Are you available?

In the Awakened Imagination Challenge we learn that the most exquisite and enlightening experience of your life instantly shows up when you are fully open, receptive and available to the Universe. By being completely open, receptive and available to whatever the divine existence is offering you in this moment, the greatest experience of life simply pour in.

Every deeply loving, successful, and magically divine experience will throw itself at your feet when you are open, available and receptive. This moment contains the magical state of enlightenment, and you can discover it spontaneously when you give up searching “out there” for the happiness, fulfillment or the “answers”, and start trusting your ability to receive the grace that is inherently yours to be experienced.

Imagine you are like a wildflower, who is always opening and receptive to the warm gentle light from the Sun. The soft delicate flower petals must then also be open to experiencing the harsher elements, such as the wind, rain, fertilizer and competitive weeds for a growing life to persist.

When you live your life like this wildflower, you root yourself deep into fertile soil and welcome whatever enlightening or not so enlightening experiences life brings you. You know that all the soft and hard elements you attract are necessary for your soul’s highest evolution, and thus allow for each experience to enter you fully.  As a result, a great strength and beauty is developed, and only is seen when you are consistently open and receptive to every experience life brings your way.

The experience of being open, receptive and available spontaneously happens when you have an unshakable trust that this highly intelligent loving existence always knows what’s best for you. Unstoppable receptivity is your ticket into Heaven, and yet to open the door and walk through the gates you will need 100% trust. When you’ve reached absolute trust on your inner world, your outer world feels this divine quality radiating from you, and the spark of enlightenment instantly ignites within you.

Living in this supreme state of trust and enlightened availability means you need to be a spiritual warrior on your inner world.

You get to constantly choose to be a radically free from all limitations that arise in the mind, and decide to live beyond the confines of every social belief the world presents.  To go beyond the limits of your own ego/mind takes a very courageous warrior-like energy that is ready to die for freedom. This may be the most terrifying and/or a liberating experience you’ll ever have in your life, yet it also means that you are ready to truly be alive, and live your truth on the deepest levels.

Inside your heart of hearts is a state of immense joy, unfathomable love and freedom that is independent of any outer cause or experience. This enlightening experience is found only through letting go of this constant struggle to attain some better, new and improved experience of life.

As you slowly tire of the ego’s constant outer search, you will naturally start being divinely receptive to the Light within and discover an exquisite infinite source of inner peace inside you.  It is already here, at the core of your being, just underneath all your desires.

This enlightening path leads you to a life that is naturally spontaneous, creative and devoted totally to this moment of existence. From here you don’t have to search for any profound life experience, the enlightenment experience simply finds its way into you. As you become available to experience anything and everything that arises inside you, you’ll see this enlightening existence naturally awakens within. Have a deeply profound and super enlightening week/end…enjoy!

You are the light of this world

You are the light of this world
We are all Enlightened Beings in disguise. Every being is born with full access to the highest peak of truth, love and consciousness. If you look into a baby’s eyes you will see it. The sparkle of their pure uncluttered untainted awareness is blazing there. You can see that there is no sense of time, rigid beliefs, or systems of controlling the world in their mind.  There is just pure presence and awareness. They are a naturally in love with life, without even trying their Enlightened Nature shines through. This consciousness is in all of us for at one time we were all once a baby.

“All beings are from the very beginning Buddhas.” ~ Hakuin

If our Enlightened Nature is already here now, complete and whole in itself, why isn’t the entire world filled with an abundance of Enlightened Beings? There is one little thing in the way called the “ego”. The mind gets identified with certain desires, thinking it HAS to have these things in order to be happy.  The attachment to desire gets in the way and obscures this light of pure being.  When there is too much attachment or resistance to anything in life, it causes the mind to malfunction and lose contact with its naturally enlightened perspective on reality.  What it needs is to relax; rest and wait for the clarity to come pouring through.

The unenlightened mind is a lot like a fish in a fishbowl who is anxiously swimming around in circles, causing the water to spin and all the muck on the bottom to be stirred up distorting the clarity of the water. When the fish stops swimming and rests, it takes a while yet soon the muck settles back to the bottom of the bowl and the water becomes crystal clear.  If your health, relationships, money, work or love life seems to be spinning around in muck, you simply need to stop all movement, relax the mind and rest deep inside yourself again.  In time your issue will resolve itself as the light of your own consciousness will clarify everything for you.

