Are You Open For……Miracles?

Are you open for ……Miracles?

Okay, let’s deep dive into an ageless concept, Be warned though, this one will require that you put on your thinking cap 😉

The Divine (God) Creates from Abundance in order to Know itself 

All of creation is a mirror through which the Divine (God) recognises its true nature. The process of creating allows the Divine (God) to explore its own aspects and to know itself more fully. The Original spark of creative energy, abundance, was generated by the Divine (God) when it became self-aware.

At that instant, the Divine (God) recognised itself as conscience. The original spark of “I AM” awareness created the light of consciousness that spread forth and took shape as the myriad of the universes, dimensions and nonphysical realms that make up the totality of creation.

Everything in the universe is generated from this original energy. Therefore everything in creation was created by the energy of abundance. Abundance circles in a great dance of energy that is manifested in “form”, then released from “form” to be manifested yet again. This is the Cosmic universal dance of creation that you are an intimate part of.

Scarcity consciousness is that part of you that doesn’t recognise itself as a creation of the Divine (God). You were created from the energy of abundance and so you can only be abundant, yet your scarcity consciousness believes you to be separated from the Creator and separated from the energy of abundance.

Your craving for abundance is nothing more than a craving for a reunion with this flow of energy from the Divine (God). However, remember that you are not separate from it and that no reunion is necessary. By simply remembering this fact you will heal your abundance consciousness and take your place as a creation of the Divine and a co-creator with the Divine.

“I AM” Awakened Manifestor Exercise: Experience yourself as a creation of the Divine (God).

Note. It is very important to complete the core abundance meditation practice before you do each days exercise.

  • As you sit in the energy of abundance after completing the core abundance meditation practice, take a few minutes to sense yourself as a creation of the Divine Being. Know that the Divine has created you intentionally and that your life and own creations truly matter. As you move through your day attempt to maintain a sense of being fully present. Allow the Divine to use your eyes to see your world, your body to feel it and your heart to connect with it.

Love to hear your feedback on this one 😉

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