating to yourself that you CHOOSE TO HAVE it creates an immediate shift in your feeling response (your energy) to it.

That’s good. Because it’s experimental proof that you’ve made a definite decision. And just getting clear on what you choose to have has, in and of itself, a greater feel of possibility to it.

Now, let’s go further with this. I recommend you write down what you choose to have on a piece of paper. So, in this example, you’d write: “I choose to have more money.” Better still, it would be more specific, as in: “I choose to have an extra $500.”

Then, underneath that, write this question (and internalize it): “What seems to be getting in the way of that?”

What then? Simple: Have the whole loaf instead of half the loaf! Just start listing the beliefs, thoughts and feelings (all the perceived limitations) that stand in the way of you having what you choose right now in this moment. This way you’re making conscious what have probably been, until now, unconscious blocks to you having what you previously WANTED.

Now, what you “do” is so simple there’s really no doing-ness involved in it. You simply read over the limitations on your list (one by one) and simply WELCOME THE SPACE in which each limitation (be it a thought, belief or feeling) is able to exist. In other words, put your awareness on the SPACE in which each perceived limitation exists—rather than on trying to get rid of the limitation itself.

By being willing to be aware of the SPACE (which is infinite) in which the limitation (which is finite and fleeting) appears to exist—the limiting sensation (which is really only energy) will release all by itself. As effortlessly as you exhale your breath.

Prove it to yourself. And you will experience greater certitude around the thing you choose to have.

See, you really don’t have to make anything happen or even manifest what you choose to have. Instead, all you have to do is ALLOW “SPACE” for it to show up in your life.

To recap:

Firstly, switch from WANTING (which has a lacking energy to it) to CHOOSING TO HAVE (which has an acceptance energy to it).

Secondly, allow all limitations that seem to be in the way the SPACE to release and dissolve all by themselves.

Then notice the certitude energy around what you choose to have. And watch how your life unfolds in such a way that the thing you choose to have shows up.

That’s it. Rinse and repeat!

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