By bringing the mind to a complete halt, the illusions of your mind disappear and you naturally experience the infinite source inside you.  Being still is the greatest secret to discovering Enlightenment.  When you are completely calm, still and unmoving, your mind becomes crystal clear.  You can only experience the loving, eternal, and divine aspects of your infinite Enlightened Nature. The heart opens and an unconditional love for all beings (including yourself) naturally begins pouring through you.  When the mind is uncluttered you can see the divine truth of who and what you truly are.

“I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.” ~Chang Tzu

The very instant you are empty of mind chatter, you can stop and take a good long look inside yourself.  You can explore yourself, investigate your past, look into what you want to manifest in your future, and discover something quite amazing about your very nature. You realize that you are not this body, nor these thoughts, or anything you can imagine with your mind. Who you really are goes beyond thinking, beyond concepts, and beyond the mind. You are an infinite and eternal soul that cannot be burned by fire or wet by water. You are this forever expanding consciousness that cannot be defined.

When you are in a state of pure being, completely free from the mind, you instantly start connecting with your inherent Enlightened Nature. Suddenly, as if from out of no where, your true radiant self with all its positive life expanding qualities finds its way into your life. Your relationships become fun, easy and effortless and you think about what amazing gifts you have inside you to give back to the community.  The most simple blissful joyful sensations are naturally experienced in the most ordinary situations.  By being silent quiet and still, you discover that you are ALREADY deeply connected to an Infinite source of goodness within.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Every morning for the next week of your life I invite you to explore one thing. The very instant that you’ve awakened from your sleep, before you move your body or open your eyes, take these precious moments to turn your attention inwards and ask this one question. Where is the source of thought coming from? The question itself is the purpose of the exercise, it’s not necessary to find an answer.  Just keep pointing your attention in the direction of where you feel or think the source of thought is coming from.  Directing your intention inside yourself is the key to opening the great door to the beyond.

Before you wake up, just take a look inside you.  Look deeper inside yourself before your mind starts to think about its agenda for the day. Simply investigate where the Source of thought is coming from, and if you can feel into it, relax into it and rest in the core of it.  This way you’ll tend to return to this place all throughout your day.  Bring your whole heart and soul into this enquiry and if you get stuck then simply remain curious. Do not try to get anywhere, just remain in a state of curiosity and see what happens!  There is a hidden force behind your mind running this grand master show. This indivisible divine energy is very powerful when you connect with it, and when you find it you’ll be able to shape shift your life in any way you’d like it to be.

“Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, and expect to grow spiritually. You are not living by human laws. Expect miracles and see them take place. Hold ever before you the thought of prosperity and abundance, and know that doing so sets in motion forces that will bring it into being.” ~Eileen Caddy

The Secret to Reaching Ultimate Freedom

If you look at history, at all the wars and religions that were formed throughout time, they were all based on one thing.  People did not feel intimately connected with their divine spiritual nature.  If they did feel this real connection inside themselves, there would be no reason to fight for anything or search for God.  When you know deep down in your heart that you are one with God, all is well.  You feel perfectly at peace inside.  All your complaints and problems will fade into the Light, like how a candle flame disappears when held up to the blazing of the Sun.

“You are the all-pervading, all-transcending Reality. Behave accordingly.”  ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

All suffering on this planet boils down to this one simple thing.  The illusion of separation from our spiritual Source.  This stems from the ignorance of our inherent spiritual nature.  Of course many of us know this intellectually, yet to be living it is an entirely new experience.  The rest of this article is an attempt to bring you back home, and show you exactly how to re-discover and experience your divine spiritual nature.  You must open a brand new door in your heart, if you’re going to find a whole new Universe, and the real gateway to total freedom.

The enlightened state is a way of being, where the mind is at peace with itself.  The demands and issue of the world no long have the push and pull on us.  The Westerners are no longer forcing themselves to be on time, busy and constantly productive.  There is more an exploration of the heart in leisurely time, sitting around, deeply relaxed, and doing absolutely nothing. This is what it takes to open up the enlightened state.

What I find interesting is that even when we do take time to relax and do nothing, the mind continuously goes on searching, scheming, planning, avoiding, pretending and pondering.  It’s completely wrapped up in itself, caught in its own spiders web that its weaving.  Thinking over 60,000 thoughts a day it can seem like a monumental task to deal with them all.  How to manage them, manipulate them, be more creative with them, stick to the good thoughts and transcend the bad ones.  I’ve found that whatever all these thoughts are about, it doesn’t really matter. Our true enslavement is created from being unaware that you are continuously following these thoughts, one after the other, like soft innocent little sheep.

Most people are addicted to following the white sheep (good thoughts) and avoid the black sheep (bad thoughts).  They were taught through social behavior that this is what you to do reach happiness and survive.  Yes, there is much truth to this, yet that mind game is never going to lead you to the ultimate freedom.  What I’m suggesting that you try is something radically new.  Stop following any of these sheep, no matter what size, shape or color they are.

We all have been following our inner flock of sheep for a very long time.  Wherever they seem to wander, we just tag along.  These sheep have you in a very deep trance, believing your thoughts are Reality.  You may think that you don’t have the option step back from your thoughts at all.  You’ve followed the same exact routes the sheep walked yesterday, and perhaps the day before that, so what else could there be?   Be careful…these are Lions in sheep clothing.  If you aren’t aware that you’re always following sheep, you may do this your whole life, and then one day you’ll look at yourself and realize you’ve become one of them!

The very instant you stop following your flock of sheep, you will start to experience something very powerfully new.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.  Practice stepping back from your sheep just for just one day, see what happens.  Get a bird’s eye view on the entire pasture, and then step back from that thought inside your mind.   Explore the experience of watching your flock of sheep with detachment. It all starts with being present to your own soft sweet presence, instead of the thoughts.  Feel what is inside your heart instead of what’s up in your head.  A soft simple pure awareness is always there, resting as the core of you.

They say the level of intense desire that a drowning man has to inhale just one more breath of air is the same level of intensity you will need to find freedom from your mind.   Freedom happens to those who do whatever it takes to wake up from the perpetually dreaming mind. By constantly following your thoughts, you become imprisoned in an addiction to serving them.  Every thought you believe is true causes you to maintain the walls inside this “thought prison”. Wherever the sheep wander, you must follow them.  How free is that?

A truly free being has the option to follow the flock or leave the pasture at any moment.  This is all I’m asking you to explore.  Your soul really wants to experience being free from the mind, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article this far.  When you have tried every spiritual technique in the book, and still have not found freedom, take the chance to explore what I’m saying here this week.  This is not about improving, changing or “fixing” yourself.  It’s much easier than that.  This is simply seeing who/what is already free from these thoughts.  This one little inquiry can take you beyond the stars.

Before you eagerly pounce on this quest, I must warn you.  The addiction to following these sheep is very, very deeply ingrained.  You may think that you are wiser, stronger, or smarter because you are following these sheep.  You might receive loads of positive feedback for the wonderful sheep you’ve accumulated in your pasture.  It may be very, very challenging to ignore your flock.  Your flock is so soft sweet and naturally innocent. The addiction to following sheep is very ancient.  It’s what you’ve done your entire life, so it’s not going to be easy.

The mind is what enslaves us and eventually liberates us. We are constantly hypnotized by its power and caught in the matrix of ideas it has formed around us. Our whole lives we were taught that we must do something, become someone, earn something, and make some success of ourselves if we wanted to be free. We’ve believed we must follow these thoughts because they will give us those things we are searching for in life. It’s only when you go beyond the mind, into pure consciousness, awakeness itself, that you’ll know you are free. Discovering your true nature is what will unblock you from manifesting what you really want in life.

Let me be crystal clear about my message. I’m not saying the sheep are the problem here, they are just sheep.  The problem lies in the addiction to following them. It’s a survival instinct to follow them, and the habit is deep in your psyche to remain fixated on your flock, and never to step out of queue.  There are many succulent thoughts that will pull you in.  Deep desires that your heart is burning for will pull you back into the pasture every time.  I’m not saying its wrong to live your life in the pasture, just realize how to step out of it.  Know yourself so intimately that you can choose not to follow the same sheepish beliefs you had growing up.

Perhaps you feel you’re somebody who is deeply content following sheep.  You know your flock intimately, they are predictable and you enjoy eating the soft green grass all day long (always fulfilling the ego’s desires). The spiritual path is not for those who are addicted to their comforts.  You might be so content that there is no desire to explore this level of freedom at all.  This is ok, your time will come when you realize the ego is never ever satisfied with anything.  It’s definitely not satisfying for the ego to stop following these sheep.  This is because the ego IS the entire black and white flock!  It’s also the tight controlling electric fence surrounding them.  There is no way to get out of the flock, until you find the sheepherder and start ignoring the sheep.  You must use every power and resource inside you to do this.  Do whatever it takes to be silent, still and centered.  Imagine what its like to be free from all thoughts, and just feel the soft stillness inside you.

“Don’t rely on the mind for liberation…just have faith and act on it. You are the sum cause of the entire universe.” ~Nisargadatta 

I hope you realize by now that the purpose of this article is to provoke you, shake you, wake you, and stir up more awareness inside you, so that perhaps one lazy weekend when you’re checking your email, you have the insatiable burning desire to be free.  If you truly want to be free in this lifetime it takes courage, curiosity, and vigilance.  The courage to be real, the curiosity to keep you innocent, and the vigilance for stepping back from this habit of following sheep.  If no radical new thinking is introduced, your mind will continuously follow the wandering lost hungry flock of sheep, lifetime after lifetime.

To begin freeing your mind from its long history of enslavement, turn up the volume on your longing desire to explore the spiritual mystery of who/what you really are.  What this means is that every chance you get, take the time to dive into this question.  Who am I?  You are not these thoughts, so who are you?  Freedom will come more quickly, the more often you inquire into this. Use all the free time you have to sincerely ask yourself this question.  Every time you’re waiting in line at the store, in traffic or anywhere, take time to relax, breathe deeply, slowly, and feel into the space which separates you from the next imposing thought coming in.  Practice practice practice letting the space between your thoughts get wider and wider.  You can let go of the thinking machine and become that which is aware of it, existing beyond it, gently observing being the non-attached observer who is allowing all thoughts to pass on by.  This is the first step to total freedom.

The second step is being eternally patient with yourself.  The good news is that you have an infinite amount of time to get it right.  Your soul has been trying to reach the ultimate state of freedom for lifetimes, and it is going to keep getting lost and unaware that you’re lost again in the pasture following the butt of yet another sheep, until you are fully integrated in this new perception. The black and white wandering sheep are always going to be surrounding you, for they are actually what is assisting you in your awakening process.

It’s good to remember that when anybody has a truly revolutionary spiritual realization, it doesn’t make the front page of the papers. It usually goes by unnoticed. The collective consciousness of society cannot utilize it, so it remains hidden in the dark basement in safe storage. The secrets that will liberate people from all their suffering is inside the basement of the subconscious mind. The only way to access it is through quieting your mind, which comes through practice, patience and consistent self-inquiry.

“All the greatest treasures are hidden behind that which we wouldn’t want to be with. You’re this ultimate mischief and brilliance. All the wisdom, compassion and treasure is within…so where are you going to hide it?” ~Pamela Wilson

Your thoughts will always attempt to shake you up or put you to sleep.  They will do this until you are far beyond the flock.  You must move gently and persistently through the flock with a burning desire to get beyond it. If you are truly persistent in your devotion for freedom, you will move beyond the sheep and one day you will see the golden sunrise and infinite pastures beyond the rolling green hills.   The Universe will invite you, push you, pull you and entice you so that one day you are forced to master yourself.

Life will always feed you feelings of suffering and ecstasy until you master your thoughts.  It will constantly invite you to pay attention to that “super important” sheep who is standing right in front of you.  Remember one thing here, this Universe is divinely intelligent and designed to liberate you in the most mysterious way.  It is here to turn you into an enlightened master, so that you manifest everything you want in your life.  Every person you meet is actually a teacher, showing the next step to liberate yourself from your thoughts.  If you honestly want this experience of absolute freedom in your life, you simply have to pay more attention to your burning desire to be free.

In the next paragraph I’m going to share the greatest sacred secret to freedom.  That’s right, I haven’t told you yet!! It is very simple, deeply powerful and will transform your entire life when applied.   So please use it, meditate on it the moment you wake up in the morning.  When you get good at consistently practice this little secret I’m about to tell you, you will stop all suffering in your life.  It may not be easy to remember it, you are likely to forget it because there are 300 white fuzzy sheep in every direction you look! So write it down and post this one little question on your fridge and bathroom mirror…

What is beyond form and formlessness? The greatest secret to freedom will come to you from sitting and feeling into the answer.  Yes, this can turn into another sheepish thought for the mind to think about, yet truly this is the Lion that will take you beyond them all!  To ride the back of this Lion you must FEEL the answer in your bones.  You have to get beyond your head to win the jackpot. You must feel into it with your heart and soul and get a sense of what the answer really means.  The mind is too small of a container to hold the answer, so you’ll need to step beyond your mind and stop using the mind to discover the answer.  The spiritual being who you are is formlessness, the body is form, yet what is beyond these both?  Meditate on this until you have a direct experience of it.

Very soon you’ll discover your true infinite nature. It is that which is beyond words, time and timelessness.   Yes, we want to honor the fact that you are this body, and yet you are not this body.  You are these thoughts and yet you are beyond them.  You are the spirit, and yet you are something beyond the ideas of what we think a “spirit” is.  You are beyond the form and the formlessness. You are beyond that which can be spoken.  Who and what you are is infinite and this means you are beyond language.  If we could talk about it that would create a limitation on it.

When you realize that you are beyond form and formlessness then everything changes.  You become the master of your reality. You realize that YOU already are the ultimate sheep herder of all the sheep in the entire Universe!  So it doesn’t matter if there’s 300 sheep surrounding you, or if some old mean sheepherder in the black sheep pasture pulls you into his dark flock.  You are that which is beyond the herd, beyond the green grass, beyond the seasons, and beyond time.  When this discovery is made from the heart, something deep inside you surrenders and relaxes.  You feel the bliss of pure being.  So meditate on this and FEEL what its like to be that which is beyond form and formlessness.  Once you let it sink in it will bring such a deep relaxation into your life.  When every cell in your body relaxes into this understanding, you will truly become unstoppable.

The concept alone that you are beyond this form and formlessness is not the goldmine.  The true wealth comes from the experience that you are beyond the form and formlessness. This experience is the ultimate state of freedom.  There is no higher peak to climb.  You can stop here, your spiritual search can end here.  You can simply merge with this peak.  It will instantly come into you if you surrender to it.  Let it slip into you, for you cannot push yourself into it.  Do this daily and you will be free from any future suffering.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  Realize this and nobody can ever disturb you again. You will be beyond the pasture and freed from the prison of unconsciously following another sheep ever again.

The fastest way to manifest your Desires 

Is there a way to change your life condition, and manifest your desires at the fastest possible speed? YES! Definitely! There is a secret that can make you manifest your desires in the fastest possible way you can imagine. I am now going to share this secret with you. Once you master it, and apply it to your own life, you will never experience any struggle again. Your life will become magic. You can easily create the success you want; you can fulfill any desires in your life. Are you ready to know what this secrets is? Here it is:

“The fastest way to manifest any desire is to think, speak and act as if it has already come true.”

You may have heard of this in many different ways, but you never found a way to implement this into your own life. If so, this is because you never thought about how powerful this is, and you had doubts about it. Therefore you didn’t see the necessity for any action. Let me now help you to clear the doubts, so that you can use it with 100% confidence, and produce 100% results.

Before I do, I am going to say a few words on the concept of truth. “Truth is powerful.” Truth is the universal law, it’s unchangeable, and it has its own organizing power within itself. As long as you know the truth, your level of awareness will automatically increase, and will never fall back again. Once you know the truth, you will totally shift your own perception, and you will see the world very differently. Your life will never be the same again.

Our entire life is seeking for this truth. Some people are lucky, they easily discover the truth, and therefore they can enjoy a stress free live based on the truth. Some other people spend their entire lives struggling but never find the truth. Actually, truth is simple, you only need someone to tell you and you will immediately recognize it and wonder why you never thought about it before. I am now going to share a few simple truths behind this principle…

1. YOU already have what you want.

You may have heard of that: “Before you ask, it is already given to you.” Have you ever thought of what this really means? You may think that this is another religious belief, but from a scientific point of view this is absolutely true. What it really means is that everything you desire, or anything you can possibly imagine, already exists in the cosmic field of all possibilities as a form of energy. The entire universe is a huge ocean of energy, this means you and I and everything else on this planet, including money, house, cars, or even the ideal soul mate you are looking for, are energy. What you may not know is that this energy acts to the command of the higher intelligence, which governs our entire universal system. What you may also not know is that you are part of this intelligence; you have every quality of the higher intelligence. Therefore you have the ability to command on the energy field. You can create literally anything you can imagine out of this cosmic energy field. Remember, “You are the creator of your own life.”

Since what you want is already given to you, it makes absolute sense to think, speak, and act as if all your desires have already come true.

2. Feeling is the language of the higher intelligence.

Since you are part of the higher intelligence, why don’t you see any evidence that you are creating the life you desire? Why does life seem a never ending series of struggles? Why is your life still full of worries and anxiety? If you have any of these feelings, this is exactly the answer. What you feel, you create and manifest. The universe will never disappoint you. Whatever you ask, it will give to you. The problem is the universe does not speak English, or Chinese, or any other languages used by human beings. However, there is a universal language built into our body system even before we were born. This language is universal; so the universe can communicate with any one of us.

This language is our feelings and emotions. We are communicating with the higher intelligence every single second since the minute we were born. The universe provides us everything we ask for according to our command. It is the ignorance and misuse of this powerful language that gives us so much struggle and unhappiness. Think about it, if feeling is the language you speak to the universe, when you feel struggling and unhappy, how will the universe respond? It has no choice but to fulfill your command by giving you more struggle and unhappiness. It always satisfies you.

Now you understand no matter how miserable your current condition is, stop feeling miserable and unhappy, because if you do, you are telling the universe that you want more of misery and unhappiness. Instead, “Think, speak and act as if all your desires have already come true.” This will trigger the feeling that is consistent with your desires, hence pass your command into the universe, and bring it into reality with effortless ease. The universe will never disappoint you, only you do. Be careful what you feel, because you will attract more of it.

3. God through the Universe will take care of the details.

Now I am asking you to “think, speak and act as if your desires have already come true.” You may ask me how you are going to make it so. You don’t have to worry, you will know exactly how at exactly the right time and the right place. The universe will take care of all the details. Your job is to tell the universe what you want through the universal language of feelings and emotions. Your emotion is a kind of energy with a certain frequency. It will go into the cosmic energy field, find the exact energy that matches the frequency of your emotions, and bring forth to you in the form of a book, a mentor, an opportunity, or a group of supporting people. It will find exactly what you need, but it is the job of the universe, it is already guaranteed by the universal law of attraction at the moment you send out your emotion. The only thing you need to do is to focus on you heart’s desires, feel what you should feel, see what you should see, hear what you should hear, even smell what you should smell, as if your desires have already come true. Let the universe orchestrate all the details.

You must clear you doubts, as it is absolutely necessary for you to “think, speak, and act as if all your desires have already come true.” This is the fastest way to bring it into reality

How to Understand the Perfection of What Is 

“If you cannot be with what is, life cannot manifest as it should”. You cannot change anything unless you first accept it in your life, but please be aware that acceptance is not tolerance. However if you resist what is it will stick around because resistance brings persistence

The greatest beauty of life is that whatever is happening right now is absolutely perfect as it is.  With all of our perceived imperfections about ourselves and others, those flaws and frailties are needed on the most intimate levels. Yes, I know that this may be hard for you to believe, yet if you think about it, how could God through the Universe create something that is not supposed to be. The Greatest Reality we can experience is to see this perfection and surrender to it. Perfection by definition means that no matter what we think, life is always exactly the way it should be. Everything is happening on schedule at the right time and place, especially if we think things arrive early or late! There is a divine timing behind all action and to allow yourself to accept this deeply brings out the deepest experiences of inner peace inside.

Every person, situation, incident, and desire contains this perfection.  Every thought form that passes through your mind is needed as much as every grain of sand on the beach is required to make the beach whole and complete. There is nothing missing from life.  Each moment is whole and complete unto itself.

The world is just like a gigantic hologram. If you cut it in half, you will still see the entire full picture. You cannot divine life into parts and say this part of my life is perfect, and this part was not. When the ego likes something, and dislikes something else, it thinks that there’s something that is missing, or is imperfect. This is simply the ego’s way of remaining in control of your reality. By creating a perspective that makes you feel small and limited, one day you’ll have to release that perspective and return to being vast and unlimited.

“The true heart of all human beings is the lover of what is.” ~ Adyashanti

Your ego mind is constantly fighting reality. It’s trying to change it in favor of some perceived future that looks better, juicier, richer, and more abundant. It is in a constant quest to improve “what is” keeping Reality at bay, and resisting the feeling that perfection is in the now moment. Your ego cannot see the beauty of “what is” because it is not fully present to this now. The ego can only survive by focusing on the future or past storyline which covers up the divine truth of the present moment. Once you’re devoted to “being here now” and dropping the mind completely in its place, then Reality will find you and devour your suffering.

Most people spend very little time free from worry and fear, and relaxing into the perfection of the here and now. They miss the beauty, the opportunities, and the love that life is presenting them. When life becomes a relentless search to fulfill the ego’s desires, then true bliss and deep peace is never experienced. This endless search is what keeps you in a perpetual state of challenge, suffering and frustration. After many many years of trying to achieve the ego’s desires, you might see that there are always more there. When you become wise or frustrated enough, one day you’ll resign from trying sooo hard to fulfill your desires. That is the day that inner peace and perhaps enlightenment will find you.

“We live the perfect process created by the Universe, and we do that perfectly whether we realize it or not.” ~ Osho 

To stop this endless search that is bringing you pain is simple.  Just remain open and curious about the now moment. Curiosity is your way out of suffering.  By turning your attention towards the now moment, you awake from your ego’s story and begin to perceive what really is occurring and not what you thought was occurring. These are two very different things. Simple start by asking yourself, “What is the truth about what is happening right now?” “What am I really seeing?” “What am I really feeling?” “Who am I really?” Get really curious about what you are perceiving. It takes curiosity to pierce the veils of your ego’s illusions. As you ask these questions, the ego mind gets caught up in wondering about the truth of the “now” moment versus judging “what is” from its very narrow perspective. This loosens the ego’s grip on its fantasy stories and allows you to begin to tap deeper into the truth of your being.

“Everything is perfect in the universe, even your desire to improve it.” ~ Wayne Dyer 

You naturally awaken to the perfection of the now moment when you tap into that Divinity that resides at your core. Your Divine infinite nature inherently knows and feels that each experience is perfect. Your Divine Self does not judge experiences, it just sees them for what they are, moments in time where you get to play at being human. Your infinite Divine Self believes that all experiences that the Universe sends your way are complete and whole simply because they exist. There is no wanting to change “what is”. There is simply a deep feeling of bliss, thankfulness, and acceptance of “what is” in all its myriads of forms.

Paradoxically, completely acknowledging and accepting the perfection of what is happening in your world dramatically shifts your ability to manifest more abundance and goodies into your life. When you drop into the perfection of “what is”, you don’t need to or even want to change anything about your reality. You see it for its beauty, and have no attachment to what is happening. This attitude of complete acceptance and surrender is very expansive and carries a high vibrational frequency which in turn manifests back to you matching high frequency experiences. When you see the perfection of the now moment, you automatically begin to create even more abundance in your energy field since all you see is how amazing your life already is.

I Hold Before you Life and Death you Choose

I hold before you life and death you choose
Have you ever had to make a challenging decision and thought, “Is this the right path to take?” or perhaps you had a bigger question such as “What am I supposed to do with my life?” Many of us are caught up in believing that if we can make the right decisions, stay on the “good” path and off the “bad” path, we will be rewarded in some way. This may be true to some degree, yet in the grand plan our soul is on an infinite journey and is interested in something much bigger.

Your soul is much more advanced than your mind is.  It has a deeper knowing inside it that FEELS which decisions and paths will lead to more joy, bliss and freedom, and which won’t. There’s a deeper experience of understanding the bigger picture of your life that is found within any small decision. Your soul, spirit, or Higher Self inherently knows that it is connected with an infinite Divine being that is the Source of all creation, something much greater than anything found in this physical world. The advanced soul innately understands that discovering this connection IS the real goal and ultimate “decision” to be made in this lifetime. Any other goal, decision, or question is merely a distraction. The fact that the media and society have been desperately trying to hypnotize you to believe otherwise only makes the real truth easier to be felt once it has been seen.

“Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.” ~Albert Einstein

As a child I remember going to our favorite fast food restaurant with my parents. We would be standing in line and I would always wonder what I was going to order when it was my turn. The moment I stood at the counter my parents were there asking me what I wanted, and I knew that had to decide on something or I was not going to eat anything for lunch that day. It’s often these little decisions in life which contain this kind of deep hidden pressure and stress to make the “right” decision or else we will not survive. Now I understand why it was hard to make any decision…because my body didn’t want ANYTHING on their unhealthy menu!

The misunderstanding inside us that says that this is “right” and that is “wrong” is simply conditioning handed down from our parents, T.V., friends, family and societal consciousness. It is deeply embedded in our own thinking patterns. We all have this inner feeling of pressure inside to always do, say, and think the “right” things. This pressure has caused us to forget the real and important destination of our lives. This tension has created such a disconnection with our own bodies that we don’t know what we want, and feel an absence of the REAL thing that we are truly hankering or yearning for inside. There are so many decisions and choices to be made everyday that we forget the greatest and most obvious one that is here and now.

What we all are searching for is an unlimited unending connection with a real feeling of Universal love. The truth is that all moments in life, good or bad, contain the possibility of finding this love within. The real goal of every soul is to live in this love, by realizing that it is connected to this infinite source of love. What the mind has forgotten is that EVERY situation and decision (right or wrong) has the POTENTIAL to lead us into this Self-realized and God-realized space. From this place there is no worry, stress, or fear about doing the right or wrong thing. From this state of being, you cannot make a “wrong” decision.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” ~Author Unknown

The only way to discover this place of freedom is to look deeper within. Go beyond the mind and our programming around what is “right and wrong” and simply look at what is at the source of here and now. To go inside of ones Self means to drop the outer world completely, and discover that this Universal Love is abundantly within! This takes tremendous focus, courage and determination to break free from the situations you believe are outside (and inside) of you. These experiences seem as if “they” are the ones creating your suffering, whereas the truth is that we are totally responsible and have the power to decide what we want to feel at any given time.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” ~Harold Whitman

Make the decision to let go of your entrenched struggle with right and wrong, and simply use your energy to consciously choose to access this unlimited source of love inside you everyday. Once you decide to remain open and curious, and find what ultimately brings peace to your body and mind in EACH new moment, you will discover that this infinite divine inner connection is already here now. This is the greatest and most fulfilling exploration you can undertake during your lifetime.

For the next 24 hours, I invite you to dive more deeply within yourself than you ever have done before. I challenge you to set your worries aside, think only positive thoughts and believe that the world is FOR you, not against you. Decide to make each day an invitation to find a deeper source of peace within your innermost being. Commit to relaxing, being at ease and doing nothing but breathe for at least 15 minutes every day.  You can release yourself from the prison of any worry, fear or tension that you’ve created in your mind. This is your day to be gentle and loving with yourself in the most intimate and sensitive ways so that you can profoundly enjoy this amazing life!

Talk to you again soon

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